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Chapter 9 The Service Encounter

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1 Chapter 9 The Service Encounter

2 Learning Objectives Use the service encounter triad to describe a service firm’s delivery process. Describe features of an organization’s culture. Discuss how information technology is an enabler of employee empowerment. Prepare abstract questions and write situational vignettes. Discuss the role of customer as coproducer. Discuss the concept of a service profit chain.

3 The Service Encounter Triad
Organization Efficiency versus autonomy Efficiency versus satisfaction Contact Personnel Customer Perceived control

4 Definitions of Culture
Schwartz and Davis (1981) - Culture is a pattern of beliefs and expectations shared by the organization’s members. Mintzberg (1989) - Culture is the traditions and beliefs of an organization that distinguish it from others. Hoy and Miskel (1991) - Culture is shared orientations that hold the unit together and give a distinctive identity.

5 The Service Organization
Culture ServiceMaster (Service to the Master) Disney (Choice of language) Empowerment Invest in people Use IT to enable personnel Recruitment and training critical Pay for performance

6 Contact Personnel Selection 1. Abstract Questioning 2. Situational Vignette 3. Role Playing Training Unrealistic customer expectations Unexpected service failure

7 Difficult Interactions with Customers
Unrealistic customer expectations Unexpected service failure 1. Unreasonable demands Unavailable service 2. Demands against policies Slow performance 3. Unacceptable treatment of Unacceptable service employees 4. Drunkenness 5. Breaking of societal norms 6. Special-needs customers Use scripts to train for proper response

8 The Customer Expectations and Attitudes Economizing customer Ethical customer Personalizing customer Convenience customer Customer as Co-Producer

9 Employee Perceptions of Customer Service at a Branch Bank
Outstanding Terrible Terrible Outstanding

10 Service Profit Chain Internal quality drives employee satisfaction
Employee satisfaction drives retention and productivity Employee retention and productivity drives service value. Service value drives customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction drives customer loyalty. Customer loyalty drives profitability and growth.

11 AMY’S ICE CREAM Abstract Questions
What was your most rewarding past experience and why? What are you looking for in your next job? What have you done in the past to irritate a customer? What flavor of ice cream best describes your personality?

12 AMY’S ICE CREAM Situational Vignette
A particular customer has the irritating habit of always showing up about two minutes before closing and staying late. Often this occurs on the night when weekly store meeting are held after closing time. This delays starting the meeting and furthermore employees are on the clock waiting for the customer to leave. What would you do?

13 AMY’S ICE CREAM Situational Vignette
As a new employee at a busy store, you have been routinely performing clean-up tasks (garbage removal and restroom cleaning). Company policy dictates that these are tasks to be shared. It has become clear that two employees consistently avoid these jobs in favor of more pleasant duties. How would you handle this situation?

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