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DeLisle Elementary School Where Dreams Begin …. DeLisle Elementary School Where Dreams Begin PBIS Model Site 2012.

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1 DeLisle Elementary School Where Dreams Begin …

2 DeLisle Elementary School Where Dreams Begin PBIS Model Site 2012

3 DeLisle Elementary School STAR School (2010-2011) Level A School (2011-2012) Located on the MS Gulf Coast, DeLisle Elementary is found in the rural area of the city of Pass Christian. DeLisle Elementary School is home to 410 students in grades K-5. -79% White -17% Black -4% Other (Asian, American Indian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic) Where Dreams Begin

4 You are appreciated … At the beginning of each year, we celebrate each other with an appreciation activity for teachers. This year, to coincide with our Disney theme, we brought in a local artist to assist the teachers in creating a Mickey Mouse beach scene. The relaxing Jimmy Buffett music along with the laughs of camaraderie were a great beginning to our new year. As a bonus, teachers have their portraits displayed in their classrooms to remind them of this time of fun and fellowship. Where Dreams Begin

5 First Day Extravaganza The first day of school is always a fun time for students and teachers alike. We celebrate success from the previous year with an award rally recognizing individual students for their achievements. Extra activities are planned for the students to introduce our Renaissance theme. This year included a photo booth, bounce house, and even Blizzard Beach cool off station where students were able to enjoy snowballs provided by PTO. Where Dreams Begin

6 Renaissance/PBIS The entire Pass Christian School District has adopted the Jostens Renaissance philosophy of recognizing and rewarding students. Although DeLisle Elementary School was meeting success with Renaissance, we felt that something was missing. This piece was found through PBIS after some teachers attended a workshop in January of 2012. After a visit to a local model school, we learned that, with a few minor changes, we could achieve this status as well. Although every “staffulty” member contributes to the success of PBIS, a committee has been established to tie up loose ends and monitor data to ensure school-wide success. Where Dreams Begin

7 School Wide Rules Be Safe Be Responsible Be Respectful School wide rules were established and expanded upon for each area of the school. Students find these rules posted in areas such as the hallway, cafeteria, restroom, library, gym, classroom and even the school bus. Where Dreams Begin

8 Cafeteria Expectations Where Dreams Begin

9 Restroom Expectation Where Dreams Begin

10 Hallway Expectations Where Dreams Begin

11 Library Expectations Where Dreams Begin

12 Discipline Data began to decrease after a professional development on PBIS was conducted Where Dreams Begin

13 Minor vs. Major Infractions This is our first year to implement major and minor behaviors. These behaviors were discussed at our beginning of the year teacher orientation. Teachers were given the opportunity to assist in the decision making process regarding which behaviors were classified as major and which as minor. A minor infraction slip was created to assist teachers in documenting minor behaviors and tracking the reteaching process. If a student receives four minor infractions within four weeks for the same behavior, an office discipline referral is issued. This implementation has taken the “gray” out of what should be a black and white process. Where Dreams Begin

14 Minor Infractions Remediate, reteach expectation Conference with the student Conference with the parent (document day and time) Loss of recess privilege Seating change Infraction Slip -Completed by the teacher -Send a copy home with the student (white); keep a copy for your records (pink); send a copy to Mrs. Lacy (yellow) -4 infraction slips within 4 weeks for the same minor infraction could warrant a referral Where Dreams Begin

15 Minor Infraction Slip Where Dreams Begin

16 Major Infractions Fill out office discipline referral (ODR) On the back of the referral form, briefly indicate the following: Event/activity in which the incident occurred Corrective measures taken by the teacher to prevent the incident Measures taken by the teacher following the incident (conference, light change, parent contact, scheduled conference, etc.) Administrator will handle discipline per school handbook Where Dreams Begin

17 Level 1  Contact parent/guardian  Student conference with teacher & administrator  Warning Level 2  Contact parent/guardian  Lunch, recess or activity detention  Refer to counselor (administrator option) Level 3  Contact parent/guardian  In-school Intervention  Refer to counselor or TST (administrator option) Level 4  Contact parent/guardian  Exclusion suspension with restriction from after school activities – parent conference required  Refer to counselor or TST (administrator option)  Functional Behavior Analysis Level 5  Contact parent/guardian  Refer student for placement in Early Intervention Program  Recommend to Superintendent for possible expulsion NOTE: A student may enter the discipline ladder at any level depending on the infraction. After twenty (20) school days without a discipline referral, the student may be placed at the previous step on the ladder.

18 Behavior expectations are taught and modeled Explanation – review what class rules should be Demonstration – role play in the classroom Skits – done with counselor through library or music Posters – students create posters to display around the school Reminders – review rules periodically; especially after holiday breaks Lesson Plans – include PBIS discussion in lesson plans Where Dreams Begin

19 Developing a Reinforcement System A committee of teachers is dedicated to rewards and recognition. A reinforcement system has been developed and is reviewed and tweaked as necessary. The following reinforcements are used throughout the year for students: -Caught Being Good celebrations -HAT Parties -Student of the Month (Character Education/Kiwanis) -Bus of the Month -Academic Rallies recognizing honor roll, perfect attendance, Accelerated Reader goals, 100’s Club, ABC Club, Sight Word Club, and Raise the Bar (a recognition given to students that have increased in academics, but have not yet met honor roll status) The following reinforcements are used throughout the year for teachers: -Staffulty of the Month (Hats Off to You) -Duty Free Lunches/Yum Yum Potluck -Monthly birthday celebrations -Coupon Book -Jean passes Where Dreams Begin

20 Caught Being Good A hallway reward has been implemented to recognize students for “Caught Being Good”. Each hallway has a bulletin board to display the caught being good cards. When the board is full (75 cards), the entire hallway receives a reward. The trait changes after each reward is earned – for example: these pictures reflect caught being respectful. When that board was complete, the theme changed to caught being responsible. This process also helps support our Character Education program. Where Dreams Begin

21 HAT Parties Hat Parties are held randomly throughout the year. The principal, assistant principal and counselor visit classrooms searching for 100% of H omework completion, all students in A ttendance, and no T ardies. When all requirements are met, the entire class receives a prize from the treasure box. Where Dreams Begin

22 Student of the Month Students are chosen by their homeroom teacher based on the character trait for the month. Students receive a certificate, dog tag with the monthly character trait, and a free ice cream pass. Students are celebrated and rewarded in the cafeteria among their peers. Where Dreams Begin

23 Bus of the Month According to our data, the afternoon bus route had a significant amount of bus referrals. We initiated our “Bus of the Month” program to reward the bus that had 0 discipline referrals for the month. Students receive a pizza party with their bus driver and the driver receives a gift certificate to a local business. The best part about being recognized as “Bus of the Month” is the magnet that is displayed for all to see! Where Dreams Begin

24 Caught Being Good on the BUS Students may be Rewarded for being good on the Bus. They receive a Certificate from their bus Driver, a treat from the Office treasure box, and Recognition over the Morning or afternoon Announcements.

25 Academic Rallies A summer planning session is held to plan out our quarterly academic rallies. Topics of discussion are the theme of each rally, games that will be played, tangible rewards that will be distributed for each achievement, decorations, and any new ways to reward teachers and students. Our first academic rally for this year was a “Pirate and Princess” theme. Students participated in games such as Walk the Plank, and Crown the Princess as they were rewarded for various achievements. The second nine week rally will be an “All Star Sports” theme. Students and teachers will dress in their sports attire as we kick off a new semester of learning. Academic rallies are always a huge success with students and parents alike. It is a great way to invite parents to the school to celebrate student (and teacher) success. A student survey is conducted and rewards are given to students based on survey data. Where Dreams Begin The Fast Pass is an honor roll reward that was developed by student feedback. Students can use their pass for things such as lunch with a pal, sit in the teacher’s chair, activity swap, homework pass, hat day, extra recess, etc.

26 Academic Rallies Where Dreams Begin

27 Honor Roll Recognition Honor Roll students in grade 3-5 receive a “Fast Pass” to redeem special treats. Lower grade level students receive dog tags to hang on their book bags. T-shirts are rewarded to those students having met the academic, attendance, and behavioral requirements. Students are also rewarded for Raising the Bar by increasing their grades. Where Dreams Begin

28 Clubs! Students fill out an interest inventory at the beginning of each year. These are used to assign them to a Club, which meets once a month. Where Dreams Begin

29 Family Nights Family Nights are held once per nine weeks. Topics are geared toward parent feedback from surveys that are administered. Parents enjoy a time of touring classrooms to be educated on whatever the topic may be for that night. Our end of the year family night is centered around local businesses and what they have to offer to our families and students throughout the summer. Parental involvement funds are used to supply refreshments for those in attendance. Where Dreams Begin

30 Wonderful Wednesdays Where Dreams Begin Each Wednesday, we recognize students for one of the three A’s (academics, attendance or attitude). Students receive rewards such as treasure box treats, outside lunch, extra recess, etc. Eating lunch outside is always a big hit with our students. This is also the day that we wear our spirit shirts.

31 NFL Day Where Dreams Begin To kick off football season, and a new school year, students are involved in our annual NFL day. Activity teachers work together to create a football themed game zone during their 45 minute activity block. Teachers enjoy a special treat of tailgating type foods while they enjoy a duty free lunch. It is a fun day enjoyed by all.

32 Staffulty of the Month Staffulty members are recognized by coworkers through the use of “Hats Off to You” cards. Staff members can write a friendly note to a coworker thanking them or recognizing them for something. “Hats Off” cards are read at monthly faculty meetings. One card is chosen each month to serve as the Staffulty of the Month. This teacher receives a gift certificate and the coveted reserved parking space in the front of the school. Where Dreams Begin

33 Staffulty of the Year Chosen by fellow faculty members, the Staffulty of the Year recognition is a great honor. Toward the end of the year, we allow each teacher to nominate one coworker by writing a statement declaring the reason why a certain person should be chosen. The person with the most votes receives $500 to spend on classroom supplies, a year long parking space, along with the acknowledgement of being named “Staffulty of the Year”. This past year, a first year teacher was recognized for her outstanding efforts and achievements she made with her self contained students. Where Dreams Begin

34 Kindergarten Mardi Gras Parade Where Dreams Begin Another community wide event is our Kindergarten Mardi Gras parade. The Friday before Mardi Gras break, kindergarten students conduct a parade with home-made floats. Excitement fills the front of the school as students, teachers and community members join together to celebrate the season.

35 Talent Showcase DeLisle truly does have Talent! Each spring, students in grades 3-5 host a talent showcase where individual talents are celebrated and recognized. Students perform acts from dancing and singing to playing the piano or violin. The community is invited to attend the evening show. Students in the lower grades look forward to the opportunity to showcase their talent and begin their planning as early as kindergarten. Where Dreams Begin

36 Finale Rally Our end of the year rally takes months to plan and is always an event not to be missed. Going along with the theme for the school year, our rally showcases grade level performances as well as recognizes students for year long achievements. The event is always well attended by parents and stakeholders alike. This year, we raffled off front row seats during the silent auction portion of our fall festival. It’s always a great celebration to end a successful year. Where Dreams Begin

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