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Plainville, Kansas Downtown Plainville Mill Street (the main drag) is about four blocks long.

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2 Plainville, Kansas

3 Downtown Plainville Mill Street (the main drag) is about four blocks long.

4 Oil and Farming Businesses in Plainville are centered around these two industries.

5 New Hospital Pictured in the construction phase, the Rooks County Health Center opened in August, 2008

6 City Park Community raised money to rebuild park for children.

7 Plainville Elementary School and Fine Arts Wing 45,227 square feet

8 Plainville High School 37,500 square feet

9 Bond issue passed in March 2006 Construction completed on expansion of the Cardinal Gymnasium in September, 2008.

10 Cardinal Gym 29,337 sq. ft.

11 3 basketball courts, 3 volleyball courts, commons area, multi- purpose/wrestling room, 4 locker rooms, seating for 1,200

12 District Office & Bus Barn

13 Electric Enthusiasm for the BEST 2A Sized District in Kansas (in our estimation)

14 D.A.P W.A.P

15 Develop a Plan Crisis Technology Health Wellness IAQ & Energy School Improvement Bully Prevention Professional Development

16 Commonalities Procedures Communication Resources Responsibilities Training Timeline Assessment

17 Procedures What do we do?

18 Communication What do we say? Who do we say it to? How do we say it?

19 Resources What do we need to operate the plan? –Supplies? –Equipment? –Time?

20 Responsiblities Who does what?

21 Training Who needs training? What kind of training is needed? How frequently is training needed?

22 Timeline When does each step need to be accomplished?

23 Assessment How do we measure the effectiveness of the plan? What do we use to measure that effectiveness? (checklists? Attendance data? BMI? Survey? Logs?)

24 Work the Plan Involve the students Involve the parents Involve the staff Plan the communication Assign those responsible Develop the training Be prepared

25 Achievement Baseline Kansas Assessment Results from 2005-06 through 2008-2009 Students testedNumber of R & MReadingMathTotal BelowTotal Exemplary tests givenBelow Proficient Proficient 2005-2006220378497412338 2006-200721436028709867 2007-200820935617627983 2008-2009217374112132112 2009-2010203353162541108 Kansas Assessment Results from 2008-2009 for Science & Social Studies YearStudents testedNumber of testScienceSocial StudiesTotal BelowTotal Exemplary givenBelow Proficient Proficient 2008-200979 3313

26 IAQ Team Joe DreilingIndustrial Arts TeacherHigh School Ginger HamiltonMath TeacherHigh School Adam OtteScience TeacherMiddle School Marty BalthazorMaintenanceElementary School Mary PlanteCustodianElementary School Mary Jo BureshKindergartenElementary School Jennifer Goplen5 th Grade TeacherElementary School Sheri KenneyCustodianHigh School Marianne WernerSpecial Education TeacherElementary School Beth ReustSuperintendentDistrict Office Jerry SchrandtNurseElementary School Pam Chatfield5 th Grade TeacherElementary School Jeanette SommerMusic TeacherElementary School Valerie CrawfordParentHigh School & Elementary School Donna BrownBoard MemberDistrict

27 What’s happening this year Energy Audit, Performance Contract, & QZAB Funding Attendance at IAQ Symposium Tools for Schools Survey Student Project Communication Plan

28 Capital Projects High School –Window and Door Replacement –South Roof Replacement –Lighting Upgrade (classrooms, hallways, gymnasium, offices) –Boiler and Steam System Upgrade –Building Automation System –New Unit Ventilators for Classrooms –Restroom ventilation systems

29 Capital Projects Elementary School –Roof replacement (Middle School wing) –Replace boiler and window air conditioners, add ductwork, rooftop units for HVAC –Building Automation System –Roof replacement (Rock Gym) –Rooftop Unit Replacements (Fine Arts wing) –Lighting Upgrade (Classrooms, hallways, offices) –Restroom ventilation systems

30 Capital Projects Cardinal Gym –Lighting Upgrade Cafeteria –Air Conditioning Replacement –Boiler and Condensing Unit Replacement –Lighting Upgrade Field House –Lighting Upgrade

31 IAQ Symposium Board member, Donna Brown Kindergarten Teacher, Mary Jo Buresh Second Grade Teacher, Pam Chatfield Parent & Site Council member, Valerie Crawford Industrial Arts Teacher, Joe Dreiling Superintendent, Beth Reust

32 Tools for Schools Survey All Staff 1.Dusting 2.Vent over Art Kiln 3.Trash Pick-up Plan –Microfiber per room –Work order –Daily Bag

33 Student Project 7 th Grade Science –Gray Wolf Sensing Equipment –Before improvements –Temperature, Relative Humidity, CO 2, CO, Airspeed 8 th Grade Science –Trane and Gray Wolf –After improvements

34 Communication Plan Minutes posted Presentation to Board Gift of Microfiber Student Project to Plainville Times (pictures and article) Planning opening inservice activity in fall Presentations to local organizations

35 Where do we want to go? Another board member and custodian to symposium Involvement with Kansas Green Schools More student projects Custodial Practices

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