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September 30, 2009.

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1 September 30, 2009

2 BSI Overview BioZone Scientific International (BSI) researches, develops and manufactures technology-based solutions for microbial contaminant and VOC originated hygiene and odor problems in human environments With experience in its field, BSI develops best-in-class solutions for specific applications in close collaboration with its customers and distributors Solutions are designed and proven to solve such contamination problems in specific applications and uses, such as washroom facilities, ventilation systems, and ice machines. BSI designs and manufactures UVC-light and PCO based odour- and microorganism control solutions for selected markets, such as public restrooms and ice machines With over a decade of experience in innovating solutions, BSI offers solutions that solve problems

3 R&D Expertise Core knowledge Functional knowledge Design knowledge
Micro-organism behaviour UV and PCO technologies Functional knowledge Performance and functionality Safety and quality Installation and maintenance Design knowledge Built for purpose Look and feel

4 Production Management
Product design in EU, manufacturing in China Manufacturer requirements for partners ISO 9001:2000 certified RoHS certified Product Certifications GS, FI, CE, EMC RoHS compliant UL, GS, CCC and CE certified power supplies Patented Technology

5 Partners Research Sales
University of Helsinki, University College of Dublin, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), and Clean Concept Measures Sales Initial washroom solutions, PHS-washrooms, Lindström, Bunzl cleaning & hygiene Supplies FM-companies ISS, Mitie

6 Key market segments Washroom Ice machine

7 BioZone AirCare washroom solution

8 Understanding the problem
The origin of odour Why traditional cleaning can be ineffective The risk to washroom users Sneeze effect Poor ventilation Health risk Traditional cleaning Bacteria double every 20 minutes

9 The knock on effect Spreads diseases, effect on all employees health
Increased absenteeism Perception of poor standards throughout People avoid using them Salmonella (Food poisoning) Streptococcus E Coli (Urinary tract infection, Septicaemia, Diarrhoea) Hepatitis A (Jaundice, malaise, headache, muscle aches) Common cold and flu Rhinovirus Converts a washroom into an infection distribution centre Hepatitis A

10 Customer Perception A recent survey* of 2300 people, conducted by the Marriott School of Management: A dirty restroom has a negative effect on the satisfaction of 90% of the customers Over 70% of consumers say their view of public restroom effects their view of a company's image 76% of surveyed people stated that a sanitary restroom increases their customer loyalty 84% of surveyed people would feel more comfortable using a bacteria controlled public washroom *A Study for Customer Perception of Public Restrooms – Brigham Young University, November 2006

11 Customer Perception *Metsä-Tissue, School Hygiene report

12 Where the problem lies

13 Where the problem lies

14 Problem solved

15 Why AirCare is the best Odors Bacteria and viruses
BioZone creates fresh-smelling washrooms completely eliminating unpleasant odors and Kills smell causing microbes at source thus eliminating the primary reason of odor Thus enhances and protects your reputation (and company image) Bacteria and viruses Kills bacteria and viruses in the air and on the exposed surfaces eliminating the risk of cross contamination Chemical and battery free No replacement cartridges Chemical free (chemical free symbol) Always working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

16 Heathrow Airport

17 Biozone AirCare product solution
AGENDA How does the Air Care device work Biozone Validation Where to install Certifications

18 Restroom Product Family
AirCare Product Family AirCare AirCare-S AirCare 10 AirCare-S 10 AirCare 20 AirCare-S 20 AirCare 30 AirCare-S 30

19 AirCare-S Main features of AirCare-S
AirCare-S family is an important addition to the AirCare product line Main features of AirCare-S Water and particle resistant (IP45 compliant) Low noise levels (37db / 45db) Volt system New distinct stainless steel style

20 How it works

21 Proof – BioZone Validation
University College Dublin (UCD) tests BioZone unit installed in a lecture room 70% reduction of airborne bacteria Hospital tests PowerZone, AirCare, BioZone units installed in facilities 70% microorganism reduction Remarkable improvement in patients’ quality of life Avian Flu tests H5N2 virus subjected to BioZone technology Reduction of over 99.99% in 0.44 seconds

22 Certifications Assuring the safety of the product BioZone Scientific has certified AirCare Product by SGS which is one of the leading certification institutes in the world. SGS has acknowledged GS & SGS FI certifications for BioZone AirCare-product. These certifications demonstrate that The AirCare product fulfills the requirements for harmonized EN and IEC standards and are safe when installed and used according the owners-manual.

23 Where to install AirCare?
- Confidential - Where to install AirCare? Close to incoming air vents and away from outgoing air vents Close to the main source of odour – i.e. urinals or toilets Wall or ceiling mounted, ideally 2-2.5m high When wall mounted, point airflow towards ceiling i.e. In public washrooms ceiling mounting is preferable to avoid vandalism

24 Thank You! Matti Rantaniemi Head Quarters
Linnoitustie 4B, 02600 Espoo Finland, EU

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