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Interviewing 101 Lauren Loeffler Career Services.

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1 Interviewing 101 Lauren Loeffler Career Services

2 Interview Quiz: True or False? 1.The interview begins when I shake hands with the interviewer. 2.All I need to do is answer the questions correctly. 3.Asking about promotions shows that I’m ambitious. 4.The interview is over when the interviewer says so. 5.If I mess up I should play it cool and hope the interviewer doesn’t notice.

3 Pre-Interview Research organization and job ▫What are the best ways to research? ▫Employers tell us that our students do not do this enough Evaluate your strengths/weaknesses ▫Organization needs ▫Job requirements, qualifications

4 Prepare for the Interview Get clear directions ▫When, where ▫Determine route, locate parking Dress code ▫Select professional, comfortable attire ▫No distractions ▫Dress professionally?

5 How to Distinguish Yourself Anticipate, prepare for questions ▫Review commonly asked questions ▫Special attention to tough questions Prepare your one-minute commercial (CDG, p. 25) Knowing the “STAR” technique ▫S = Situation ▫T = Task ▫A = Actions ▫R = Results Prepare for negative questions

6 How to Distinguish Yourself Get names, titles of all interviewers Get detailed job description Identify projects to illustrate strengths ▫Match job skills/qualifications to accomplishments ▫Prepare “cheat sheet” – a list of qualities Develop relevant questions to ask ▫Demonstrate knowledge of employer, job ▫Assess position fit with career goals ▫Find out about next steps, decision time frame

7 What to Bring… Multiple copies of resume Reference sheet Notepad Something to write with Business cards? Prepare a list of questions Portfolio or nice folder

8 The In-person Interview Watch body language ▫Posture ▫Fidgeting ▫Gestures ▫Eye contact Avoid “badmouthing” past employers

9 The meal interview Etiquette: why so important? ▫Visible signals of the state of our manners ▫May predict professional success ▫It should not be stressful… Rules of thumb: ▫Solids on the left, liquids on the right  “But, my neighbor already took my bread plate!” ▫Start from the outside and work your way in

10 Do’s at the Table Wait for everyone to be served before eating “Please pass the salt” Taste your meal first and then season it Utensils should never touch the tablecloth after they have been used Is this finger food? Passing the bread and butter Excuse yourself to go to the restroom

11 Don’ts at the Table Chew ice Become lax in your presentation style Use a toothpick to clean your teeth Bring up controversial topics Make slurping noises Talk with your mouth full Over-sweeten your drink Eat something that looks foreign to you

12 Remember, this is still an interview Watch your posture How do I eat and answer questions at the same time? ▫Give equal time to everyone around you ▫Make sure your mouth is clear of food ▫Blot your mouth with your napkin Try to stay with the pace of the meal ▫If you’re lagging behind, start asking some questions of your own Be courteous to the wait staff

13 After the Interview Send short thank-you letter Call to inquire about status of opening Wait for call or letter

14 After the Interview Make notes about what did, didn’t work Continuing to “interview” ▫Reaffirm interest ▫Promote key skills and abilities ▫Address less effective responses ▫Mention things forgotten in interview Follow up on rejection letter

15 Get the Competitive Edge Take advantage of Career Services – Bldg. 19 ▫Publications with interviewing tips (e.g., CDG) ▫Website resources – ▫JasonQuest ▫Practice interviews ▫Attend the Etiquette Dinner Know the employer’s needs Practice interviewing!

16 Evaluate Offer: Be Informed Labor Market & Unemployment ▫ - state & federal ▫ - Income Tax ▫ - state Cost of Living vs Salary ▫  What Does It Cost?  What Does It Pay? ▫ – cost of living ▫ – salary

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