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TAKING AIR CARE IN A NEW DIRECTION. Agenda Introduction State of Air Care Product Overview Twist Systems Snap Systems Gel coming soon Questions/Feedback.

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2 Agenda Introduction State of Air Care Product Overview Twist Systems Snap Systems Gel coming soon Questions/Feedback – ask throughout presentation Sales Tools New Literature, Sales Kit, Variety Packs, New Fragrances, FAQs, Price List Promotions ISSA Questions By

3 Introduction Why should a distributor / dealer carry a new “Air Care” system? –End User Demand –Incremental Volume from Innovation –Universal Refills with Proprietary dispensing systems –Vendor Consolidation –Selective Distribution

4 State of Air Care Market Issues –Need for a sustainable solution No recyclable refill solution options Batteries are integrated into refills No active dispensers without battery options –Lack of consistency in odor control Under performance with current technologies Refills are empty and not replaced –Labor efficiency Ladder/stepstool to change batteries High cost for battery replacement with fan systems By

5 Extraordinary New Technologies Patent Pending QuickLoad™ Design Exciting Dispensing / Product Innovations Greenest Air Care Technology in the Industry Active Odor Neutralization State of Air Care: New Direction!

6 Questions / Feedback –Type Questions into the window on your screen and we’ll address at the end of the presentation

7 AIR CARE SYSTEMS BY Arriba Twist Systems TM

8 Twist Systems Twist system offering –Patented QuickLoad TM design—load from the bottom without opening the dispenser! –Revolutionary Advanced Capillary Science (ACS) –More effective, consistent, longer-lasting, and sustainable refills 3 Dispenser Options –Twist Solaire™ –Twist Fan –Twist Passive TM

9 Twist Systems TM QuickLoad™ Feature –Just twist in refill from the bottom without opening dispenser –Refill in seconds, not minutes! Quick, safe, no spill servicing –Integrated key designed into cap of refill

10 Twist Systems TM Advance Capillary Science Technology: –Ensures continuous dispersion of air freshener that lasts up to 60 days

11 Twist Systems TM Advance Capillary Science Technology: –Holds twice the air freshener versus competitive wick systems –VOC compliant in all 50 states

12 Active Odor Neutralization –MC 3 – Multi-Phase Odor Cancellation Technology –Eliminates malodors on molecular level Wide array of fragrance selection. Twist Systems TM

13 Effective & Consistent Performance –ACS enables consistent release of MC 3 odor neutralization and premium fragrances even without fan dispersion Twist Systems TM Aerosol Performance ACS™ Twist Performance Standard Gel Performance

14 Sustainability Refills are recyclable Dispenser options with no batteries Twist Systems

15 Sustainability Twist ACS refills are packaged in a recyclable bottle (HDPE #2), and the wick is made of PETE (#1) and does not contain any additives, adhesives or any other chemicals. –3 Dispensers: Twist™ Passive and Solaire™ dispensers use no batteries & Twist™ Fan has extendable battery life in conservation mode (up to 2 years!) Twist Systems Simply rinse and recycle!

16 Arriba Twist Solaire TM Light Harvesting Technology –Only battery-free active dispersion air care system on market –In a bright lit restroom, after initial charge, the fan will disperse every minutes for approx 5-8 sec –Single yellow blinking light indicates the unit is charged. –Solar activated intermittent fan (not continuous)

17 Arriba Twist Solaire™ - Common Questions TM What are my light requirements for Solaire™? Light creates energy. Solaire™ needs 400 lux of light to power itself. For example, by OSHA standards, an office work space needs to produce 400 lux, whereas your living room probably produces closer to 100 lux. Examples of restroom fixtures that require 400 lux: Solar powered touchless commercial faucets (Bradley/Sloan), Solar powered Sensor flush actuators. For best results, Solaire™ should be placed close to a light source. Here are some examples of lux: Outdoor average sunlight ranges from to lux An office requires about 400 lux of illumination At sunset and sunrise (with a clear sky), ambient outdoor light is also about 400 lux Building corridors can be lit adequately at around 100 lux Moonlight represents about 1 lux Measuring made easy with Smart Phone Aps

18 Arriba Twist Solaire™ TM Best suited for 3-4 stall restroom, continuously lit, as a stand alone or in conjunction with Twist Passive™

19 Arriba Twist Solaire™ TM Programmable to optimize performance in your environment Three settings; “0” off “I” less frequent fan activation (smaller restrooms), “II” more frequent. LED automatically indicates when its time to refill Red button at base is a switch. When a new refill has been installed, begins 60 day countdown, simple software on the pcb board which counts time) Yellow LED will blink 3 times when a new refill is installed.

20 Arriba Twist Fan Battery Operated model features an intermittent fan. Fan will run 10 seconds and turn off for 15 minutes. Similar to how an aerosol performs Continuous 60 day coverage with LED notification when its time to refill. –Red LED light – refill empty (1 flash every 5 seconds) –Red switch on the inside of the dispenser that when refill is inserted, count down of 60 days begin. LED notification when its time to change batteries. –Yellow LED light – battery low (blinks 3x every 4 sec) TM Battery Low indicator Time to refill

21 Arriba Twist Twist Fan ™ –Extended battery life featuring a conservation mode which extends battery life over 2 years! –Customized operations with on/off switch and day/night sensor ON-1 24 hour operation Approx 1 year of battery life ON-2 Sensor activated – will turn off when lights are turned off Can be over 2 years of battery life –Best suited for 3-4 stall restroom, as a stand alone unit or in combination with the Twist Passive unit for larger restrooms. Motion activated restrooms. TM Remember to turn on

22 Arriba Twist Twist Passive™ –Continuous odor control for up to 60 days –No batteries required –Simple and Silent operation –Best suited for installation near a door that enters in, 1-2 stall restrooms or in conjunction with Twist Solaire™ or Twist Fan™ TM


24 Arriba Snap QuickLoad™ Feature –Easy one handed refill change. –Just push from the bottom and snap into place. –Replace refills in seconds, not minutes –No stepstools / ladders needed! Auto Refill Drop Down –Automatically drops down when refill is empty TM

25 Arriba Snap Enhanced Programmability –Variety of options : Spray Frequency, Day/Night use, and LCD models includes days of the week. Spray Interval TM Default settings are 30 days, medium spray (14 min), 24 hours/day with the auto drop on. Each Can (standard/compact) 3,000 sprays

26 Arriba Snap Low Power Consumption –Battery life has been tested and is estimated to last up to 2 years based on programming Active Odor Neutralization MC3 – Multi-Phase Odor Cancellation Technology Available in regular or compact – both have the same fragrance selection Both cans have 3,000 sprays TM

27 AIR CARE SYSTEMS BY Arriba Lift TM Coming Soon

28 Arriba Solution to Fit Any Need! TM

29 Sales Tools New Literature New Fragrances Sales Kit Variety Pack FAQs Price List Promotions ISSA

30 Simple, one page sell sheet for Twist and Snap Available NOW Coming soon – Sales sheet promoting our Green message Z081412E Sales Tools: New Literature Z081012E

31 Sales Tools: New Fragrances Twist Fragrances Available Mid-September Pure Linen –RW Mango Burst –RW Snap Coming Soon! Mango Burst –RL –RC

32 Sales Tools: Sales Kit Sales Kits –Re-configuring for UPS –Available in the next few weeks –Please contact Kathy –Sample Order Form – DVDs

33 Sales Tools: Variety Packs Samples of fragrance ONLY ACS Twist: V-6 Vials of all our fragrances (new) in house Mid-September Snap Aerosol: RC –Compact fragrance variety

34 Sales Tools: Website New: Video Literature Instructions

35 Sales Tools: FAQs and Price List Frequently Asked Questions –Compiling a list of FAQs to post on Website –Submissions ed to (subject FAQ) –Mid-September Price List –Exclusion from price list –New Price List coming –Sample order form

36 Sales Tools: Promotions Penny Promo All Distributors on standard pricing (off list) Every ACS Twist Refill, you’ll get a grey passive dispenser for only $.01 WP

37 ISSA Front and Center – ARRIBA, ARRIBA, ARRIBA Vote for Arriba™ Twist™ Air Care System by San Jamar in the ISSA Innovation Awards at contest#/11/112 contest#/11/112 Solaire & Sustainability

38 Questions / Feedback –Review questions

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