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Welcome to 8th grade science!

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1 Welcome to 8th grade science!
Please write, in order, the following information on the front of your index card… Name (First & Last ) Nickname Phone # Homeroom teacher Favorite Band, TV Show, & Movie Describe your self in three sentences.

2 On a separate piece of paper answer the following survey:
Your birthday & your age My favorite hobbies/activities to do outside of school is/are My favorite type of music is My favorite food is My favorite subject in school is My least favorite subject is Not too many people know that I One person I’d love to meet is One day I'd love … My #1 middle school fear is

3 All about Mrs. Baker Age = 25 forever

4 All about Mrs. Baker My favorite hobby is reading books and my favorite activity is spending time with my husband, two children, and new hunting dog.

5 All about Mrs. Baker My favorite type of music is country and 80’s music.

6 All about Mrs. Baker My favorite food is sushi.

7 All about Mrs. Baker My favorite subject in school is science.

8 All about Mrs. Baker My least favorite subject…PE

9 All about Mrs. Baker Not too many people know that in middle school I was in a singing / puppet group and toured California

10 All about Mrs. Baker One person I would like to meet is Rick Riordan, author of The Lightning Thief.

11 All about Mrs. Baker One day I would like to take a trip all around the world for one year or more.                                                           

12 All about Mrs. Baker My greatest middle school fear is not doing my best.

13 What will we learn in 8th grade?
Eighth Grade Science investigates physics and chemistry. We will do MANY, MANY Experiments!

14 Classroom Rules Do not willfully harm someone else (Physically or Verbally) Do not willfully destroy Do not overtly refuse to do what is asked Do not disrupt the learning atmosphere in class

15 Discipline Procedures:
1st Offense: Verbal Warning or THE LOOK! 2nd Offense Parent Contact (Green stripe in agenda) 3rd Offense Ten Minute Time-Out (Student will have to complete a time out form which must be returned or will result in a lunch detention.& yellow stripe in agenda) 4th Offense Afterschool Detention (Pink stripe in agenda) 5th Offense Office Referral  **ANY misbehavior for a substitute teacher will result in an automatic After School Detention *** Some severe discipline issues will result in an immediate Office Referral and Call Home.

16 Agenda Bring Agenda to class every day!
Part of your participation grade. Part of bell work. Leave it out & open to today’s date. Also serves as bathroom pass.

17 Classroom Expectations (simply the Bill of Rights).
The classroom Bill of Rights is simple. “The teacher has the right to teach and students have the right to learn. Everyone will respect these rights.” Simply put, any actions that interfere with teaching and learning are unacceptable. Students are expected to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct as well as these classroom expectations:

18 BE PUNCTUAL. Have materials out, have pencils sharpened, and be seated before the tardy bell rings. If there is an assignment on the board or overhead, begin before being told to do so.

19 BE PREPARED Bring all materials to class for each day. If you need to borrow a pen or paper, do so before class begins.

20 BE RESPECTFUL The “Golden Rule is my motto: do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Follow all class and school rules. Do not talk while I am teaching or giving instructions. If you have something to share, wait until you are acknowledged and then share. When doing class work, work quietly and mindful of others. Take care of classroom materials.

21 BE RESPONSIBLE Do all your class work and turn it in on time.
If you are absent, be sure to check the while you were absent file, learn what you missed, and complete any assignments by the timeline given.

22 BE ORGANIZED. Know where your materials are. Know what you need to do.
Present your work legible and neatly.

23 BE AN ACHIEVER Do your best in everything. Try your hardest.
Aim for success. Get involved and ask questions

24 What you can expect from me.
I will always teach in the best way we know how and do whatever it takes our students to learn. I will always make myself available to students and parents, and address any concerns they might have ( s, phone calls, conferences). I will always protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals in the classroom.

25 What I can expect from you.
I will always work, think, and behave in the best way I know how, and I will do whatever it takes for my fellow students and me to learn. This also means that I will complete all my homework when assigned, I will call, , or talk with Mrs. Baker if I have a problem with the homework , and I will raise my hand and ask questions in class if I do not understand something.

26 What I can expect from you.
2. I will always behave to protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals in the classroom. This also means that I will always listen to all my CGMS teammates and give everyone my respect.

27 What I can expect from you.
3. I am responsible for my own behavior, and I will follow the teachers’ directions. If I make a mistake, this means I will tell the truth to my teachers and accept responsibility for my actions

28 Daily Work = 35% Participation = 5% Labs & Projects = 30%
Grades: Grades are divided into 2 categories: major grades and daily grades Major Grades = 60% Daily Work = 35% Participation = 5% Labs & Projects = 30% Assessments = 30% Daily Grades = 40%

29 Supplies Students should always bring the following to class:
Agenda Pencil & blue or black pen Lined binder paper Folder to keep homework in. Composition notebook (No spiral notebooks. Spiral notebooks do not hold up well over time and are not durable for an entire year) Silent Reading Book *Manual pencil sharpener *Colored pencils

30 Homework Homework is a valuable tool for students to practice a particular concept. There is homework every night. However, we are on an A/B schedule, so every A day there will be science homework.

31 Homework If you are unsure as to when and what the homework is, you can go to my website, and access the 8th grade homework section.

32 Homework This section lists what the homework is and when it is due. We have a quiz every five days or so. We have a test at the end of every cycle. Students are expected to write down all homework in their agendas.

33 Late Work Policy: My philosophy on late work can be compared to not paying a utility bill or taxes on time. If adults have the electricity shut off for not paying a bill, it doesn’t mean that they will NEVER get electricity back, but that they will have to pay a penalty and be inconvenienced until the power is turned back on. Even if a person does not pay taxes on time, the responsibility does not go away. The taxes (homework/assignment) still must be taken care of, and you get some credit for it when it is. Therefore my late work policy is as follows Homework, minor self checked assignments, will be stamped “on time” only at the beginning of the period. Unfinished homework is not accepted. (If you are turning it in late, it needs to be COMPLETE!)

34 Late Work Policy: To be regarded on time, work must be completed by the beginning of the block on the day it is due. Mrs. Baker understands that unexpected circumstances occur. Therefore, she will allow students will receive 1 OOP PASSER per NINE WEEKS which allows students to turn in a HW assignment up to ONE WEEK late with NO penalty. However, this does require an explanation and parent approval (Mrs. Baker will call and double check). This past must be turned in when Mrs. Baker is coming around to check HW. on time” only at the beginning of the period.

35 Late Work After the ONE OOPS PASSE has been used, any homework not turned in the day it is due (by the time I check it in your block) is considered late and will be penalized 1 LETTER GRADE PER DAY LATE. Late work should be turned into the late basket and clearly labeled “LATE + “HOW MANY DAYS YOU ARE LATE”. (Example Late +1). Mrs. Baker knows work that is handed in on time because it is STAMPED on the date it was due. After four days, assignments will automatically receive a 50 if turned in. If you are absent from the assignment, you have as many days as you were absent to makeup the assignment.

36 How to come into class… Come in quietly.
Pick up any papers on the table by the door. Sit down. Take out any materials you need for class. (Backpacks are on the floor and cell phones are off and safely tucked away inside.) Open agenda, write the daily objective and homwork for the day. Do bellwork. When finished, read a book or study your notes. During the beginning of class there is no talking.

37 How to pass in papers… Hand the papers to the person in seat number one. The person in seat one will stack the papers and put them in a neat pile on the edge of the desk closest to the aisle. If the papers are homework, stack the pages so the names and dates of each student is visible.

38 How to leave class… The bell does not dismiss you, I do.
When dismissed, push in your chair. Walk out the door.

39 Sharpening Pencils If you need to sharpen your pencil, hold up your pencil. If I nod or say yes, go to the sharpener. At the sharpener, even though it is tempting, do not talk. Quickly & quietly go back to your seat. It is not a social tour.

40 Bathroom You are given two opportunities to use the restroom each quarter. You cannot use the bathroom the first & last 15 minutes of class or during a lecture. If we are working on an activity or seat work, raise your hand with the pass in hand. If I say okay, fill out your agenda, bring me your pass & agenda. You have four minutes to use the restroom.

41 This year.. We will learn a lot about science.
If you do your work, you will ace the science AIMS. 38% of my students excelled last year! We will have fun!

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