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Welcome to Kindergarten Information about Kindergarten Registration in the Blackhawk School District.

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1 Welcome to Kindergarten Information about Kindergarten Registration in the Blackhawk School District

2 Message from the Principal Mrs. JaneAnn Fucci  We are excited to welcome the newest class to the Blackhawk School District!  As exciting as it is for parents, we are excited in different ways.  This is our first glimpse of the faces we get to grow and nurture for the next thirteen years.

3 Curriculum and Programs  At Blackhawk we are PROUD of:  Our Rigorous Curriculum  We are ahead of the No Child Left Behind curve.  Our Programs K-12  There are many academic and extra curricular programs available K-12.  There is something for every child.  Academics  Sports  Drama  Dance  Clubs

4 Curriculum and Programs  At Blackhawk we are PROUD of:  Our Math and English Language Arts Focus  Kindergarten students will be reading books and writing basic sentences, completing basic addition and subtraction problems, as well as learning about math problem solving throughout the year.  This is your district!  Use it to your child’s full advantage.

5 Curriculum and Programs  At Blackhawk we are PROUD of:  Student Centered Assistance Programs for Struggling Readers  Jump Start Reading  Reading Pull Out and /or Title I  Instructional Support Team (IST)  Our Full Range Special Education Services  Speech and Language  Gifted and/or Learning Support  Occupational Therapy  Physical Therapy

6 Curriculum and Programs  At Blackhawk we are PROUD of:  Our Fully Certified and Highly Qualified Teaching Staff  As required by the No Child Left Behind Act.  Our Dedication to Students  We want to do whatever it takes to help our students succeed.  This is a parent / school partnership.

7 Report Cards  Report Cards are issued twice a year in kindergarten.  January  June  Parents are invited to a conference at the end of the first quarter, usually at the beginning of November.

8 Kindergarten Report Card

9 Fall Student Work Samples


11 Spring Student Work Samples


13 Student Work Samples Spring Example Fall Example

14 Things to Remember  Students at this age all develop at different times.  We provide numerous supports to meet our rigorous academic standards.

15 Things to Remember  If they need it, we will do it!  But, the most important part of making it all successful is YOU!  Your view of school is a big factor in our success.  Your child seeks your approval and will model your lead and attitudes.

16 Kindergarten Registration  Kindergarten Screening is conducted by the Blackhawk kindergarten teachers.  Results will be discussed upon completion of the screening today.  A list of activities will be available based on the screening results.

17 Activity Ideas  Refer to the Getting Ready for Kindergarten Parent Guide you received earlier this year.

18 Online Resources  Visiting our websites might be helpful:  Northwestern Primary School   Patterson Primary School 

19 Online Resources  Visiting our kindergarten websites will give your child appropriate activities this summer:  Click on Our Classrooms on the school website.  Choose Kindergarten Choose Kindergarten Choose Kindergarten  If you are viewing this online click the underlined link above to go directly to the page.  Select a kindergarten classroom  Activities for incoming kindergarten students will be listed under links.

20 Classroom Assignments  Individual classroom assignments will be received in the mail in August. The letter will include the following information:  School your child will be attending  Teacher’s name  Session AM or PM  Kindergarten Orientation date and time

21 Kindergarten Orientation  All kindergarten teachers have an orientation day a few days before the first day of school.  Students can visit their classroom.  Students can meet their teacher.  Students can tour the school building.

22 Transportation Information  How will we know what bus to ride?  Bus lists are posted after they are finalized in August.  The lists are found at all school buildings and various businesses in the sending area.

23 Check Out the Bus!  Please feel free to stop outside and check out the school bus!  Students and parents may board the bus in front of the school so that children are familiar with the bus before they ride it this fall.

24 Bus Rules  Students must remain seated at all times.  Bus seats do not have seatbelts.  Always face forward on the bus.  Students must use an inside voice.  Listen to the bus driver the first time they speak.  Students must keep hands and feet to themselves.  Video cameras are on all buses for safety monitoring.

25 Communication – Bus Notes Occasionally your child may need to ride a different bus home. When this happens you must:

26 Communication - Notes  If someone other than a parent is picking up a child, a note must be sent to school stating the name of the person with permission to pick up your child.  Please check your child’s backpack and folder daily so you don’t miss important information or notes from the teacher.

27 Classroom Supplies  What does my child need to bring to school each day? A Healthy Snack A Water Bottle Must Have Sport Top Water Only Please! A Backpack

28 Classroom Supplies  The school district will provide all necessary supplies for your child. My Agenda Book Student Folder

29 Classroom Supplies  The school district will provide all necessary supplies for your child. Pencils Scissors Crayons Glue Paper

30 Health Office  Medication  Can only be given with orders from the doctor.  This includes ALL medications, even nonprescription medications like Benadryl and Tylenol.  The form for your physician is available online on the Blackhawk School District Website by clicking on the Student Forms button on the left of your screen. Student Forms Student Forms  If you are viewing this online you can click the underlined link above.

31 Health Office  Medication  Medication Must be brought to school by a parent.  Medication must be in the original container.  Medication must never be brought to school by the child.

32 Attendance  When your child is absent from school due to illness you will need to send in an excuse form.  You will have three days to submit the form in order to have the absence marked as excused.

33 Attendance  Appointments should be made after school hours.  In the event that is not possible, an appointment card should be signed at the doctor’s office and returned when your child returns to school.

34 Attendance  Attendance is very important to your child’s educational success. Educational trips are best when taken outside of the school year.  When this is not possible, the trip must be approved in advance by the principal.  The principal must receive this form at least one week prior to the absence for the trip.  If you are viewing this online, click on the form to the right to get a copy from the district website.

35 Volunteers  Parents / volunteers are always welcome in the building.  All visitors must ring the bell and speak to a staff member to enter the building.  All visitors must sign in at the main office and get a visitor tag immediately upon entering the building.  All visitors must be announced before proceeding to the classroom. Visitor Name Tag

36 Reminders  Students should be able to use the restroom independently.  Please make sure that your child can button, zip, and buckle all portions of their attire.

37 See You in the Fall!!  Enjoy your summer!  Read and Count with your child!  Watch the DVD  So your child can see their teacher.  So your child can see their classroom.  We can’t wait to see you this fall at Kindergarten Orientation!!

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