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Adams Center All Event Staff. Adams Center All Event Staff Section 1: General Information.

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1 Adams Center All Event Staff

2 Adams Center All Event Staff Section 1: General Information

3 The Adams Center hosts a broad array of events –  Basketball Games  Volleyball Games  Concerts  Flat Shows (Home & Garden Show)  Special Events (Pow Wow, or a Political Rally) and  Private Events (banquets and parties)

4 For each event, several part time employees are hired for specific roles. This presentation covers information you need to know, regardless of your role. Additional information will be provided to you about your specific role on an event by event basis.

5 Throughout this presentation, you will see reference to a Venue Representative. For Concerts there is often a person designated as the “Venue Rep.” If you can not find THE Venue Rep. any full time employee of the Adams Center is authorized to represent the Venue.

6  Arrive at work at least 5 minutes before you are scheduled.  Take a bathroom break before your shift begins, check in ready for work.  Check in or sign in, logging the time you arrive, and meet up with your supervisor.

7 Once you get to your assigned work area, make sure you can direct patrons to:  The nearest restroom  The nearest concession stand  The location where merchandise is sold (if applicable)  The location where alcohol is sold (if applicable)

8 While you are on duty:  Make eye contact and greet patrons  Ask patrons if you may assist them  Pay attention, be accessible, be helpful  Do not make personal phone calls or text  Display confidence and friendly authority

9 The Adams Center gladly provides accommodations for patrons with disabilities. If someone with a hearing impairment asks for accommodations, Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are located in the Adams Center Administration Office. If someone with a mobility impairment needs accommodations, direct him/her to the elevator or Box Office.

10 General Building Information Elevators: End of the South Concourse Off the Main Lobby

11 General Information Ambulance Parking East Auxiliary Gym West Auxiliary Gym Student Entrance

12  Each women’s restroom and the men’s restroom on the West Concourse is equipped with a baby changing station.  There are no pay phones in the building. If a patron needs to make a phone call, send him/her to the Adams Center Administration Office.  If someone or something is lost, direct the patron to the Adams Center Administration Office.

13 For a Reserved Seating Event  Review the seating lay-out of the building so that you understand its logic.  If you are ushering, your supervisor will provide a pocket map.  If you are not ushering, make sure you have a grasp of the following:

14 General Information All seating sections beginning with a “1” are on the floor. Smaller Numbers, (102, 103, 104) are on the west Larger Numbers (108, 109, 110) are on the east “MF” means folding chairs on the Main Floor

15 Sections 201, 202, 203 & ½ of 204 are West Sections

16 General Information Sections 211, 210, 209 & ½ of 208 are East Sections

17 General Information ½ of Section 204, Sections 205, 206, 207 & ½ of Section 208 are South Sections – accessed from the Hall of Champions

18 For a “Festival” Event  Main Floor Tickets are for standing only.  Patrons must have a wristband to go onto the floor – wristbands are issued at the top of the stairs in the main lobby.  The upper bowl seats are still sold as reserved.

19 For a “GA” Event G.A. means, General Admission – no reserved seating. Some events are sold as “G.A.” by section. In that case, ushers are only verifying the section number for entry into an area.

20  If a patron complains about seat(s), or needs any special seating accommodation, send him/her to the Box Office. Remember, we can’t fix what we don’t know about. If a patron calls to complain the day after a show, the first question we ask is, “Did you go to the box office during the show?”

21 Adams Center Event Staff Section 2: Emergency Protocol

22 All exterior doors are Emergency Exits; if the door is locked outside, exit is still possible from inside! Emergency Protocol

23  When going to your post Emergency Protocol – Fire locate the closest pull station and extinguisher

24 If you are present and a fire breaks out 1. Use the pull station, 2. Then the fire extinguisher. The pull station notifies the building fire alarm system. If a pull station is activated or the system detects a smoke or fire an alarm sounds and a recording calls for the building to be evacuated. Emergency Protocol - Fire

25 During concerts and some events, the alarm panel is silenced and is manually monitored – this mode is called “Fire Watch.” During Fire Watch, if the call is made to evacuate the building, an announcement will still be made through the building system. In some instances, it is safer to address the fire without evacuating the building. This call is made by either the Fire Marshal, Public Safety or Venue Management. Emergency Protocol - Fire

26  Use the nearest exit  Be calm and call to patrons to follow you to the nearest exit.  Control energy through your voice; make communications calm, accurate, and frequent.  Meet up with all other UM employees in the parking lot across from the student entrance of the Adams Center. Emergency Protocol - Evacuation

27 Assisting Patrons with Mobility Impairment:  If elevators are not in operation -  Take patron(s) to an enclosed stairwell, call Public Safety and inform them of the location of the patron(s).  If the hazard is not near the impaired patron and the room is safe, staying in that location may be the best choice. Emergency Protocol - Evacuation

28 Assisting Patrons with Mental Impairment:  Be aware that in an emergency, noise and the commotion may be upsetting.  You may need to give special attention or assistance to get patron(s) to safety. If restraint is required, get a uniformed officer (someone trained) to come and assist you. Emergency Protocol - Evacuation

29 Assisting Patrons with Hearing Impairment:  Patron(s) with hearing impairment may not realize an evacuation alarm is sounding; alert and guide patron(s) to the closest exit. Assisting Patrons with Visual Impairment:  Offer your arm and guide patron(s) with visual impairment to the closest exit. Emergency Protocol - Evacuation

30 TIME SENSITIVE Medical Emergency  Notify a co-worker an EMT / Ambulance attendant is needed immediately. (EMT is located at the top of the load-in tunnel.)  Stay with the Person, keep others back and a clear path for the EMT to arrive with a gurney.  Call Public Safety - 243 4000.  Give your name,  Tell them you are calling from the Adams Center,  Give your location in the building,  Nature of the medical emergency. Emergency Protocol – Urgent Medical

31 For non-urgent medical incidents, promptly notify your supervisor that EMT services are needed. Provide location and nature of need. Stay with the injured party until an EMT arrives, keep others away and try to keep a clear path to the person. Call Public Safety 243-4000 and notify them of the EMT dispatch. Give your name, tell them you are calling from the Adams Center, and give your location in the building. Emergency Protocol - Medical

32 If possible, get the injured party’s name and contact information. Get the name of any one else with the injured party or “witnesses” along with contact information. Once the emergency is over, notify your supervisor that someone needs to cover your post. When your post is covered, go to the Adams Center Administration Office to complete an Incident Report Form. (More detailed information about the incident report form is in the next section of the presentation.) Emergency Protocol - Medical

33 Tornado  Direct patrons away from windows.  On the arena floor direct people away from the center, in case the roof fails.  Direct patrons to a door frame or beside something heavy that will deflect falling debris.  Tell people to huddle down and protect their head. Emergency Protocol

34 Earthquake  Direct patrons to an interior wall, away from windows, and tell them to cover their heads.  Remain until the movement subsides.  After the shaking stops, survey the immediate area for trapped or injured people and ruptured utilities (water, gas, etc.).  If severe building damage has occurred, evacuate the building.  Assemble at the designated area and wait for instructions from emergency personnel. Emergency Protocol

35  If you receive a bomb threat, remain calm and attempt to obtain as much information as possible (where, when will it go off, why, who is “in charge” etc.)  Call Public Safety (x4000) or 243-6131 and inform Public Safety of all information you received.  Inform your Supervisor and Venue Representative of the threat, and your call to public safety. (DO NOT share information with anyone else.)  If instructed to evacuate, move a safe distance away from the building (minimum of 200 yards)

36 Adams Center Event Staff Section 2: Event Staff Guidelines

37 INCIDENT REPORT FORM Complete an incident report form anytime -  You are involved in or witness an incident in which Public Safety is called;  Someone falls, is injured, or needs medical attention; or  The facility is damaged.

38 INCIDENT REPORT FORM Blank forms are located in the Adams Center Administration Office (Rm. 103) on the wall just inside the door, on the right. Complete the form and leave it face down on the desk by the door. Immediately, find a Venue Representative and let him/her know about the incident and the completed form.

39  Anything you use in the building is to be returned to the place where you found it, or where it belongs. If you picked it up, do not rely on someone else to replace it – do it yourself.  Ask for clarification, help, or direction if you are unsure about anything.

40  Do not leave your post for a restroom break during busy times.  From the time of load-in to load-out do not go down onto the arena floor level unless your specific job requires you to be there.  Do not leave the building before checking out with your supervisor.

41  Make your interactions with everyone – artist, producer, co-worker, student athlete, or ticket holder – professional, courteous, and respectful.  Always be helpful - assisting anyone (co- worker, show staff, or patron) who appears to be in need of help.

42  If a radio is checked out to you, you are responsible for checking it back in before leaving the building.  Know the “channel guide.” (Custodial, Event Staff, Fire Watch, & Uniformed Officers each have their own channel.)

43  Make all radio communiqué brief – cute, clever and funny are not cool on radio transmissions.  Avoid chatter – be succinct  One channel is also designated as a “Conversation Channel” if you need to have an extended exchange.

44 Event Staff Guidelines Please remember that the Adams Center Administration is a business office and conduct yourself professionally when you come into the suite.

45 If you are working a concert:  Never initiate interaction with the artist(s) / performer(s) - never ask for an autograph.  Catering is set up for the artist and their road crew do not eat the catered meals unless you are specifically invited to do so by a member of the tour.

46  All sound checks are closed. Do not sit or loiter on the floor, in seating areas, or vomitories during sound check.  The Backstage area is for the convenience and use of the artist and the touring crew. Think of the backstage as their home on the road. Please respect their privacy.

47  Do not expect to be able to watch the show; your compensation is a wage not a free show.  Credentials are issued to you so you can come to work the show. Credentials are not to be passed on to another person.  Backstage access passes are issued by the tour.

48 Adams Center Event Staff Section 3: Building Rules

49 When the building is “Locked Down” (for concerts: 5:00 p.m.) no one is allowed entry into the building without an Event Staff Pass, a ticket or they are named on a pass list at a specified door. (For example, all Student Athletes may need to enter at the door by the Training Room and the Door guard will have a pass list of all student athletes or Athletics staff who should have access.)

50 If anyone challenges your enforcement of Lock Down rules or disregards your direction and uses a key to enter the building, please ask to see a form of identification and get their name. Get that information to the Venue Rep as quickly as possible.

51 SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED IN ANY PORTION OF THE CENTER AT ANY TIME. If you see someone smoking in the building, respectfully point out that it is against the building rules and direct them to an outside area.

52 UM reserves the right to remove from the building any animals, furniture, fixtures, wiring, exhibits, or other hazard or nuisance items. If you see something to which this applies, notify a Venue Representative.

53 No one may advertise or promote any goods or services during the Event without the prior written consent of UM or its designee. If you see this happening, please call it to the attention of your supervisor or the Venue Rep.

54 No collections, whether for charity or otherwise, shall be made without the prior written consent of UM. If you see this happening, please call it to the attention of your supervisor or the Venue Rep.

55 Adams Center Event Staff Section 4: How to be a “Pro”

56  Maintains focus on role during event  Maintains patron safety as first priority  Knows where the nearest exit is located  Identifies and reports safety hazards – and mitigates if reasonable to do so  Identifies and reports medical situations, and mitigates if qualified to do so An Event Staff Pro…

57  Does not allow patrons to stand in their seats  Knows the space between the rail and first row of seats is not a walkway  Keeps aisles, vomitories and stairways clear  Interacts respectfully with patrons and other staff  Anticipates patrons needs An Event Staff Pro…

58  Knows where elevators are located  Provides direction to beer stands, merchandise sales, concession stands, and restrooms  Answers questions or assists in finding answers  Reads any posted or assigned material before reporting to her/his station An Event Staff Pro…

59  Responds to patron’s concerns  Avoids arguments and physical contact with guests  Informs patrons leaving the building there is no re-entry  Knows how to use communication equipment  Keeps communication brief and relevant An Event Staff Pro…

60 Adams Center Event Staff Thanks for your work -


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