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Welcome to 5 th Grade Why we have rules and procedures … Keep us safe Save time Making sure learning is happen Feel comfortable Stop interruptions LEARNING.

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2 Welcome to 5 th Grade

3 Why we have rules and procedures … Keep us safe Save time Making sure learning is happen Feel comfortable Stop interruptions LEARNING

4 Classroom Rules ***We will do this a little later.

5 Our Class Website Contains information about what’s happening in the classroom. Is an access point with relevant information / links

6 Materials Needed in Class Notebook Flash drive Zipper pouch Pens – blue, black and red for correcting Notebook paper 5 Spiral notebooks Subject dividers (not folders Backpack Optional: Scissors Post it notes Tiny stapler Large paper clips

7 Grades Based on an average of: class work homework quizzes and or tests Tests are weighted more than daily work Grading Scale: 100 – 85 4 84 – 70 3 69 – 55 2 54 and lower 1

8 Discipline Plan Classroom rules and discipline procedures are to be followed and will be carried out. Consequences of not following rules will result in lower citizenship grade, loss of recess, notes and phone class home, conferences and in and out of school suspensions. Step 1 (Blue): Verbal warning Step 2 (Green): Student/Teacher Conference (during recess) Step 3 (Yellow): Phone Call Home Step 4 (Red): Office Referral Beyond a step 4 results in an in or out of school suspension

9 Good Choices = Fabulous Rewards

10 Table Points Earning team points 1, 2, 3, eyes on me = ALL eyes are on me! Example: Whole team is on task and following instructions = +1 point Losing table points Example: One or more team members not on task and/or following instructions = -1 point Every Friday there is a reward for the team with the most points.

11 Movie Permission We have opportunities to show different types of videos and DVDs during the school year. Most often the movies are G rated and are shown over several days, like a week of rain. Some of our movies are from the history channel, some follow up to stories or activities and are unrated, and some are surprisingly PG. I must have a parent OK to show PG movies

12 Request for Classroom Donations This year we will be reading several books together as a class. The district does not have enough copies and the ones that they do have are very old and losing pages. I would like to create my own set of these books if at all possible. The total donation would be $20 per student.

13 Morning Procedures

14 Get to School on Time! If it is after 8:25 a.m., YOU are late!

15 When you arrive:. 1. Unpack your backpack and place it on rack outside. (This will be the ONLY time you may go into your backpack) 2. Unstack your chair 3. Sharpen at least 3 pencils 4. Look to white board to see what needs to be out on desk. 5. Name goes on board if you are missing any homework. 6. Start morning seat work.

16 Daily Procedures

17 Classroom Signals  Instead of raising your hand and waiting for a teacher to call on you, you will use these hand signals so the teacher doesn’t have to stop teaching. - “ W ” for water (2 tickets) - “ R ” for restroom (5 tickets)

18 Questions and Answers Raise your hand quietly I will only call on QUIET hands Think time When someone is called on, put your hand down and actively listen to what is said

19 Restroom Procedures Use in the morning or during your own break times. Otherwise, it costs you 5 tickets. Use hand signals to ask during class Walk quietly to the restroom Wash your hands with soap Leave the restroom clean Quickly and quietly return to your seat and continue working

20 Water Procedures Drink water during your own break times. Use hand signals to ask during class Walk quietly to the water fountain One person at a time-no line Drink on a count of 5 seconds Quickly and quietly return to your seat and continue working.

21 Pencils Pencils and sharpeners are your responsibility. Make sure that you have enough pencils. If you have no pencil: check with your team for another pencil Buy a pencil with 5 tickets.

22 Paper Notebook (lined) paper is also your responsibility. Additional paper is in the bookcase at the front of the room. You may get paper as you need it. If it is during class you need to ask permission

23 Headings # First Last Name Date Subject ___ Title of Assignment______________ _______________________________________ ________________________________

24 Walking in Line Number order Walk quietly Arms at your side Stand directly behind the person in front of you – straight line! Stopping points

25 Lunch Sit in your assigned area Quiet voices Respect the lunchroom staff Clean-up your table area Stay at tables until I come to dismiss you.

26 What do I do when I’m finished with my class work??? Read a book Work on other unfinished assignments MOST IMPORTANTLY: Don’t disturb others!!!!

27 Classroom Library We will go to the library once a week Check out only during scheduled times. More on that later…

28 Homework Reading every night for 30 minutes Nightly math homework Language Arts of some sort most nights Record your homework assignments in your planner each day If homework is missing or incomplete, you will receive a 1-2 for Learner Effort for the day.

29 Absent … Now what? It’s YOUR responsibility to check with the teacher if you were absent A folder will be created for you for handouts by someone in your team. It’s YOUR responsibility to get your missing work and ask questions…if you have any. You have ONE day for each day you were absent to make up the work.

30 Visitors or Guests in the Classroom Sit quietly Continue working as you normally would Be polite and respectful IMPRESS THEM!!!

31 We Recycle Paper – Notebook paper – Computer paper – News paper Plastic Bottles – Water bottles Aluminum Can – Soda cans

32 Fire Drills Stop everything immediately (That includes talking) Quietly line up in a single file line in number order outside the classroom. Quietly walk toward the playground Stay with class at all times Wait until you are called back inside Walk quickly and quietly back to the classroom Return to the classroom task

33 Dismissal Procedures

34 Backpacks With permission, get your backpack and lunch at the end of the day Return to your seat Begin packing your backpack with agenda notebook, reading book and any other needed materials. Stack chair once you are packed QUIETLY sit in meeting area when finished.

35 Clean your Area Clean your area EVERYDAY!!! Straighten the materials in your desk Clear your desk Clean the floor around your desk Put any materials you have away *** Ask yourself – Does the room look as good as it did this morning???

36 Leaving for the Day We quietly walk out to the front of the school together. Project Safe students are dismissed as we pass the side gate.

37 Other FABULOUS Rewards Knowledge gained Student of the Month – Character Teachers’ trust Friday drawing Class special activities

38 Classroom Family

39 Respect This is your family away from home We WILL respect each other Give me examples of how we can respect each other … Making fun of others will NOT be tolerated Apologizing / “Man Up”

40 Teamwork Everyone has a part Respecting others opinion Work together Active listening Might not always agree, but can talk about it nicely Trust your team mates There’s no I in teamwork, only a W for we!

41 Kind Words Feeling good about yourself Ways to make others feel good – Compliments – Smile – Praise Using manner – Please, excuse me, thank you, and your welcome

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