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NO.1 Dennis Livy Linda Shine Emily Daniel. Global Feature McDonald’s Adapt Servicescapes to Fit the Culture.

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1 NO.1 Dennis Livy Linda Shine Emily Daniel

2 Global Feature McDonald’s Adapt Servicescapes to Fit the Culture

3 1 、 Intro 2 、 McDonald’s fit the culture 3 、 What is Servicescape 4 、 Roles of Servicescape OUTLINE 5 、 Servicescape Model

4 1 McDonald's Corporation intro The McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries. Untill now, McDonald's Corporation has 32,000 brunch. 1 McDonald's Corporation intro

5 Fit Paris, France Bologna, Italy Salen, Sweden Sydney, Darling Harbour McCafes in Europe Tokyo, Japan Beijing, China 2 McDonald‘ fit the culture

6 Paris France -Leather-bound -Heavy wood furniture -Look of a library with book

7 Bologna Italy -City of Arches -Old world techniques

8 Salen Sweden McSki -Ski-thru -Wood panel -Natural Stone

9 Darling Harbour Sydney -Like the Sydney opera house -- Old world techniques

10 in Europe McCafe -Quick meal -Cup of coffee

11 Perceived Servicescape Employee Responses Customer Responses Ambient Conditions Nervous Crowd Space/Function Narrow Simple limit seats Small counter Sign, Symbols, and Artifacts The McDonald’s arches Cognitive Speed Emotional agile Physiological Individual Behaviors Efficient service Social Interactions Individual Behaviors Stay shortly Return Spend money Cognitive Emotional Feel Efficient service Physiological Bitner- Servicescapes model

12 Ginza Tokyo -Convenience and speed -Frontage space -Limit seat -Primarily stool

13 ServicescapesInternalresponsesbehavior Japan Narrow Simple limit seats Small counter Speed Feel Efficient service Convenience Stay longer Return Spend money

14 Beijing China -Lingering for long of time -Emphasizing family values -Celebration, reading relaxing, chatting, enjoying music -Romatic

15 ServicescapesInternalresponsesbehavior China Wide Light music A lots of seats Comfortable chair Relaxing Enjoying Stay longer Spend more money

16 What The environment in which the service is delivered and where the firm and the customer interact, and any tangible commodities that facilitate performance or communication of the service. 3 Physical Evidence Physical facility = Servicescape

17 McDonald's of Physical Evidence from the Customer’s Point of View Physical Evidence ServiceServicescapeOther Tangibles RestaurantBuilding exterior Parking lot Waiting area Entrance Restroom Seating Play field Counter Uniforms Website Menu Meal Toy(for kids) 2 McDonald's Servicespace What

18 Why Why Servicescape is important for a retailer? Especially for a Restaurant?

19 ROLES Package Facilitator Socializer Differentiator 4 of the Servicescape

20 Package ROLES Package -McDonald’s use the as its logo, color with golden yellow, it’s like two open golden double arches, just symbolize joying and delicious, and McDonald’s Q,S,C and V, hope its can let customer sucked into the door. -“Ronald McDonald”, symbolizing harmony and friendly, like McDonald’s will be always everyone’s friends, part of the community.

21 Facilitator ROLES Facilitator -Well designed outlets with appropriate with signs, appropriate ventilation and proper seating arena. -When you into the door have to line up, it will speed up the consumer purchase. -Extra Value Meal to avoid wasting time of ordering. -Trash in the corner, make its easy to see, and make consumer put garbage out. -Except the door near counter, will design the door near dining area, make sure line is flow.

22 Socializer ROLES Socializer -In the Japan, design the chair uncomfortable, so that people want to leave after meal. -In the Beijing, All designs are built around casual, relaxed, warm and flexible principles of conduct, because McDonald’s realize that fast food is more important is a place for leisure and relaxation. -Question: What do you think the McDonald’s in Europe how to be the socializer?

23 Differentiator ROLES Differentiator -McDonald's make its market position is clean, fast, quality, service, value. -In the Europe(France), to solve the non- meal time table idle problem, McDonald's set a McDonald's coffee in France (McCafé) - through separate counters to provide customers with high-level coffee and pastries. To separate from other restaurant.

24 THANK YOU For your attention

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