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Power Up Activity !!! Tell me more about yourself> Complete your “Rockfish Swagger Test” : ) Next….Pick up your “Student Search” and get moving…. see what.

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1 Power Up Activity !!! Tell me more about yourself> Complete your “Rockfish Swagger Test” : ) Next….Pick up your “Student Search” and get moving…. see what you find out about your classmates. * Only ONE signature per person, noone can sign twice : )>

2 Ms. Shelita McCadney, Ed.S

3 New Student Orientation About Me About You About Byram About 7 th Grade Math Math materials Classroom Setup A Normal Day of Class Classroom navigation/procedures Consequences Major Middle School Issues Classroom and School Rewards

4 About Me


6 About 7 th grade Math Geometry Algebra Rational Numbers Number Operations Fractions, Decimals, Percent Equations Integers Area and Perimeter Proportions Circumference Algebraic Equations NOTEBOOK CHECKS

7 About 7 th Grade Math Minimum 9 daily grades or more Minimum 5 Tests Test – multiple choice, short answer, notebook Checks New Grading Scale* Groups/Partner/Individ ual Lessons are fast paced

8 Math Materials Dry Erase Markers Highlighters Folder/Binder Focus/Ready Attendance

9 Normal Day of Class 1. “Power Up” 2. Copy the Lesson of the day/Math Notebook 3. Independent Exploratory 4. Guided Practice 5. Independent Practice 6. Class Review/Challenge

10 About Our Classroom Agenda Board Lesson Board Activity Center Weekly Job Duties “Swag Points”

11 Homework Checked for completion Complete completion grade given twice in the semester

12 Notebook Checks 1. Notebook checks will be every 10 pages If as a class you turn in 100% notebooks the first nine weeks, your class will NOT have any more notebook checks for the remainder of the year, but you are required to still main a notebook for organizational purposes.

13 Classroom Navigation 1. Two people @ student stations at any time. (garbage can, activity center, pencil sharpener) 2. Pencils are sharpened at the beginning of class 3. Restroom breaks are given every other period 4. Papers are passed up the row and across or down 5. Math Computations are done “Hot Dog Style” (Answers on the left, work on the right side of the paper) 6. No getting up or movement while the teacher is teaching 7. Make the Teacher Happy : )

14 Classroom Expectations Be Punctual to Class Once entering the classroom, remain there until an adult dismisses you. Have appropriate materials out and ready to begin class Follow all adult instructions the first time that they are given Sit and remain in assigned seat Byram Middle School is a Gum Free environment.

15 Hallway Expectations Have all necessary items before exiting the room. Travel on the right side of the hallway. Move quietly and in an orderly manner. Respect personal space Report to assigned area promptly

16 Restroom Expectations Maintain appropriate voice level Use restroom equipment appropriately Wash and dry hands Leave restroom clean

17 Cafeteria Expectations Enter the cafeteria quietly Follow adult directions. Use correct cafeteria manners Use inside voice Leave your area clean.

18 Classroom Consequences Verbal Warning (teacher signal, written in planner etc.) 10 sets of expectations 25 sets of expectations Teacher detention Saturday detention * Weekly basis/expectations must be signed by your parent or legal/adult guardian

19 Major Middle School Behavior Issues Cell phones/electronics - $15 or 15 days/Next is $25 or 30 days Dress code – warning – detention – go home Excessive talking in class and in hallways – expectations (lots) Fighting – immediate suspension Bullying/name calling – counselor – team movement – detention – suspension Possession of Weapons/Drugs (expulsion) Possession of Nudity/Pornography (suspension) Display of Affection/Kissing/Touching (suspension) Attitudes – expectations (lots) Threats of Bodily Harm/Cursing (immediate suspension) Playing/hanging in the restroom/trespassing– expectations (lots)/suspension

20 Major Middle School Academic Problems Failure to turn in homework, classwork, projects etc on time. Result in teacher detention, tier tutoring during P.E. elective time, Saturday detention

21 In Class and School Wide Rewards “Swag Points” Test awards 150+ Club Platinum Paw Print event Honor Roll Bash Positive teacher office referral

22 Questions??

23 Paw Point Challenge How many people @ the garbage can or pencil sharpener etc? Identify the Agenda Board/What does it have on it? Identify the Lesson Board/What does it have on it? List two classroom/restroom/cafeteria/hallway expectations? What are the 4 step consequences to failure to meet the expectation? What are some rewards? Two examples of immediate suspension/immediate expectations.

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