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Your visit to the Meyerhoff Baltimore Symphony Orchestra 1.

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1 Your visit to the Meyerhoff Baltimore Symphony Orchestra 1

2 This is what the building looks like from the outside. 2

3 3

4 We will go in the front doors. 4

5 As soon as we go in, there is a second set of doors. 5

6 This is the lobby. 6

7 7

8 The auditorium is very large, so we may be sitting upstairs! 8

9 This is what the upstairs looks like. 9

10 These are the auditorium doors. There are many doors so that outside sounds don’t disturb the music performance. 10

11 This is the concert hall. 11

12 The aisles are very wide! 12

13 These are the seats. 13

14 We will be sitting together as a class or as a chaperoned group. 14

15 The floor under your seat is wood. The combination of wood and carpet improves the sound in the hall. 15

16 16

17 This is what the concert hall looks like from the stage. 17

18 A seat is waiting for you! 18

19 All around the concert hall are exits. 19

20 In the ceiling are acoustical tiles. 20

21 The tiles help conduct the sound, so that the orchestra sounds the best. 21

22 Above the stage are adjustable tiles that direct the sound to the audience. 22

23 Even the curved shape and the cantilevered balconies impact the sound and makes the orchestra sound its best! 23

24 Here are the water fountains... 24

25 And the restrooms. 25

26 CONCERT ETIQUETTE How to act at a musical performance. 26

27 What You Should Do to be a Great Audience Member. Etiquette is how you behave in certain situations. At a concert, you should give the performers your complete attention. Listen to the music and enjoy! Sometimes you may be asked to participate by the conductor or host. Be sure to wait for instructions. Applaud to show your thanks for their performance. 27

28 Help out the performers: Help the performers by being as quiet as you possibly can. Try to see how quiet you can keep your body, so you do not disturb your neighbors. Please turn off anything else that makes noise. (Including your little brother!) The only thing in your mouth should be your teeth and your tongue. (And maybe your braces!) The only thing you need to bring is your body, your listening ears and a great attitude. Many people around the world enjoy classical music, and you will, too! Remember, you are representing your school and your family. 28

29 Share your appreciation… If you are really, really excited about the performance, keep that until the end. Then, share with the performers by clapping. 29

30 Entering and exiting the auditorium Only walk around the auditorium before or after the performance (though be sure to always be with a chaperone from your school). If you must leave for an emergency, please alert an adult and only move when there is applause between pieces of music. Use the restroom and get a drink of water before the performance begins. Only ask to leave the hall for an emergency. As you enter the hall, please stay with your teacher or chaperone and follow directions from the BSO ushers and staff. Wait for instructions to exit from BSO ushers and staff after the concert. 30

31 Enjoy the performance and your visit to the Meyerhoff! 31

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