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Natural Home Mother Earth News Utne Reader Natural Home Living TO START PRESENTATION: CLICK F5.

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1 Natural Home Mother Earth News Utne Reader Natural Home Living TO START PRESENTATION: CLICK F5

2 Kill no more pigeons than you can eat --Benjamin Franklin I can remember when the air was clean and sex was dirty --George Burns

3 Consumers are adopting sustainable lifestyles and buying products that support that lifestyle. They are also choosing to support companies whose mission is linked with sustainable practices. Who are these consumers? GREEN MARKET REALITY CHECK

4 “When it asks about the specifics of green behavior, polling tends to confirm that mainstream consumers have learned to talk the talk but are still in the baby steps of walking the walk.” – Adweek 5/12/08 Only 26 percent of Americans say they “actively seek environmentally friendly products.” – May 2008 TNS Survey 28 percent of respondents claimed to have made “major changes” in their own shopping and living habits over the past five years to help protect the environment. – Spring 2008 Gallup Poll THE GREEN ACTION GAP

5 “The most obvious market for green marketing efforts is people who are already attuned to environmental matters and to corporate responsibility in general.” – Adweek 5/12/08 “They want to know the reality behind the buzz to discover if brands are backing their eco-friendly words with authentic social responsibility action.” – BBMG founder Raphael Bemporad THE CORE GREEN AUDIENCE THE GREENCORE AUDIENCE

6 Consumers attuned to the environment and corporate responsibility take their direction and inspiration from Natural Home, Utne Reader and Mother Earth News. THE GREENCORE AUDIENCE

7 These consumers – 2.5 million readers, 1.5 million unique online users – are the largest, most established group of green opinion leaders and consumers in the media landscape. THE GREENCORE AUDIENCE

8 They are also the go-to individuals in their communities on questions from corporate leadership to product purchases in the green space, THE GREENCORE AUDIENCE

9 Until now, no single media company has delivered this significant consumer group whose values and interests coalesce around preserving the environment – and whose position as community leaders influence the opinions and consumption habits of millions of other Americans. REACHING THE GREEN INFLUENCER

10 Natural Home: As the country’s only consumer magazine and website dedicated to green building and remodeling, and sustainable lifestyles, Natural Home is the unchallenged authority in the space, providing inspiration, resources and practical advice. Mother Earth News: The original environmental magazine, Mother Earth News has been showing readers how to live in harmony with nature (and more efficiently) since the environmental movement began in earnest in 1970 with the first Earth Day. Utne Reader: In the 1980s, Utne Reader rejuvenated independent thinking and writing as a magazine that celebrated both; it connects its impassioned readers with issues that matter, and challenges them to make a positive difference. GreenCore Group

11 Custom PublishingShow Houses Research Television Print Video Digital GREENCORE INTEGRATION OGDEN PUBLICATIONS’ CUSTOMIZED MULTI-PLATFORM CAMPAIGNS Now, you can MULTIPLY the power of the GreenCore audience …

12 GROWING THE GREENCORE 69 million opportunities for mindshare Introducing…



15 AWARENESS Environmental and health concerns are urgent and universal today. They aren’t going away anytime soon.

16 Companies are pursuing sustainability because it’s critical for business success and good for consumers. STRATEGY

17 Reaching the largest green-influential audience is key to leveraging both consumer awareness and corporate strategy. ACTION

18 Now, there’s a ground-floor opportunity to add the reach of public television to the strength of the GreenCore audience. ADVANTAGE


20 GREEN CHALLENGE MARKETING’S NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKED AT FIRST GREEN NOISE “Static caused by urgent, sometimes vexing or even contradictory information on the environment played at too high a volume for too long.” “That Buzz in Your Ear May Be Green Noise,” New York Times, 06/15/2008 GREEN DAZE “Most shoppers are still dazed and confused – and, as a result, frustrated and cynical – when it comes to turning green concern into green consumerism.” Joel Makower, Executive Editor, Green Buzz

21 GREEN SOLUTION Thirteen 30-minute broadcast episodes that broaden into companion Web sites, digital extensions and print components offering what no other green media can: a clutter-free environment with the most authentic print/online partners on the nation’s most trusted media platform aggregating the largest, most engaged audience THE POWER OF AUTHENTICITY: ENGAGEMENT, CLARITY, REACH

22 THE CRITICAL DISTINCTION Natural Home Living draws its content from the authoritative editorial resources of GreenCore magazines, Natural Home, Mother Earth News and Utne Reader, trailblazing experts in eco-lifestyle journalism. Natural Home Living finds the audience sweet spot with being-green tips basic enough to inform the majority of viewers and advanced enough to provide the real journalistic exposition of widely touted green “solutions” consumers need and want. Clear … Informative … Authoritative Compelling … Viewer-friendly THE POWER OF AUTHENTICITY: ENGAGEMENT, CLARITY, REACH

23 THE POWER OF PBS The most trusted media brand in America. The most respected television programming. Sources: Harris Interactive 2006, Roper 2007

24 67 percent of PBS viewers would choose to purchase from a company that sponsors PBS. Harris Interactive, “PBS Sponsorship – Awareness and Impact on Quality Perceptions,” August 2006 Credible programming and non-commercial transparency suit the green marketplace PBS MOVES VIEWERS TO PATRONIZE ITS SPONSORS THE POWER OF PBS 23 percent of cable viewers were more likely to buy products advertised on HGTV and Food Network, the best cable results. Beta Research Brand Identity Study, April 2008 9 percent of broadcast viewers were more likely to buy products advertised on the major networks. Beta Research Brand Identity Study, April 2008 (PBS was not included in the Beta study)

25 BROADCAST TELEVISION: 3,812,000 viewers for each episode (premiere and three encore airdates). Cumulative projected viewers for the premiere season: 49,446,000. PRINT: Natural Home, Mother Earth News and Utne Reader add 10,577,000 readers for underwriters’ bonus advertising – from 13 to 52 pages – plus additional promotional consideration. WEBSITES: Five Web sites add 819,000 unique monthly visitors totaling 9,835,000 unique visits annually for further reach and impact. First Season Episodes’ Total Reach 69,878,000 Viewers, Readers and Visitors UNDERWRITER’S ADVANTAGE IMPACT – REACH – CREDIBILITY

26 WEBCASTS: Digital distribution including streaming video and mobile casts will reach a worldwide audience through online services. Underwriter messages remain a part of downloaded episodes. DIGITAL NETWORKS: The Natural Home Living brand will maintain a presence on social and group networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. UNDERWRITER’S ADVANTAGE IMPACT – REACH – CREDIBILITY First Season Episodes’ Total Reach 69,878,000 Viewers, Readers and Visitors

27 DVD: Premiere season DVD will include all 13 episodes with underwriter spots and bonus content. Underwriters have the option of including long-form corporate video. LIVE EVENTS: Underwriters have the option of lead sponsorship of a multicity sustainable living expo and conference that will travel to key markets. Customized packages will be developed for key markets and co-presented with the local PBS member station coordinating local promotion and tie-ins. UNDERWRITER’S ADVANTAGE IMPACT – REACH – CREDIBILITY First Season Episodes’ Total Reach 69,878,000 Viewers, Readers and Visitors

28 THE PBS ENVIRONMENT COVERAGE: Its 354 member stations reach 99 percent of U.S. television- viewing households. Some 80 million people in almost 50 million households watch public television during an average week, significantly greater than that of any cable network audience. CLARITY: With far fewer non-programming minutes per hour than any of the commercial networks, public television delivers your message in a program-rich, clutter-free environment. COMMITMENT: Public television underwriting offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate your company’s commitment to conscientious living within the high-quality PBS environment and to gain the loyalty of its audience, which is affluent, well-educated, active, engaged ─ and brand loyal.

29 In comparison with the U.S. average, PBS viewers are: 58% more likely to be a member of local government 51% more likely to belong to a civic club 43% more likely to be involved with charitable organizations PBS VIEWERS: Source: MRI, 2006 Doublebase ENGAGED

30 In comparison with the U.S. average, PBS viewers are: 47% more likely to be a book club member 43% more likely to attend museums 21% more likely to have taken adult education classes in the last year 17% more likely to have completed post-graduate study Source: MRI, 2006 Doublebase PBS VIEWERS: EDUCATED

31 In comparison with the U.S. average, PBS viewers are: 79% more likely to own $150,000 in stocks 32% more likely to have used money management or financial counsel 28% more likely to own a vacation/weekend home 14% more likely to own a home valued at $500,000 or more Source: MRI, 2006 Doublebase PBS VIEWERS: AFFLUENT

32 PBS is viewed more than any cable network by the heads of affluent and millionaire households -- by at least 12 % Source: Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, 2006 PBS VIEWERS: AFFLUENT

33 PROGRAM ELEMENTS Underwriter Spots Opening Title Sequence Host Intro welcomes the viewer and previews the week’s episode. Convenient Truths shows how to get green without breaking a sweat. Drink organic beer, change a bulb, eat locally, buy good clothes. Everyday Solutions walks viewers through simple choices they can make today for a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. Guest experts demonstrate practical tips. The Good Life focuses on natural ways to enhance home living, with an emphasis on comfort, artfulness and fun. Eco-istas report on great ideas for food, furnishings, fashion and travel.

34 PROGRAM ELEMENTS FEATURES: The Green Dream showcases America’s premier natural homes, often designed or retrofitted by leading architects. Extreme Green profiles homeowners who have taken their commitment and their personal space to the max. Code Green features a make over segment with a team of eco-expert designers who answer the question: Can this home be greened? Buyer Aware showcases new product(s) that are nontoxic, biodegradable and Earth- friendly. Includes personal care, mind/body/spirit, healthy home, sustainable gardening, eco-tools. Earth Movers profiles people who make a difference by creating green projects, artwork, businesses, products or community initiatives.

35 PROGRAM ELEMENTS The Materials World explores green building supplies and techniques – from solar panels and energy-efficient framing to nontoxic paints and natural flooring. The Green Dream, Extreme Green, or Code Green concludes. Q&A or Factoid illuminates sustainability trends and statistical data. Bringing It Home: Robyn Griggs Lawrence, editor of Natural Home magazine invites viewers into her daily life, sharing the ways she tries to live wisely and well in the real world. Host Outro Credit Roll Underwriter Spots

36 TIMING To learn more about this unprecedented opportunity...

37 Please contact Ken Simon at or 860.873.3328


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