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Classroom Rules and Procedures Welcome to Mrs. Magner’s Math Class.

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1 Classroom Rules and Procedures Welcome to Mrs. Magner’s Math Class

2 Classroom Rules  Be Respectful - of your teacher, of your peers, of the learning time, of materials  Be Responsible - for being prepared to work, with assignments, cleaning workspace  Be Perseverant – keep working, keep trying, keep your group on track, ask questions, attempt it ALL

3 School Rules  Transition quietly* between classes  Be on time and prepared with all materials  Follow school dress code  Follow instructions the first time given  Respect self, others, space and property *inside voice, 3” voice

4 How do I know how I’m doing? Consequences  Verbal warning  Chill out seat  Parent contact :-/  Silent lunch  Detention  Team/student conference  Parent conference  Counselor referral  Office referral Rewards  Special treats  Ice-cream  Parent contact  Written note home  Computer time  Minute with Magner

5 SWEET!!!!  Earn “cupcakes”  * When you don’t ‘strike out!’  * For an awesome solution/participation  Room clean & tidy without reminders from me  *100% completed homework  *Class test average of 80% or better 15 “cupcakes” earns a treat!!

6 Restroom Procedures  We will go to the restroom as a class at designated times*.  All restrooms will be checked for cleanliness by the teacher (or a helper) before entering and before leaving the restroom area.  We will line up quietly and walk silently in the hallways.  *go after breakfast/during homeroom

7 What if I have an emergency?  You will need your agenda.  Sign out on the Restroom Clipboard.  Sign out in your agenda and I will initial it.  Go directly to the 6 th grade Academy office

8 Getting Started  Come in quietly and get your math journal  Put your homework on desk/table ready to be picked up by the Homework Captain. Make sure your name is on it!!  Get Weekly Target Time Sheet and begin work

9 During a lesson  Listen carefully, always be ready to take notes, respond, and participate  Be sure you and your neighbors can participate  Raise your hand to ask questions  Transition quickly and quietly when moving into group work  Use time wisely and complete classwork I speak…I listen! Me hablar…¡me escuchar!

10 Heading for Work on loose paper Name Date Activity or page #

11 Work in the journal  Turn to the NEXT clean page.  Fill out the table of contents completely  Put a heading on the page  Organize work left to right, top to bottom Rags to Riches LCM game

12 Group Work  Everyone listens to directions  Everyone participates in the activities and discussions.  Respect others’ opinions and inputs  Everyone keeps records in their journals

13 After the Lesson/Activity  Complete summarizing activity  Neatly put up your journal and/or turn in work according to directions  Copy your homework in your agenda  Clean your work area

14 How much is each assignment worth?

15 Grading Scale 90-100 A 80-89 B 74-79 C 70-73 D 69 < U

16 Can I find a listing of homework assignments on the Internet? It is your responsibility to write your homework down in your agenda daily. Most days, your homework will be posted on my web page. ( *OR* Teacher webpages Magner, Laura

17 Progress Reports  You will receive at least three progress reports each nine week period.  Progress reports must be signed by parent and returned the next day.  Parents will be contacted if progress report is not returned.

18 Parent Communication Parents will be called frequently for many Reasons. Job well done Academic progress Schedule conferences Behavior concerns * All communication with parents is documented

19 Character counts in our class!

20 Bully Free Zone… If you expect RESPECT… Be the first to show it… Use the Magner Mail…

21 Positivity is a Must!!! The only negative things allowed are numbers!!!

22 At Lilburn Middle School, we have Mustang PRIDE. We are P OSITIVE! We are R ESPECTFUL! We have I NTEGRITY! We are D ETERMINED! and we are E NGAGED! Why do we have PRIDE ? Because our success depends on it!

23 We will have a wonderful 2012-2013!

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