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Warm-up 1.1 Data Exploration

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1 Warm-up 1.1 Data Exploration
A blood bank collected data on the donors’ ethnicity and blood type. Make three statements describing the data above. What could you do to help organize the data to help summarize it?

2 Restroom Procedures 1. At the appropriate time raise your hand and ask to visit the restroom. 2. Fill out the Restroom Form. 3. Take the Pass. 4. Hang the Pass once you return. 5. Be sure to write in your return time.

3 Edmodo and late h.w. policy
On Sharepoint I have the link to join Edmodo for each block. Join the appropriate Block AND select the choice that BEST fits why you are taking A.P. Statistics. If no choice fits your reason, just post why you decided to take A.P. Statistics. I will make this a separate h.w. grade out of 100. I will use Edmodo from time to time to do polls. I plan to use Edmodo to post pictures of activities and projects we do in class. By Friday evening I want you to sign up on Edmodo AND participate in the poll this will be a H.W. grade. Blocks 1 and 3 – I forgot to mention H.W. may be shown late for ½ credit.

4 Note from Dr. Wolf Taking A.P. Statistics is a yearlong commitment.
Getting out of A.P. Statistics or any A.P. class after fall will result in a WF on your transcript. I need a number of those still without textbooks? Block 1 – Block 2 – Block 3 – Block 4 - 8

5 H.W. Discussions Explained further
Discuss the following at your tables for the next 5 minutes. - Why would it be advantageous for a company to discriminate against older workers? - In section 1.1, they also evaluated data of salaried vs part-time workers that were let go. Why do you think they did this? Then we will begin our homework discussion as a class. Remember your group needs to participate 2 times over the next 5 blocks. I change the seating arrangements every other chapter so just be aware that your groups will change.

6 Finish 5 graphs You will have 20 minutes to finish the graphs.
I will walk around and check on your progress. Be sure you label all axes and give them titles. Be sure your scale has consistent intervals. This will be your first participation grade. Qualitative Quantitative Bimodal: Discrete: Categorical: Continuous:

7 1.1 Data Exploration Introduction to Westvaco Problem pg 4
Robert Martin was one of 50 people working in the engineering department of Westvaco’s envelope division. One spring, Westvaco’s management went through five rounds of planning for a reduction in their work force. In Round 1, they eliminated 11 positions, and they eliminated 9 more in Round 2. By the time the layoffs ended, after all five rounds, only 22 of the 50 workers had kept their jobs. The average age in the department had fallen from 48 to 46.After Martin, age 54, was laid off, he sued Westvaco for age discrimination. Display 1.1 shows the data provided by Westvaco to Martin’s lawyers. I need to record the number of students without textbooks. Who still does not have a textbook?

8 1.1 Data Exploration Robert Martin was one of the 50 people working at Wesvaco’s engineering department. He sued Westvaco for age discrimination in its laying off 28 of 50 of its workers. Cases? Variables? Display 1.1 is on Page 5.

9 Think, pair, share D1. Suppose you were the judge in the Martin v. Westvaco case. How would you use the information in Display 1.1 to decide whether Westvaco tended to layoff older workers in disproportionate numbers (for whatever reason). Work on this on your own quietly for 5 minutes. Share with your table for 2 minutes. As a table write your answer in two to three clear statements to share with the class. (Total about 10 minutes)

10 Comparing Hourly and Salaried Workers
Do either of these support the claim that older workers were disproportionately laid off? Compare distributions.

11 Using a table to calculate proportions.
What proportion of hourly workers under age 50 were laid off? Were not laid off? b. What proportion of laid-off hourly workers were under age 50? Were age 50 or older?

12 Graphs Poster! Find classmates that have the same type of graph. Label your poster with your type of graph. Glue the graphs on your poster. (Leave out 3 graphs) Write the characteristics for your type of graph. a. What kind of data does it display? b. What do the graphs best demonstrate? c. Any other common characteristics that you notice (labels, axes, etc.).

13 Homework H.W. Read 1.2 and answer on page 9 – 10 E#1 -4 ;
Read the problems carefully, if it says compare, what do you conclude, etc. I expect sentences. Also you should have two way table and dot plots constructed as directed in probles E#1-4.

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