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Greenhouse Safety.

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1 Greenhouse Safety

2 Rule no. 1 Do not leave hoses laying on the floor.
Hang them on a hose rack.

3 Rule no. 2 Never apply water to an electrical outlet or to any electrical equipment.

4 Rule no. 3 Chemicals are to be applied by only certified applicators.

5 Rule no. 4 Do not leave tools laying around the greenhouse when not in use. Return them to their proper storage location.

6 Rule no. 5 Avoid Walking on wet floors in the greenhouse.
Wet floors are dangerous. NEVER Run in the Greenhouse!!! This could be a “slip and slide”

7 Rule no. 6 Do not horseplay in the greenhouse.
“try getting me off this table”

8 Rule no. 7 Do not leave the work area unless the instructor has given you permission. This means even to go to the classroom or restroom. “Think I’ll go to McDonalds no one will ever miss me.”

9 Rule no. 8 Attempting an unfamiliar task without the instructor’s help can be dangerous to you or someone else. “Help how do I get down?”

10 The End

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