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AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS UTILIZATION COMMISSION. APUC’S MISSION  The mission of the Agricultural Products Utilization Commission is to create new wealth.

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2 APUC’S MISSION  The mission of the Agricultural Products Utilization Commission is to create new wealth and jobs through the development of new and expanded uses of North Dakota agricultural products.

3 Commission members  Dan Kalil – Williston - Chairman  Myron Thompson –Minot - Vice Chairman  Bill Kingsbury – Grafton  Rachel Retterath– Washburn  Keith Peltier – West Fargo  Bill Ongstad - Harvey  Dean Bresciani– NDSU  Paul Lucy– ED & F  Doug Goehring – Ag Department

4  Marketing and Utilization Cooperative Marketing International Marketing  Basic and Applied Research  Farm Diversification  Agricultural Prototype / Technology  Technical Assistance  Nature Based Agri-Tourism Grant Types

5 Project Criteria  Probability of jobs and wealth creation  Scientific and technical merit of research  Probability of rapid commercialization  Shared commitment for funding  Commissions judgment for the potential success of a proposal  Geographical considerations

6 Scoring Criteria  Probability and extent of new wealth creation (max 30 points)  Credibility and merit (scientific and technical merit) (max 30 points)  Timeliness (rapid commercialization) (max 15 points)  Matching funds (shared commitments) (max 10 points)  Geographic consideration (non-urban locales) (max 5 points)  Merit (individual commissioner’s over all opinion of the project) (max 10 points)  Total of 100 points max  Highest and lowest score thrown out and an Olympic average is taken

7 Marketing and Utilization  Developing or implementing a sound marketing plan, including feasibility studies, business plan development and test marketing  Applicants are encouraged to use funds to seek new markets and or new marketing ideas to promote their products  Grants dollars are limited to ND companies adding value to a ND agricultural product  Job creation is very important

8 Marketing and Utilization MMatching dollars are a must! GGenerally grants are for a 12 month period IIf funds are used for marketing applicant must show proof of market research GGrants over a $50,000 are evaluated very closely

9 Basic and Applied Research  Research that leads to a marketable product and focuses on the uses and processes of ND agricultural products and by products  Must be aimed at business expansion with regard to agricultural products utilization  Research must result in a marketable product  Research CANNOT be duplicated by other research projects  To qualify you must be a current producer (25 head of cattle of more, and/or 100 acres or more and 51% of your total income must come from on farm operation)  Farmers and ranchers diversifying their existing operations to include non-traditional crops and livestock  Max $25,000 Farm Diversification

10 Agricultural Prototype  Development of food processing and agricultural equipment prototypes with the potential to be developed and commercialized in ND  Must be food processing equipment or agricultural equipment  Product design, manufacturing prototype, testing, patenting, market assessment  Match dollar for dollar by applicant Agriculture Technology  APUC wishes to encourage development of new technologies for agricultural or food processing advancement  Proven technologies in new applications are eligible if the technology is moving to commercialization  Advances in biotechnology for improved foods, feeds, fuels and fiber  APUC does not consider varieties, fertilizers, seed systems, storage, etc.  Grants are generally $25,000.00

11 Technical Assistance  To help value added business assess their needs  Develop plans for improvement  Implement those improvements  Measure the benefits of those improvements  Business must provide matching dollars  Grants are for 12 months  Grants are limited to North Dakota  Prototype / Technology and Technical Assistance Grant Applications due: December 1, March 1, June 1, September 1

12 Nature Based Agri-Tourism  Bring people to rural ND to engage in recreational, sport, educational or labor assisted sales (self harvesting)  Facilities must provide restroom facilities, fresh water, and appropriate accommodations  Activities must be fee based and provide primary or secondary economic activity

13 Application Process  APUC meets quarterly  Applicants required to work with advisor/fiscal agent  Applicant must submit by deadline  Executive Director reviews and meets with applicant  If applicant meets eligibility, commission, notifies and allots time for presentation  The first 15 applications received are considered  Funded grant divided in half  Reports required

14 Helpful Hints  USE APPLICATION PROVIDED AND FOLLOW THE FORMAT  Contact at least one commission member and make him/her familiar with your project  Try not to make presentation to long (no more 15 minutes)  Questions decide the funding  Don’t complicate with to much information  Private companies are the key  Matching funds are very important, show commitment from outside sources

15 Helpful Hints  Funds are very competitive, lower $ dollar amounts easier to get funding  Get applications in early, only first 15 considered  No one can have more then one open grant  Open records, value of research to other projects  Would the producers of ND want APUC to fund the project  THEME: VALUE ADDED AGRICULTURE

16 Executive Director – John F Schneider –(701)-328-5350 email: Program Assistant – Kerri Kraft– (701)-328-5318 APUC INFORMATION

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