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Animal Encyclopedia Brigid M. 6A October 17, 2011.

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1 Animal Encyclopedia Brigid M. 6A October 17, 2011

2 Table of Contents Spider Monkey California Sea Lion Atlantic Puffin Puffer Fish Beaver Green Sea Turtle Starfish (Sea Star) Orangutan Hedgehog Mexican Axolotls Firefly (Lightning Bug) Mononykus Olecranus Zebra

3 Spider Monkey They live in Central, North and South America Carnivores Mammals Their average lifespan in the wild is twenty-two years There are fourteen to twenty six inches long Table of Contents

4 California Sea Lion Mammal Carnivore Their average lifespan is less than thirty years They weigh six hundred and ten to eight hundred sixty pounds Table of Contents

5 Atlantic Puffin Bird Carnivore They live twenty years or more in the wild They can weigh seventeen point five ounces They are ten inches tall Table of Contents

6 Puffer Fish Fish Carnivore Can be up to thirteen feet long Can be poisonous and deadly Table of Contents

7 Beaver Mammal Herbivore It can live up to twenty four years It can weigh up to sixty pounds Table of Contents

8 Green Sea Turtle Reptile Herbivore Live over eighty years Weigh up to seven hundred pounds Cannot pull its head into its shell Table of Contents

9 Starfish (Sea Star) Invertebrate Carnivore Can live up to thirty five years in the wild Can weigh up to eleven pounds They have no brain and no blood Table of Contents

10 Orangutan Mammal Omnivore Can live thirty to forty years in the wild It can weigh seventy three to one hundred eighty pounds Table of Contents

11 Hedgehog Mammal Carnivore Five to twelve inches long Fourteen to thirty nine ounces Table of Contents

12 Mexican Axolotls Amphibian Carnivore Lives ten to fifteen years Grows up to twelve inches Weighs from two point eleven to eight ounces They are a type of salamander Table of Contents

13 Firefly (Lightning Bug) Insect Omnivore Live up to about two months in the wild Grow up to on inch long Table of Contents

14 Mononykus Olecranus Prehistoric Carnivore About three feet long They are extinct Their stubby arms were extremely powerful Table of Contents

15 Zebra Mammals Herbivore Can live up to twenty five years in the wild Table of Contents

16 A Slideshow by Brigid McDermott

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