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WELCOME! Parent Information Night 2014-2015 Barbara Bush Elementary Fourth Grade Jennifer Carrera (Section 404): Math and Science Anne Dolphin (Section.

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1 WELCOME! Parent Information Night 2014-2015 Barbara Bush Elementary Fourth Grade Jennifer Carrera (Section 404): Math and Science Anne Dolphin (Section 405): Language Arts and Social Studies

2 Meet Anne Dolphin B.A. in Elementary Education - University of Northern Colorado This is my 20th year teaching. This is my 8 th year at Bush Elementary and 7th year in 4 th grade. My husband Ed and I have been married for 21 years and we have 2 children; Sarah, 17 at TWHS & Andrew, 14 at TWHS - 9 th Grade. I enjoy reading, cycling, hiking, camping, hunting and spending time with my family during my free time.

3 Meet Jennifer Carrera B.A. from University of Missouri (Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology) ‏ M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Houston This is my 16th year teaching and my 10th year teaching 4th grade. Before becoming a teacher, I worked in the quality unit of a pharmaceutical company in St. Louis, Missouri for five years. My husband, Steve, is from Ecuador. We celebrated our 13 year wedding anniversary in June. Our son Gabriel is 3 years old.

4 Classroom Schedule  Additional learning opportunities are offered each morning at 7:30 (Razzkids, Mathletics, Study Hall, and Moveable Minutes).  Daily Schedule:  8:00-8:10 Arrival/Announcements/Warm-Up  8:10-9:00 Specials  9:00-11:00 Switch Class  11:00-11:30 Lunch  11:30-11:50 Recess/Study Hall  11:50-12:10 Restroom/Switch  12:10-12:30 Warm-Up/Silent Reading  12:30-1:10 P.A.W.S. (Intervention and Enrichment)  1:10-3:00 Homeroom Class  3:00–3:05 Dismissal

5 Classroom Management  Behavior Log Reasons for signing log: -Not following class or school rules -Not prepared for class -No homework Consequences: -Study Hall -Walking or sitting out during Recess

6 Math and Science Math  Multiplication facts need to be practiced and memorized  New TEKS and new textbooks  Problem solving and process skills Science  Focus is on hands-on investigation, problem solving, and analyzing data through various topics in physical, earth, and life science.

7 Reading Various in-class novels/readings throughout the year Scheduled library time on Mondays Book Club Genre Study Social Studies will often be incorporated into Reading. Our emphasis is on Texas and its history.

8 Reading  Vocabulary  Based on prefixes/suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots  WordMasters  Words typically given on Mondays  Test on Fridays

9 Reading  Book Club  1 book every 3 weeks  Students choose books from a selection and their choice puts them into a peer group reading the same book  Book Club reading should be completed at home with one journal entry due per week (DUE: EVERY THURSDAY)  Students have choices for Book Club response questions in their Journal.  Students will meet on Thurs. to discuss journal entries

10 Spelling Spelling will be incorporated into the daily writing grade and will not be a separate grade on our report cards. CISD supports the movement to develop “Life-Long” spellers. Our spelling assessment will be based on student knowledge of word patterns and high frequency words rather than the ability to memorize single word lists.

11 Writing  Nightly writing homework  Scored using the 6 Traits Model and STAAR rubrics  INTENSIVE writing in 4 th grade  Facilitated through genre study and incorporated into all subject areas  Expository and Narrative Writing in addition to Revising and Editing

12 Grading  Reading, Writing, and Spelling are combined into one grade.  Report Cards are given at the end of every grading period as set by the district.  Progress Reports are given midway through the grading period.  Sign progress report or report card and return 1 copy in the envelope.

13 Tuesday Folders  Tuesday Folders will be sent on Tuesdays.  Sign comment sheet and discuss expectations with your child if needed.  Keep all papers unless noted otherwise from teacher.  If there is a Monday holiday, folders will go home on Wednesday.

14 Homework  Homework should take approximately 60 minutes  Math and writing homework given daily M-Th  A Reading STAAR packet, vocabulary, and spelling will go home on Monday.  Book Club Reading and Response Journal  Memorization of multiplication facts (If not 90% passing rate on weekly timed test, students then practice facts nightly for a minimum of 15 minutes in addition to regular homework.)

15 STAAR Testing  Writing STAAR test is on March 30 th and 31st, 2015.  Math and Reading will be on April 21 st and 22nd, 2015. ***Students are monitored very carefully as their promotion in 5 th grade is contingent upon success on Math and Reading STAAR.

16 Parent Conferences  Conferences can be scheduled before or after school or during our conference period from 8:30-9:00am. Phone conferences are always an option, too.  Fall Conferences will be scheduled after the first nine weeks or sooner if needed.  Spring Conferences will begin after STAAR and continue to the end of May.

17 Transportation  Send a note or fax a letter. (Emails sent to will come in a a fax.) Please be sure to include the date on any correspondence.  Notes are not needed for choir days unless they are NOT going to choir that day.  Teachers cannot accept email or phone calls as a way to change transportation.  Transportation must be changed before 2:30pm.  Severe Weather-Your child will go home as you have indicated on the PM Transportation Plan turned in the first week of school. (Please turn this in as soon as possible.)

18 Grooming  Deodorant is very helpful. If your child isn’t currently wearing any.... 4 th grade is a great time to start!  Proper shoes! Sneakers must be worn for PE so students should arrive to school wearing them.  Appropriate lengths for shorts and skirts is a must. No spaghetti straps, inappropriate words, or muscle shirts.

19 Treats and Goodies  Birthday Treats can be given out in class in the afternoons. Cookies and cupcakes CANNOT be homemade and are acceptable as long as they do not have any icing.  Please make sure all items are pre-cut and ready to distribute. We do not have utensils for cutting or serving.  Individual, prewrapped items from the store would be preferred.  See the following website for new guidelines: nacks

20 Supplies Needed Periodically, we may send requests for additional supplies needed for the classroom. All donations are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

21 2014 - 2015 It is going to be a great year! Your child’s success is our success! Websites can be accessed through the CISD and Bush Elementary homepages.

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