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1.  Impact Corporate Capabilities Video prior to any speaking Impact Products, LLC 2.

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2  Impact Corporate Capabilities Video prior to any speaking Impact Products, LLC 2

3  Introductions  Barricade Video  First Impressions  Focus Groups & Research  Unlocking the Code  The Solution  Prevention  Fragrancing  Compliance Agenda 3

4  The Tools  The Odor Genie App  The Demonstration Briefcase  The Sample Program  The Incentive Program  Q&A  Gather Targets  Commit to Work Withs  Closing Remarks Agenda 4

5  Barricade Video The SOLUTION 5

6  First impressions aren’t always based on what occupants see, but rather what they smell.  Foul odors are associated with unsanitary and unsafe conditions. 1  Two-thirds of consumers surveyed would refuse to visit establishments with dirty restrooms. 2  A customer-facing Solution will help alleviate these concerns. 1.Zudonyi, C. (2013, July 23). Facility Odors Impact Perception: Where to Use Odor Control Products. Retrieved 9/3/13 2.Clorox Professional Products Company and Opinion Research Corporation. (March 2013). Restroom Pet Peeves Omnibus Survey. (Survey of 1,005 U.S. Adults) First Impressions 6

7 We learned: Distributors and End-Users alike are not completely satisfied with legacy odor control products, brands or results. No male/female scent offerings No clear winner, innovator or favorite product Focus Groups & Research 7

8 We learned: Urine outside a urinal is a major odor generator. Odor prevention saves labor cost and product cost, as well as being more hygienic. Asset replacement & labor costs are big concerns. Compliance is a common issue. Stealth deployment is preferred. Decentralized fragrancing is best practice. 8

9 Through our research, we learned what distributors and end-users want. And we learned what we need to succeed:  Need a Complete Solution  End-users require Education and Training from their suppliers  Odors must be stopped before they happen (when possible) We Unlocked the Code! 9

10 High Tech Solutions with Low Tech Execution! Introducing Impact Products The Solution 10

11 The Impact Barricade Odor Defense System addresses where odors are generated, why they occur, how to combat them, and when to replace… The Solution 11

12 Text can go here Prevention is Key! Hygiene Screen Urinal Mat Hand Drying Mat 12

13 Surveys have shown that removing urine stains and odors from tile and grout is top priority when cleaning restrooms, yet most professionals aren’t satisfied with products currently available. Preventing these odors and stains from happening the first place eliminates these issues. Prevention is Key! 13

14 Used together, our hygiene screens and mats keep urine off the floor and restrooms clean and smelling fresh. Preventing splash also prevents asset damage that is common and costly. An Innovative Solution 14

15 “Urinal mats are one more restroom product that facility managers should consider as part of their restroom cleaning program. They’re a cost-effective way to make restrooms look and smell cleaner, and prolong the life of flooring.” “Restrooms are the most important rooms in a facility. They leave lasting impressions, good or bad. Adding urinal mats can be a simple change that helps keep restrooms looking and smelling their best.” ~Weltin, D. (2013, March 11). The Benefits of Urinal Mats. Retrieved 9/3/2013 Prevention is Key! 15

16 Impact Barricade™ Fragrance Stix  100% effective from days 1-30, scent doesn’t fade over time.  No batteries to change.  Non-aerosol delivers a constant fragrance through the day.  Nothing to spill.  Discreet and easy to install.  Fully customizable. Stix can be placed throughout the room to distribute scent and vary the intensity. Fragrancing Effectively 16

17 Fragrancing Effectively Stix can be placed throughout the room for maximum effectiveness. 17

18 Impact Barricade™ Fragrance Stix The Right Amount of Fragrance… Where You Need It. Stealth Mounting Deters Theft/Vandalism Last 30 Days Strong Male, Female, and Unisex Fragrances To “Brand” Your Restrooms “…it is so simple, it’s brilliant. If you had them available today, we would buy enough for all 260 restrooms on campus” –Robert Boyd, University Operations Manager, University of Toledo ( ) 18

19 Barricade™ Fragrance Stix Scents Tempest Blue Seas Moroccan Dusk Mahogany Lodge Male ScentsUnisexFemale ScentsOlfactory Disruption* Orchids of Oahu Venetian Romance Ming Blossoms Saharan Ivory Mandarin Fields Spices of the Pacific Rim Essence of Everest Breezes of Big Sky *Olfactory Disruption is a new technology that works to neutralize odors on a chemical level. All components of our fragrance oils are non-asthmatic and non-allergenic, according to lists at Refer to the Odor Genie for full fragrance descriptions and intensity chart 19

20 Timely change out ensures a positive experience  App (Hi-Tech Solution)  30-Day Timer Cards (Low-Tech Implementation) Maintenance & Compliance Compliance is the key to providing a consistent positive experience for your guests. If the odor control and prevention tools deployed are not changed out on a regular basis, the fragrance levels will become erratic and noticeable by your guests. 20

21 Every restroom is different and requires a unique Fragrance Software provides users the ability to understand Where & How Much fragrance should be Placed in each zone Based upon:  Traffic  Fixtures  Cubic footage  M/F  Cleaning frequency  Fragrance level desired Maintenance & Compliance App Timer Card Tools to Ensure Compliance 21

22  Odor Genie Demo The Odor Genie 22

23  The APP  i Store (Coming Soon)  Google Play (Droid)  The TOOLS 23

24  The Demonstration Briefcase  Contents  Product Samples –Hygiene Screens –Fragrance Stix –Bracket –Timer Cards –Matting Material  Blacklight  Literature Piece The TOOLS The TOOLS 24

25  The Demonstration Briefcase  Flash Drive The Odor Genie App Barricade SDS Barricade Literature Barricade White Paper Barricade Press Release Barricade MSRP Barricade Video Impact Corporate Overview –Corporate Capabilities Video –Brochure The TOOLS 25

26   The Sample Program  The Incentive Program The TOOLS 26

27  Sample Program  For as long at it is effective  Each Prospect is entitled to a single NO CHARGE 1 Month Sample Order of the ENTIRE BARRICADE SYSTEM for 1 Men’s and 1 Women’s room within their facility  End User must evaluate entire Barricade System  DSR to place order with Impact Manufacturer’s Rep  Impact will ship to either individual DSR or Impact Rep  Nothing ships directly to the end-user The Sample Program 27

28  DSR Incentive (90 Days)  Qualifier  Provide 3 Targets Initially  DSR Must Close 5 Barricade Accounts during the Promotion Period to Qualify for Any Incentive  CLOSE defined by selling and delivering Barricade Product(s) to any end user The Incentive Program 28

29  DSR Incentive (90 Days)  Spiff  $1.50/Cs  Fragrance Stix  Urinal Mats  Dryer Mats  $1.00/Cs  Large Hygiene Screens  Small Hygiene Screens The Incentive Program 29

30  DSR Incentive (90 Days)  Spiff  $3.00/Cs  Fragrance Stix  Urinal Mats  Dryer Mats  $2.00/Cs  Large Hygiene Screens  Small Hygiene Screens The Incentive Program 30

31  Answer Questions     Gather Targets  Set Work Schedules  Offer Thanks!!! Wrap Up 31

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