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Welcome CSA Kindergarteners!!. Schedule 7:50-8:20 – Morning Work/Announcements/Pledge 8:20-8:50 – Morning Meeting/Calendar/Weather 8:50-9:20 – Whole Group.

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Presentation on theme: "Welcome CSA Kindergarteners!!. Schedule 7:50-8:20 – Morning Work/Announcements/Pledge 8:20-8:50 – Morning Meeting/Calendar/Weather 8:50-9:20 – Whole Group."— Presentation transcript:

1 Welcome CSA Kindergarteners!!

2 Schedule 7:50-8:20 – Morning Work/Announcements/Pledge 8:20-8:50 – Morning Meeting/Calendar/Weather 8:50-9:20 – Whole Group Math/Language Arts 9:20-9:40 – Snack/Recess 9:45-11:30 – Stations 11:30-11:40 – Teacher read aloud 11:50- 12:45 – Lunch/Recess 12:30 – 2:30 – Writer’s Workshop/Specials/Project Time/Rest or Independent reading-20 minutes 2:40 – Dismissal *PE - Monday- (9:55) Please wear tennis shoes!* Library - Wednesday – (9:55) Please return library books Library - Wednesday – (9:55) Please return library books Music - Tuesday (12:55) Music - Tuesday (12:55) Art - Thursday (12:55) Art - Thursday (12:55)

3 Morning Meeting / Calendar o Greeting o Agenda o Class News o Sharing o Game o Calendar and Weather

4 Passions o Will start 2 nd semester for kindergarten o Students will choose something they are interested in learning about o If YOU or someone you know has a passion, hobby, job, that you would like to share with kids (kindergarten-6 th grade)-please let me know!! Thanks!

5 Stations o 4-5 Stations per day o Guided Reading – Teacher Led o Math – Review Concept from whole group lesson o Working With Words – Writing/Phonemic Awareness/Phonics Activities o Science/Social Studies/Health – Based on current PBL o Listening – Listening activity or Computer Activity o Need Volunteers!--I will contact you soon!

6 Everyday Math o Hands-on approach to math o Spirals o Develops vocabulary o Home Links letters will help you reinforce math skills at home

7 Project Work oPBLs throughout the year: Join us as we learn about our wonderful world! We will begin our projects by learning all about the world around us, our school, ourselves, our families, colors, community helpers. Projects following will be guided by teachers, but driven by student choice.

8 School Supplies o Backpack - Large enough for a three-ring binder to fit easily. o Crayons – Crayola; 24 count (2 boxes) o Pencils - #2 pre-sharpened; no mechanical pencils (1 pkg.) o Glue - Elmer’s Glue-All; 4oz (1 bottle) o Glue - Elmer’s Glue Stick;.74 oz (3 sticks) o Markers - Crayola washable classic colors; 10 count (1 pkg.) o Facial Tissues - family size (1 box) o Scissors - Fiskars brand, metal blunt tip (1) o Folders - pocket folders with one pocket on each side and 3 prongs (3) o Binder - white 3-ring binder, 1 inch with clear front (1) o Spiral notebook - wide ruled (1) o In addition: 1 rest mat o Snack Box (starting the 2nd week of school) - (Small Ziploc or plastic Tupperware with easy-snapping lid) with your child’s name written on it Please place 5 snacks (no drinks) for the week in the container and send it in on Monday. I will have students bring it home every Friday in order to refill it for the following week.

9 Learning About Technology o Please send a set of headphones with your child’s name on them for their own personal use. If you have any extra headphones that you would like to donate to school for our school computers-let me know. Thanks!

10 Homework o Monthly Homework Calendars (starts in August) will be sent home at the beginning of each month. Please have your child complete the activities and return the calendar at the end of the month/beginning of the next month. Activities can be completed each night or on the weekend. Please do what works for your family’s schedule! o Monthly Reading Logs (starts in September)– Read 5-10 minutes each night and complete calendar. Return at the end of the month/beginning of the next month. o Various at-home projects (Keep your eye out for these-as they might not fit in your child’s folder!)

11 Positive Behavior Support oPositive Behavior Management oFocus on what students are doing well oSchool-wide Expectations oBe Responsible oBe Respectful oBe Safe oBe a Peacemaker Students will receive Husky Grams and Paws for good behavior. Class and individual rewards will be earned through Paws and Husky Grams. We also have a good behavior Bingo board which students add their names to when recognized for good behavior. Each week we will play Bingo, and students will earn prizes from the treasure chest.

12 Recess o We will have two recess each day. o All children will go outside to play unless he or she has a doctor’s excuse. o Please have your child wear comfortable clothes and closed toed shoes that are appropriate for the weather. Flip flops are not recommended. o In the winter, please make sure your child has a hat, gloves, scarf, and a warm coat, all marked with name or initials. Thanks

13 Restroom o We have a restroom in the classroom. o There might be times when your child has a restroom accident. Please be assured that these types of accidents will be handled as gently and discretely as possible. o Just in case this might happen, please feel free to keep an extra pair of underwear, pants, and socks in your child’s book bag. o The nurse could also use extra children’s underwear, pants, and socks. If you would like to donate these items, please send them in with a note that they are for the nurse. o Thanks!!

14 PLEASE KEEP ME INFORMED o If your home address, telephone numbers, work numbers, e-mail addresses change- Please let me know as soon as possible. o Thanks for your help with this!

15 Volunteers Needed oIf you have not completed your Volunteer Form-please do so and return to school as soon as possible. I will contact you soon about volunteer opportunities. oRemember you must have a criminal history check on file with the office in order to volunteer and chaperone field trips. oAlso, please sign in at the office and get a Guest Badge prior to volunteering.

16 Field Trips o Some parents may be able to ride the bus with students. However, there is usually not enough room for all parent volunteers to ride. Those riding will be the first to return field trip notices indicating that they want to ride the bus. o According to BCSC policy students need to ride to and from the field trip on the bus. o Remember that no siblings can attend with you on a field trip.

17 Class Parties o Each family signed up at Kindergarten Screenings o The room parent will be in contact with you when the party gets closer. You will be asked to either donate an item or volunteer or you can do both if you wish. o Thanks for your help!

18 Birthdays o Birthdays are exciting for kindergarteners o We will recognize your child’s birthday at school (but, we cannot have a birthday party at school) o If you would like to send in a treat for snack time, please let me know PRIOR to the day that you will send it in. Our school also has the option of ordering birthday treats from our Food Service. o If you choose to send in a snack for your child’s birthday, please make sure it is store-bought—please send in napkins, plates as necessary (no cakes that will need to be cut please!) o If your child’s birthday is in the summer, we can celebrate his/her ½ birthday.

19 Money o Please remember to send any money in a sealed envelope with your child’s first and last name, my name, the purpose of the money ( book order, lunch money, field trip, etc.), and the amount of money written on it. o Thanks!

20 Daily Folder o VERY IMPORTANT! o PLEASE review the Daily Folder on a nightly basis and send it with your child EACH day! Thanks! o If you send notes/money/etc. to school-it MUST go in the “Money and Notes” pocket. This is the pocket that we will check each day. Thanks!! o The folder provides our class ABC chart, sight words, handwriting information, and classroom behavior information. It will also contain our weekly newsletter if you do not have e-mail. It is an important resource for your child and for you.

21 Important Note o Please remember to call the office (376- 4447) if you have a transportation change or something urgent that needs to be addressed right away. (If I happen to be sick or out for any reason, I might not be able to check my e-mail or help you immediately.)

22 Thank You! Thank you for your support! Thank you for choosing CSA for your child. If you have questions please feel free to call (376-4447) or e-mail Please check out our class website located at Click on the “Classrooms” link. Then, click on Kindergarten Team. Then, click on “Ms. Quackenbush.” I will be posting important things on our website throughout the year. I look forward to a great year!

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