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Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative (TEEI) JVS – San Francisco NEED PHOTO.

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1 Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative (TEEI) JVS – San Francisco NEED PHOTO

2 2 What does transgender mean?  Someone whose gender identity differs from conventional expectations of masculinity or femininity  Someone whose gender identity differs from their physical sex as assigned at birth

3 3 Words you may see when referring to the transgender community: 0000-iS-0000 Androgynous Bigendered Binary Gender Birth Sex/Sex Cross Dresser Drag Queen/Drag King FTM Gender Dysphoria Gender Expression Gender-Fluid Gender Identity Genderqueer Genderphobia Intersex MTF Non-Binary Gender Non-Op Passing Post-Op Pre-Op Transwoman Transgender Transman Transphobia Transsexual (TS) Transvestite (TV)

4 4 Community Need 4

5 5 Good Jobs NOW!  Good Jobs NOW! provides a simple snapshot of the economic reality experienced by transgender survey respondents. From Feb. 15 th through March 12 th 2006, the San Francisco Bay Guardian and Transgender Law Center surveyed 194 self- identified transgender people living, working or looking for work in San Francisco. These were the results: 60% earn under $15,300 annually 8% earn over $45,900 40% do not have a bank account of any kind 25% are working full-time, 16% part-time and 9% have no source of income 50% would like career & job counseling 53% would like further education or training 9% don’t have a high school diploma…88% have completed high school…23% attended some college and over 32% have a college degree.

6 6 Why is there a Transgender Employment Program?  In January 2006, the unemployment rate for San Francisco was 4.7%. Conservatively, over 35% of the transgender community are unemployed.  Over 57% of transgender people surveyed through Good Jobs NOW! reported experiencing employment discrimination, but only 12% have filed an administrative or civil complaint as a result.  San Francisco is estimated to have the largest population of transgender people in the country at 19,000 individuals.

7 7 Why is there a Transgender Employment Program? cont…  Employment discrimination based on gender identity (laws vary by municipalities and states):  The following categories represent the main kinds of discrimination that occur that can make a transgender employee feel unappreciated, unwanted or unsafe in the workplace: –Discrimination in face-to-face hiring –Sexual Harassment either towards their gender assigned at birth or their gender identity –Repeated use of old name or pronoun –Verbal harassment –Denied promotion opportunities –Termination from employment due to gender identity –Access to appropriate restroom –Constant questioning of surgical status

8 8 Collaboration 8

9 9 4 Collaborative Partners  JVS: Jewish Vocational Service  THE CENTER: The San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Community Center  SF TEAM: San Francisco Transgender Empowerment Advocacy Mentorship  TLC: Transgender Law Center

10 10 Program Components 10

11 11 Peer-to-Peer Mentoring  The mentorship program offers peer-based education as well as practical and emotional support for transgender job seekers throughout the job seeking process and early placement periods.

12 12 Legal Assistance to Clients and Employers  The legal services include technical assistance, legal consultation and evaluation services to employers and direct service providers and their participants. Services include: –Training, policy development and workplace non-discrimination planning assistance to SF employers –Legal information, workshops and materials –Legal advice and training to direct service providers –Advice and counseling to program participants –Ongoing community needs assessment, gap assessment and program evaluation for the direct transgender employment services

13 13 Job Search and Placement Assistance  Employment services include assessment, case management, counseling, job search and placement services, employment training and workshops, and post placement services.  Employment workshops offered are designed specifically for transgender clients on topics such as name changes and filling out applications and paperwork, choosing a comfortable restroom at the workplace, issues in appearance, etc.  Linking job seekers to the One-Stop and their resources.

14 14 Community Advisory Board  The Community Advisory Board provides guidance and feedback on the development and implementation of TEEI. They participate in strategic planning, outreach to the larger transgender community, and assist with planning and executing events, and in building genral support and visibility of the project. Current members are: –Positive Resource Center –Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center –EL/La Program Para TransLatinas –San Francisco Department of Public Health: AIDS Office –TRANS:THRIVE –Walden House –City College –The Transgender, Gender Variant and Intersex (TGI) Justice Project –Congregation Sha'ar Zahav –Ark of Refuge –Tenderloin Health

15 15 Employer Leadership Council  The Employer Leadership Council makes recommendations for successful employment, retention and promotion of transgender employees. Activities incorporate opportunities to publicly recognize the leadership and vision that these companies are making in hiring transgender employees. Current members are: –Kimpton Group –Public Utilities Commission, San Francisco –San Francsico Airport SFO –City College of San Francisco –University of California, San Francisco –Human Rights Commission, San Francisco

16 16 Funding 16

17 17 Grants  Municipal Funding: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, San Francisco Airport, and San Francisco’s General Fund - this is all administered through the San Francisco’s Human Services Agency (HSA)  State Funding: California Employment Development Department  Foundation Funding: Walter & Elise Haas Senior Foundation  Different lead agencies on grants.

18 18 Training 18

19 19 Training tools for JVS Staff!  JVS-San Francisco offered a mandatory ½ day training seminar to educate all staff about the LGBTQQI community and laws pertaining to transgender employment and rights.  Self-learning tools include:  Jewish Mosaic: Trans Respect/Etiquette/Support 101 (  Transgender Law Center (  (

20 Thank you! For more information, contact: Emylene Aspilla, Director of Client Services 415-782-6269

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