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The Problem, The Protest, The Solution.

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1 The Problem, The Protest, The Solution.
Illegal Immigration: The Problem, The Protest, The Solution. Immigration and the TBV

2 A Country Without Borders Ceases To Be A Country Secure Our Borders

3 The Problem Estimates of illegal immigrants living in the United States: Up to 20,000,000 (Bear Stearns Report, January 2005) 10,000,000 to 12,000,000 (Federation for American Immigration Reform, 2005) 11,000,000 (Pew Hispanic Research Center, 2005) 10,000,000 (Center for Immigration Studies, 2004) As many as 10,000 illegal aliens cross the 1,940-mile-long border with Mexico each day and about 33 percent [more like only 10%] are caught (America Daily - Jan 27, 2003) The Numbers

4 The Problem Monetarily Medically Physically
Illegal immigration is a clear and present danger to the USA Monetarily Medically Physically And most importantly - There is a Terrorist Threat from illegal aliens!

5 The Problem Monetarily
K-12 school expenditures for illegal aliens cost U.S. Taxpayers $7.4 Billion a year (US Rep. Gary Miller) Illegal aliens consume $3.7 Billion annually in Medicare and Medicaid benefits since 40% of illegal aliens are on U.S. Welfare (Federation for American Immigration Reform) $1.6 billion is spent annually in prison costs to house, feed and clothe illegal aliens who fill 32% of our federal and state prisons (Fox News Channel – O’Reilly Factor) $10 billion dollars are sent back to Mexico annually by illegal aliens (according to the Pew Hispanic Center), an amount which now makes it Mexico’s 2nd largest industry

6 The Problem Medically Leprosy, Hansen’s disease, was so rare in America that in 40 years only 900 people were afflicted. Suddenly, in the past three years America has more than 7,000 cases of leprosy. Leprosy now is endemic to northeastern states because illegal aliens and other immigrants brought leprosy from India, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Mexico (Thomson American Health Consultants; 2003) Tuberculosis was virtually absent in Virginia until in 2002, when it spiked a 17% increase, but Prince William County, just south of Washington, D.C., had a much larger rise of 188%. (American Medical Association (JAMA) – June 2005)

7 The Problem Physically
Illegal aliens make up 32% of State & Federal Prison populations (Fox News Channel – O’Reilly Factor ) There are an estimated 240,000 illegal alien sexual predators currently in the USA (Violent Crimes Institute - May 2006) Over 1,000,000 sexual crimes are estimated to have been committed in the USA over the past seven years by illegal aliens (Violent Crimes Institute - May 2006) 90% of all crime in Brooks County Texas is committed by illegal aliens (Brooks County Sheriff’s Department – April 2006)

8 The Problem Physically
Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens which translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. That's 21,910 since Sept. 11, (Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa) Thirteen Americans are killed by drunk illegal alien drivers every day for another annual death toll of 4,745. That's 23,725 since Sept. 11, (Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa) Eight American children are victims of sexual abuse by illegal aliens every day – a total of 2,920 annually. (Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa)

9 The Problem Physically
Numerous law enforcement officers have been beaten, stabbed and shot by illegal aliens over the past few years Officer Rodney Johnson, 40, Houston, Texas Officer Brian Jackson, 28, Dallas, Texas Deputy Brandon "Brandy" Winfield, 29, of the Marion County, Ohio Detective Hugo Arango, 24, of the Doroville, Ga Deputy Saul Gallegos, 35, of the Chelan County, Wash., Deputy Sheriff David March, 33, of the Los Angeles County Officer Tony Zeppetella, 27, of the Oceanside, Calif Officer Daniel Howard Golden, 27, Huntsville, Ala And Dozens More…

10 The Problem Terrorist Threat
The rate of non-Mexican aliens (or OTMs) and special interest aliens (or SIAs – aliens from so-called “countries of interest”) apprehended on the northern and southern borders has increased from 30,147 in 2003 to 44,614 in Congressman Tom Tancredo By June 30, 2004, the number of SIAs had swelled 42.5% to 6,022 from "Countries of Interest" such as those the State Department considers sponsors of terrorism (Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria) and others where militant Islam simmers (Afghanistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Yemen). – Department of Homeland Security

11 The Problem Terrorist Threat
During US Congressman John Culberson’s October 2005 visit to Laredo, the Sheriffs gave him the following information: In the Jan/Feb of 2006 of the 120,000 illegals caught in the Laredo sector, 2,500 of them were from the Middle East!!! A large, but unknown, number of al Qaeda terrorists and Chinese nationals are infiltrating our country virtually anywhere they choose from Brownsville to San Diego. One al Qaeda terrorist was held for several weeks after being captured on our border and is currently under FBI custody. A large number of Islamic individuals have moved into homes in Nuevo Laredo and are being taught Spanish to assimilate into the local culture. Texas Border Sheriffs have found uniform patches from an elite group of Islamic suicide bombers (Verified by Israeli intelligence)

12 Texas Border Volunteers
The Protest Texas Border Volunteers

13 Texas Border Volunteers
The Protest Texas Border Volunteers The original Texas Chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp formed the Texas Border Volunteers in late 2006. The TBV Mission Statement: “In order to defend the USA against the onslaught of illegals invading our borders, the Texas Border Volunteers are dedicated to assist law enforcement officials with securing the border, educate the general public with regard to immigration issues and influence legislation at the local, state and federal levels.”

14 Texas Border Volunteers
The Protest Texas Border Volunteers The TBV has a goal of making a strong and productive political statement for the US Government to truly secure our borders The TBV has a comprehensive and strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that absolutely limits the actions of the volunteers to only the observation of illegal activities and reporting them to the proper authorities The TBV allows NO contact between volunteers and illegal aliens with the exception of rendering humanitarian aid, a situation which happens on a regular basis

15 Falfurrias TX Operation
The Protest Falfurrias TX Operation Falfurrias, Texas is 70 miles North of the Mexican border

16 Falfurrias TX Operation
The Protest Falfurrias TX Operation Illegal aliens get dropped off by a Coyote (Transporter) south of the BP Check Point picked up again North of the BP Check Point A major Border Patrol (BP) Check Point is 12 miles South of Falfurrias which is in the middle of a major corridor for illegal alien smuggling

17 Falfurrias TX Operation
The Protest Falfurrias TX Operation This number represents the year to date apprehensions of illegal aliens at this check point only!!! Remember that officially only 33% are captured (realistically only 10%) so that means that close over 1,000,000 aliens have slipped past this BP Check Point through the privately owned ranches in the area.

18 Falfurrias TX Operation
The Protest Falfurrias TX Operation Several hundred volunteers participated numerous Falfurrias operations. All of these American patriots paid their own way by providing their own accommodations, food, and equipment.

19 Falfurrias TX Operation
The Protest Falfurrias TX Operation The TBV conducted a daily three stage process involving tracking, laundry line, and surveillance operations Former military and law enforcement veterans ran the day to day operations in a professional and consistent manner Safety of the volunteers was a primary concern to the TBV supervisors No long guns, alcohol or bigoted behavior were allowed at the operation All activities and incidents were comprehensively documented

20 Falfurrias TX Operation
The Protest Falfurrias TX Operation Volunteers had background checks with the exception of CHL holders since they have already had extensive background verification. Volunteers were vetted (interviewed) thoroughly to prevent the admission of any racists, hotheads or idiots to the TBV. Volunteers were trained by experienced MM with time in field. Volunteers were armed only if they are CHL holders and only with handguns for the sole purpose of last resort self defense.

21 Falfurrias TX Operation
The Protest Falfurrias TX Operation Tracking Operations – We hit the known traveled trails early and scout for recent tracks and professionals are able to determine alien numbers, direction, timing, sex and size.

22 Falfurrias TX Operation
The Protest Falfurrias TX Operation Laundry Line – We eliminate signs and signals placed by Coyotes to note drop-off and pick-up locations for illegal aliens

23 Falfurrias TX Operation
The Protest Falfurrias TX Operation Surveillance Operations – We plan our lines and posts based on the gathered information from the tracking and laundry line operations earlier in the day. We then stage and deploy before sunset to begin our all night surveillance operations to watch for illegal alien migration activity

24 Falfurrias TX Operation
The Protest Falfurrias TX Operation Protesters, anarchists and some hostile uninvited members of the press showed up to whine at our base gate. But since we were on private land with the owners permission and full endorsement, we just called the Sheriff – problem solved…

25 Falfurrias TX Operation
The Protest Falfurrias TX Operation In October 2005 over 700 illegals were spotted by TBV and at least 250 were apprehended by Border Patrol A Coyote driving an Ford F-350 truck with the seats removed was spotted smuggling over 20+ illegals and was monitored by multiple TBV volunteers with BP in hot pursuit An illegal immigrant mother and three children were spotted in distress and BP was called in to render aid and rescue

26 Falfurrias TX Operation
The Protest Falfurrias TX Operation Numerous dead bodies were found from Coyotes abandoning the weakest to die in the hot Texas desert.

27 Man The Fence With Our Military
The Solution The Fence West Bank Style Fence – At a cost from $1M to $3.7M a mile across the roughly 2,000 mile Southern border we could erect a barrier that would stop illegal immigration from the South. On the high end, it would cost $7.4 Billion which is less than we pay yearly in education and healthcare for illegals! Israel has erected a similar impenetrable barrier on its West Bank that has decrease terrorist bombings by 95%. We need to do the same – NOW! Man The Fence With Our Military

28 The Solution The Fence

29 The Solution The Fence

30 Send Illegal Aliens Home
The Solution Send Illegal Aliens Home U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s Bill – In October 2005 the Texas Senator introduced a bill (SB-1823) that would give state and local law enforcement the power to detain, arrest and prosecute illegal immigrants. The bill would also create a volunteer border marshal program. Eliminate Sanctuary City Policies – Numerous US cities (eg. Houston) have adopted a ‘sanctuary status’ for illegal immigrants by not allowing law enforcement to ask about citizenship status upon arrest due to political correctness. This must stop!

31 Practical Immigration
The Solution Practical Immigration Come through the front door and sign the guestbook Legal Immigrants Must Assimilate The United States of America is a melting pot NOT a salad bowl Legal immigrants must learn and speak English Legal immigrants need to adapt to our customs and culture Legal immigrants need to be independent of welfare

FAX your Congressman and tell them to secure our nation’s borders completely and immediately Support the Texas Border Volunteers with your funding, time or equipment Spread the word and educate others on how absolutely critical eliminating illegal immigration is to the survival of the United States of America Thank You For Your Time! For copies of this presentation download it at

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