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Eighth Army Command Inspection Program (CIP)

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1 Eighth Army Command Inspection Program (CIP)
12 August 2002

2 Purpose Conduct command inspections of assigned, OPCON, or attached Eighth Army Major Subordinate Commands (MSC) within 120 days of a new commander assuming command. To determine compliance with U.S. Army and Eighth Army programs and policies. Provides the new commander with an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of his or her command’s functional areas.

3 References Eighth Army Reg 1-201 & Eighth Army Pam 1-201

4 Responsibilities Eighth Army G4 is the executive agent
Composed of representatives of thirteen functional areas G1 Policy and Programs Division Chief serves as the Functional Area CIP Team chief for the inspection of Personnel Management and Administration

5 Personnel Management Sub- Functional Areas
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program Anthrax Vaccination Immunization Program Consideration of Others Equal Opportunity Program US Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF) Labor Relations Employee Relations US Recruitment and Benefits Korean National Recruitment and Benefits Training SIDPERS III Temporary Duty Travel (TDY)

6 Personnel Management Sub- Functional POCs

7 Scheduled Eighth Army CIP Dates

8 Closing The combined strengths and weaknesses are briefed to the commander of the inspected unit and are submitted to the G4 action officer for input into the overall inspection results for the Eighth Army Commander. The CIP reinforces the Eighth Army command goals, standards, and priorities while teaching and sharing functional expertise. Eighth Army staff proponents integrate existing staff inspections with the Eighth Army CIP as much as possible in order to reduce inspection redundancy.

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