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Today’s Special August 11, 2011 Learning Target

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1 Today’s Special August 11, 2011 Learning Target
I can understand the classroom rules and procedures.

2 Welcome to Mrs. Thompson’s Classroom
Procedures and Guidelines Geometry Room 37

3 Who is Ms. Thompson as a person?
Things that I enjoy: --Reading --Talking to family and friends --Technology!! --Computers --Book --Students enjoy knowing that you are a REAL person! Sharing this type of information breaks down the invisible wall between the teacher and the student. It lets them know that you are a regular person who enjoys regular things outside of school.

4 Will Ms. Thompson treat me fairly?
Yes, Always!

5 What will I be doing this year?
Course Unit : 1. Congruence 2. Similarity, Right Triangles, and trigonometry 3. Congruent Triangles 4. Modeling with Geometry

6 How will I be graded? Grading Scale: The following scale applies:
F = below 60% Grading Policy and Rubric: Students will be graded using the following criteria. Quizzes (includes bellwork and exit slip) = 30 to 40 points each Exam (ex. end of the unit test) = 100 points each Project (depends on the length of time) = 50 to 100 points each Final Exam = 20% of the final grade Homework = checked for completion

7 Mrs. Thompson’s Classroom Discipline Plan
Rules/Guidelines Procedures

8 What are the rules in this classroom?
Rules are part of life. We see it everyday. “No Parking”, No Littering” “Smoke free zone” etc. It is our choice to either follow or break the rule. There is a reward on following the rule and consequences in breaking them. So that YOU can learn, so that WE can all learn, so that I can teach, I have set of rules to ensure that we will have a safe and orderly classroom.

9 Guideline #1 Have all materials needed at your table and be seated when the bell rings.

10 Follow directions the first time they are given.
Guideline #2 Follow directions the first time they are given.

11 Adjust your voice level to suit the activity. (see CHAMPs)
Guideline #3 Adjust your voice level to suit the activity. (see CHAMPs) See the posted CHAMPs on the board.

12 Stay on your assigned seat unless you have permission to do otherwise.
Guideline #4 Stay on your assigned seat unless you have permission to do otherwise.

13 No personal grooming during class.
Guideline #5 No personal grooming during class.

14 Special Guideline This classroom is a “No Whining Zone”. That means that there will be no whining, for ANY reason. Everything that I do is in your best interest, so please respect the “No Whining Zone” this semester.

15 If you choose to follow the rules…
Nonverbal- smiles, thumbs up, head nods etc. (daily) Verbal-praise of specific efforts (daily) Positive call to parents or notes home. (random) Whole class free time or movie and popcorn party. (every 2 months) The joy of learning. (each day of the school year) 

16 If you choose to break a rule…
1st time: Warning and documentation. 2nd time: Isolation in the classroom, fill-in action plan and conference with the teacher after class. 3rd time: Privileges removed, call to parents/guardian and 30 minutes after school detention. Friday only! 4th time: Disciplinary Referral. Request for Parent-Teacher-Student conference.

17 Mrs. Thompson’s Action Plan
Stop your behavior Return to task See me after this class! What’s the problem? _______________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 2. What’s causing the problem? (Please list the factors) 3. What plan will you use to solve the problem? ________________ Date _______________________ ______________________ Student’s Signature Parent/Guardian Signature

18 Guideline Infraction Notice
Read it Sign it Keep it until the end of class See me after class period.

19 Severe Clause Any student who uses profanity, fights, damages school property (this includes the property of the teacher and other students), or is disrespectful (as defined by the teacher) will be sent to the office IMMEDIATELY.

20 Classroom Procedures

21 Why do we need procedures?
Procedures are part of life. We follow procedures when we use a telephone book, board an airplane, approach a traffic light and attend a wedding. The reason we have procedures in life is so that people can function in society knowing the acceptable and efficient ways other people do things. There are also procedures in this classroom. These procedures establish our classroom culture. Our culture will be one of academic emphasis, positive attitude, cooperative effort and a safe and supportive environment.

22 Beginning of Class Please enter the classroom quickly and quietly.
Make sure that you have all materials needed such as Math book, AR book, pencil, and paper Place your homework on the top corner of your table. If you don’t have a bellwork sheet, get one from the tray. If your student number is assigned to present the bellwork, get the small white board on the right corner of the room to show your work.

23 Beginning of Class Please be seated, back in chairs, with feet down, and hands to yourself at voice level 0-1. Read the today’s learning target, in-class and homework posted on the board. Copy the learning target and homework on your journal. Work silently on your bellwork. After the bell rings, you have 5 min to do all the above mentioned.

24 Beginning of Class If you have question about bell work, you may talk at voice level 1 only to the person sitting next to you. You should talk not more than 1 minute then back to silent work. If you are done, you can read your math book or AR book. If you are previously absent, look for missed work with your name on it from the “missed work” tray, then get to work. If you have questions, ask your seatmate at voice level 1. If she can’t help you, then you can raise your hand or place a book upright on the table to call my attention.

25 When you are tardy . . . Enter quietly.
Fill-out the tardy log near the door. If excused: clip on the tardy slip/note on the log. If unexcused: 1st time - fill out the action plan. 2nd time - sign the after school detention log. Have a seat and get to work.

26 During Class Please follow class expectations stated on CHAMPs on every activity. see the posted CHAMPs Seat plan. Seat plan will be given at day 1. Students will sit on their assigned seat. Seat plan will be change regularly.

27 Getting Your Attention
I will rings a bell or say “Stop talking”. It means… your mouth stops moving, all sound stops coming out of your body, and your attention goes to the teacher. I will wait for everyone to be quiet. I will begin speaking.

28 Classroom Discussions
PLEASE participate. If you know the answer, have comment or question, raise your hand and wait to be called. Remember: No calling out. If no one volunteers to answer a question, the teacher will pick a popsicle stick with student’s name on it. He or she will answer the question. I want to hear what you have to say. Make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion. If your question is off the topic, write it down and ask later.

29 Classroom Discussions
During presentation (answering teacher’s question or explaining math problems), the presenter should speak using his/her “stage voice” while the rest of the students are expected to be a “good audience”. When giving feedback after a presentation, follow the rule of “2hugs and a Help” or 2 Hugs and a Huh?”. 2hugs means saying two things that are good about the student’s presentation. A help means one suggestion on how to improve the presentation. A huh? means one question about the presentation.

30 Paper Heading Place this heading on all papers.
Name:___________ # unique number Period:__________ Date:______ Title of class assignment Place this heading on all papers. (homework, classwork, projects etc.) **Copy of “Successful Teaching” --Thank you Rosemary Wong! This is a life saver! --Thank you Mrs. Wong! The unique number paper grading system has saved me hours of valuable time! --Students have told me that they wish all teachers would agree on one heading. It is very confusing for them.

31 Finish Classwork Early
“What do I do next?”

32 If seatwork has been completed…
Turn your finished work upside down on your table. Work on unfinished Math assignments. Read your “choice” novel. Review vocabulary words. Start working on tonight’s homework. Go to supplemental Activities folder.

33 Checking of Classwork Students will grade their seatmate’s paper. In grading the paper… Use red or any colored pen. (No one should be holding a pencil by this time.) If the student answered the item correct, do not mark anything. If the student answered the item wrong,, write the correct answer neatly on the paper. Do not write anything unnecessary. Remember: Respect your classmate’s work.

34 Turning in Papers A. If the teacher asks to turn in papers
Place your paper on the desk next to you. Left side If/When you receive a paper, place yours on top and continue passing the stack to your left. To those students seating on the back table, each student will stack their papers on the middle of the table.

35 Turning in Papers I or an assigned student will come by
and collect all stacks. I or an assigned student will arrange the papers by numbers written on its top. Place the papers in the designated tray. B. If the bell rings and the classwork/test is not turned in yet, student must neatly turn in papers on the assigned tray.

36 Student Responsibility Card (Pink- slipped) This is for students who do not have the assigned homework. Fill it out. Sign and date it. Turn it in with the homework papers.

37 You’ve been Pink-Slipped!
Date: _____________________________ Printed Name:_______________________ Class Section:_______________________ You’ve been Pink-Slipped! Completing your homework or assignment is your responsibility as a student. Missing Assignment: ____________________________________________ I do not have my homework today because: _____ I did the assigned homework, but I did not bring it to class. _____ I chose not to do my homework. _____ I forgot to do my homework. _____ I did not have the appropriate materials at home. _____ Other—please explain below. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signature _______________________________________

38 Sharpening of Pencil. You may sharpen pencil one at a time EXCEPT during Teacher Direct Instruction. If in case you need to borrow a pencil please return it after class. I would prefer you exchange your unsharpened pencil with the prepared sharpened pencil. If you do not have a pencil you can borrow one but please return it after class.

39 Smart board/Whiteboard
The teacher will assign a student to use the board during class time. Do not write anything on the board that is not necessary.

40 Use of Phone If the phone rings, the student nearest to the phone may answer it. If you need to use the phone to call parent/guardian, you must ask for teacher’s permission first. Limit phone calls to 2 minutes or less.

41 Use of Materials and Supplies
Ask teacher’s permission to use any materials in the classroom such as stapler, puncher, tape, scissors, construction paper, rulers, markers and crayons. Students must return them to their proper place before leaving class. Doing so, shows respect to your classroom.

42 Out of Room Policy There is only one hall pass.
Students must use a hall pass every time they will leave the class for any reason such as for restroom, fountain, office and library. Student may only leave if the hall pass is at designated place. Fill out the “Out of Class” form before and after leaving the classroom. No hall passes during Teacher Direct Instruction and bellwork. During the end of class, you can have hall pass, if you are done with your exit slip.

43 Going to the Restroom. If the hall pass is at designated place, get teacher’s attention by waiving the hall pass to signal that you are leaving. Remember: Do not interrupt the class by saying you are going to the restroom

44 Going to the office, library etc.
If the hall pass is at designated place, you can ask permission by raising your hand. Remember: Not on teacher-directed instruction.

45 Asking to see the nurse. You can ask permission by raising your hand. I will call to inform the nurse and then, give you a note to go see her.

46 When walking as a group in the halls…
Students will walk at voice level 0-1 voice level to their designation, without disrupting others in the halls or in classroom.

47 When a student is absent…
His or her seatmate will… prepare the missed work by completing “Missed Work for Ms. Thompson”, attach all the classwork handouts for that day, staple them together and, place them on the missed work folder.

48 Scheduled Check Out Please let me know as you enter the classroom.
I will be at the door. Quietly raise your hand to get my attention. Pack your materials and leave at the scheduled time. If it is an emergency, quickly get my attention and I will assist you.

49 Moving Around the Room You must ask permission.
Do not ask during a classroom discussion unless it is an emergency. See the CHAMPs

50 When there is an announcement…
When a school wide announcement is made the students will stop whatever the activity is and listen at voice level 0.

51 When there is a visitor…
Any visitor who comes in the classroom should be treated with respect. If somebody knocks on the door, the student nearest to the door may open it. Students will responds in a polite greeting, listen silently for instruction and or continue working.

52 When there is drills… Students will calmly and silently follow the procedures of each drill.

53 Class Dismissal “Have a nice rest of the day!”
The teacher dismisses you, not the bell. Do not start packing up prior to the bell. Wait until the teacher finishes and officially dismisses you with “Have a nice rest of the day!”

54 “Special” Procedures These will be introduced on an “as needed” basis.
Library/Media Center Special guests Progress Reports Working Cooperatively Fire Drill Assemblies Substitute Teacher Assignment: Does music bother anyone? Turning in Papers: p.190 MLA: Double space for word processed papers Questions: PLEASE ask. No such thing as stupid questions. If you don’t understand, please let me know. Announcements: Complete silence. Resume work.

55 “I truly believe in your potential and I know that you have the ability to succeed!
Have an awesome year!” – Mrs. Thompson

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