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United Kingdom France Italy Ukraine Spain Portugal Germany Iceland Poland Sweden Finland Ireland Eire Austria Denmark Malta Serbia Estonia Greece Romania.

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1 United Kingdom France Italy Ukraine Spain Portugal Germany Iceland Poland Sweden Finland Ireland Eire Austria Denmark Malta Serbia Estonia Greece Romania Bulgaria Czech Rep. Netherlands Belgium Croatia Cyprus Switzerland Leetonia Montenegro

2 CYPRUS Population : 1 300 000 people,80%Greeks and 20% Turk. Density : 140,53 people/km2. Religions: Greek people are orthodoxies,Turk people are Muslim and catholic. Languages: Greek and Turk and English. Something or someone famous : In the capital Nicosia there is a green line which separates the town like in Berlin. Climate: Near Nicosia it is dry and Mediterranean everywhere in the island and the temperature is between 18° and 30°, generally very hot and a little rainy. Money : Euro Localization: Cyprus is an island in Mediterranean sea.At south of Turk and west of Syria. Political system: Cyprus is a Republic with a President since 1960.The name of the President is Mister Khristofias. In 1983 there was a claim of the Turk Republic for North Cyprus,but other countries of the world didn't accept.There are lots of wars between north and south because everybody wants the island. Capital city: The capital city is Nicosia. Main cities: The main cities are Nicosia, Limas sol, Larnaka and Famagusta. There are not many big towns because it's a small country. European union: Cyprus belongs to the European Union. Its date of entry in the European union is 2004. Money : Euro area: 9 251 km2 Geography: Two mountains ranges near Nicosie, Troodos and Olympus 1953m.This island is between tectonics plates Africa and Eurasia and these mountains are of volcano origin. Economy There are lots of big ports.Around island Paphos,Limassol and Larnaka. There are 19% with trees near mountains, but there are not many wild animals like wild sheep but now lots of migratory birds. The principal cultures are potatoes, grapes, lemons and cereals. The Cyprus people make breeding of pigs, donkeys, horses, sheep and they make cheese and yogurts. They fish sponges. Alexis G 4H FLAG

3 Among Serbian celebrities, we know Nikola Karabatic a handball player, Bojan Krki is a football player, Novak Đokovi is a tennis player, and Ana Koki is a singer and model. A famous dish of Serbia : moussaka. Political system: Democratic republic Name of head: Boris Tadic Capital city: Belgrad (« The white city ») Principal cities: Belgrad,Novi Sad and Niš Population: - Numbers: 10 200 000 inhabitants - Language: The Serbian - Composition: Serbes: (89.48%) Bosniaques: (2.48%) Roms:(1.45%) Albanians: (1.10%) Valaques: (0.73%) Montenegrins: (0.61%) Yugoslavs: (0.56%) Bulgarians: (0.34 %) Macedonians: (0.26%) Croats: (0.26%) Religions: Orthodox majority, Muslim and Catholic minorities. Serbia Flag Laura K. 4H European union: not yet Currency: The Dinar area: 88 621 square kilometers Geography: -Mountain: Djerovica Midzor Bratkov Peak -rivers: Danube, Sava and Tis -frontiers: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania

4 Malta Localisation: Cyprus is an island in Mediterranean sea.At south of Turk and west of Syria. Political system: republic Head of state: Mr Eddie Fenech Adami Capital city: The capital city Valetta Population : 391 400 Languages: Maltese, English European union: Cyprus belongs to the European Union. Its date of entry in the European union is 2004. Money : Euro area: 316 km2 Climate: a hot and dry climate. Malta is located in the middle of la Mediterranean Sea and is constituted by two islands (Malta and Gozo). Economy:Agriculture and tourism. FLAG National holiday: June 7th - June 29 th Cultural interbreeding which meets in music. Local gastronomy influenced by the Sicilian kitchen and the pastries of Maghreb. Culture and traditions: Cultural Interbreeding which meets in music. Local gastronomy influenced by the Sicilian kitchen and the pastries of Maghreb. HYMNE NATIONAL MALTAIS Lil din l-Art helwa, l-Omm li tatna isimha, Hares Mulej, kif dejjem Int harist; Ftakar li lilha bl-ohla dawl libbist. Aghti kbir Alla, id-deh’n lil min jahkimha; Rodd il-hniena lis-sid, sahha ’l-haddiem; Seddaq il-ghaqda fil-Maltin u s-sliem. À cette douce terre, la mère qui nous a donné son nom, Protège-la, seigneur, comme tu as toujours fait ; Rappelle-toi que tu l'as embellie avec la plus haute grâce. Accorde, mon Dieu, de la sagesse à ceux qui la gouvernent ; Rends l'indulgence aux maîtres, et la force aux travailleurs ; Assure l'unité entre les Maltais et la paix.

5 Denmark Population : 5 432 335 inhabitants language: Danish Composition: Danish Localization: Cyprus is an island in Mediterranean sea.At south of Turk and west of Syria. Political system: Parliamentary monarchy Name of head : Margrethe 2 Capital city: Copenhagen Main cities : Copenhagen, Arhus, Odense, Aalborg, Frederiksberg. European union: Denmark is in the European Union Currency : Euro area:.Total: 43 094 km 2.Water: 1,6 % Geography: Danemark hasn’t got any mountains and it has got 39 rivers.. Economy Kathleen 4e FLAG Something or someone famous: Hans Christian Andersen is famous for his tales. National anthem: Der er et yndigt land National celebrations: 5th June

6 Sweden Political system Constitutional Monarchy Name of Head:Charles XVI Geographic data Surface: 441 369 km2 landscape: mountains Akka, Scandinavian Alpes, helagsfjället, Kebnekaise,Tunturi rivers: vindel, lais Capital city :Stockholm Main cities: Malmö, Göteborg European Union:Yes ; date of entry:1995 Currency :Crown Population -number: 9 223 766 -language: Swedish -religions: Catholicism, Islam

7 Austria Austria is a Republic. The name of the head is Heinz Fischer. The capital of Austria is Vienna and the main cities of Austria are Vienne, Graz, Linz... Austria has been in the European Union since 1986. The currency in Austria is the euro. The surface in Austria is 83 858 km2. Austria is a country full of mountains, Its longest river is the Danube. The population in Austria is 8 292 322 inhabitants. In Austria they speak German. The religion in Austria is Catholicism. This is the map of Austria

8 ESTONIA Capital city: Tallinn. The main cities are: Tallinn (400 378 inhabitants), Tartu (101 169 inhabitants), Narva (74 572 inhabitants), Pärnu (51 927 inhabitants). Estonian crowns: Estonian euro Political system: Estonia has been a parliamentary democracy since the reestablishment of independence in 1991. The mandate of the president de la Republic is of 5 years. He is elected in the first turn of polls by Riigikogu (Parliament) if he acquires the majority of the two thirds, and in the second turn, if necessary by an electoral secondary school composed of the 101 deputies of the Riigikogu and a number of local elected representatives defined on every new election. His main principal task is to name the Prime minister who must acquire the trust of Riigikogu. area, geography and borders: with an area (45 227 km ²) Estonia is the most northern of Baltic countries, broadly opened on the West onthe Baltic Sea, in the north on the gulf of Finland (3 794 km of coasts), edged at the end of Russia (294 km border) and in the south la Latvia (frontier of 339 km). Estonia is a country of marshy low lands. Inundations regularly take place in spring. The country does not count permanent agrarian cultures. 48 % of the country are constituted of wood and forests, the taiga and 13 % of marshes with peat. Estonia counts also more than 1400 lakes. Estonia has a big number of lakes and about 150 rivers. Climax is Suur Munamagi, located in the Southeast ofthe country. European Union: Yes, The date of entry is on 1 may in 2004. Currency: The national currency is the Estonian crown (eesti kroon; international abbreviation EEK), introduced in June, 1992 with fixed parity against the German mark (1 DEM = 8 EEK), linked to the euro since 1999.

9 Population in 2004 1 351 000 inhabitants. Demography is marked by a sensitive loss of population since the end of 1990s with the departure of a party of the Soviet population, as in the other Baltic countries, but especially because of a very weak fecundity (1,37 child/woman in 2000). Jaan Kirsipuu: by Cassandra L, 4E Someone or something famous The cyclist Jaan Kirsipuu won a lot of stages of the Tour de France. In winter sports the Estonian athletes are very productive (1 gold medal, 1 of silver and 1 in bronze at Salt Lake City Olympic games in 2002 and 3 gold medals at the Olympic Games of Turin in 2006.) languages are part of the finno-ugric family which includes the same languages (linguistic Lapland). Estonia is wrongly called a Baltic country while the Estonians do not speak a Balt language and are not of Baltic culture. Religion: Estonia is a fennique country, as Finland or Karelia (Russia).

10 Portugal The area of Portugal is 35,645 square miles (92,345 km2). There are three importants rivers in Portugal: Mondego, Sado and Mira. The Atlantic Ocean borders the west coast of Portugal. There are 10 627 250 inhabitants in Portugal. The Portuguese practice the catholic religion. The national anthem of Portugal is “A Portuguesa”. Portugal is a country in the south-west of Europe and west of Spain. The capital city of Portugal is Lisbon and the official language is Portuguese. The inhabitants of Portugal have a president (Anîbal cavaco silva). Portugal entered the European Union in 1986 and its currency is the EURO. by RomainC., 4e

11 BELGIUM Its area is 30 528 km². In the North West there is Sea of North. There is the Ardennes too. There are 10, 5 millions inhabitants. The inhabitants are Flemish, Walloon, German and other so they speak Dutch, French and German. They practise the following religions : Catholicism, the Jewish religion and Protestantism. The flag of Belgium is black, yellow and red Belgium has a King so it’s a monarchy. The name of the King is Albert II. Albert II was born in 1934 and he has been a King since 1993. The capital of the Belgium is Brussels but there are the mains cities too: Antwerpen, Gent, Charleroi, Luik, Bruge, Namen. Belgium entered the European Union in 1957.

12 Ireland Capital city: Dublin - Mains Cities: Oxford, Cork and Galway -Geography: sea and plain Date of entry in E.U: 1937 Currency: Euro (€) Political system parliamentary democracy -Name of head: Mary McAleese Superficy: 70 200 km2 Population *number: 4 150 000 *Composition: *Languages: English, Gaelic *religion: Christianity Something or someone famous: St Patrick

13 ICELAND Sport is an important part of the Icelandic culture. The main traditional sport in Iceland is Glíma, a form of wrestling thought to have originated in medieval times. Popular sports are football, track and field, handball and basketball. Handball is often referred to as a national sport, Iceland's team is one of the top-ranked teams in the world and Icelandic women are surprisingly good at football relative to the size of the country, the national team ranked 19th by FIFA. Iceland has excellent conditions for ice and rock climbing, although mountain climbing and hiking is preferred by the general public. Iceland is also a world class destination for alpine ski touring and Telemark skiing with the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland being the center of activity. Iceland also has the most Strongman competition wins. Iceland is a representative democracy and a parliamentary republic. The current president is Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, but the head is the prime minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir. There are 319,442 inhabitants in Iceland. Iceland's official written and spoken language is icelandic, but English and Danish are widely spoken. The icelandic religions are divised as : 80.7% members of the National Church of Iceland. 6.2% members of unregistered religious organisations or with no specified religious affiliation. 4.9% members of the Free Lutheran Churches of Reykjavík and Hafnarfjörður. 2.8% not members of any religious group. 2.5% members of the Roman Catholic Church, which has a Diocese of Reykjavík The capital of Iceland is Reykjavík. The national currency is the Icelandic króna (ISK). The area of Iceland 101,826km². 62.7% is tundra. Lakes and glaciers cover 14.3%; only 23% is vegetated.

14 The political system of the United Kingdom The UK is a parliamentary monarchy, so there is a king or a queen. But the head of the country is a prime minister. The current prime minister is Gordon Brown. He has the support of the House Of Commons. The House Of Commons is equal to our Parliament. List of UK’s kings and queens since 1901: Edouard VII : 1901-1910 George V : 1910-1936 Edouard VIII : 1936 George VI : 1936-1952 Elisabeth II : 1952-... Nowadays, the Queen can give her opinion on some subjects, but she has no political power. She has mostly a historical role.

15 Population * 59 616 290 inhabitants * Language : Italian * Composition : ? Religions : crystianity Italy Political system : Republic Name of head : Giorgio Napolitano Capital city : Rome Main cities : 1: Rome, 2: Milan, 3: Naples European Union ? yes, date of entry : 25 March 1957 Currency : Euro Borders : France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia area : 301 230 km² Geography (mountains, rivers, …) : Mountains at middle (2500 m) and trays Something or someone famous : Pasta, Georgio Armani, Vatican, Ferrari (Enzo Ferrari)

16 SUISSE Langues officielles :allemand, français, italien, romanche. Capitale :Berne Plus grandes villes :Zurich, Genève, Bâle, Lausanne, Berne Superficie :Totale : 41 285 km²/France : 675 417km² Population - Totale (2009) : 7,739,100hab/France : 65 073 482hab. - Densité : 181,87 hab/km/France : 96,3hab./km² Monnaie :Franc suisse. Personne célèbre :Roger Federer,Alexander frei La Suisse est connu pour ses banques et ses montres(Rolex) La Suisse a un climat continental(grosse différence de climat en hiver et en été) car elle est en altitude. La Suisse est formée de 23 cantons(département) Pendant la 1 er et 2 ème guerre mondial la Suisse est réstée neutre.

17 La Croatie I ) Political system : Name of head : Presidential Republic Capital city : Zagreb Main cities : Split, Rijeka, Zadar, Osijek, Karlovac. European Union ? No Currency : Kuna II) Geografie : Superficy : 56 538 km 2 Border : Bosnia, Slovénia, Hugray, Serbia. Relief : Of plains, hills and lakes in the North of the country. Some monagneuses zones and the Adriatic Sea. III) Population : Number : 4 464 000 Composition : Croats (78 %), Serbs (12 %), Bosnians (0,90 %), Italians (0,44 %), Hungarian (0,37 %), Albanian (0,34 %), Slovenes (0,30 %). Religions : Catholics, Orthodoxes, Muslims, Greco-orthodox, Protestant. Language : Croat. IV) Somethings or someone famous : Famous personnality : Blanka Vlasic (She is champoinne of the world 2009 of the high jump) She borned on November 8th, 1983 in Split. Blanka Vlasic

18 FINLAND 1 ) His political system is republic. Her capital is HELSINKI. The name of the president is Tarja HALONEN, she is a woman. Mains cities, there are Oulu and Rovaniemi and Turku. She enter’s in the EU in 1995. The currency is Euro. 2) Her superficy is of 338 145 km2. She has got lots of mountains(the Mont Halti of 1328 metre )and lots of rivers(Saimaa). 3) Her population is of 5 279 228 peoples. The religion is protestant. The language is Finnish and the Swedish. 4) People famous : - Matti VANHANEN the first minister: - Renny HARLIN the director and productorRenny HARLIN -Jean SIBELIUS is a musician.

19 The Czech Republic système politique : république parlementaire président : Václav Klaus capitale : Prague villes importantes : Prague, Plzen, Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava date d’entrée dans l’UE : 2004 monnaie : Couronne Tchèque superficie : 78 864 km2 géographie : montagnes nombre d’habitants : 10 260 000 habitants (2008) composition : Tchèques 90,4% ; Moraves 3,7% ; Slovaques 1,9% ; Autres 4% langues : Tchèque et langues Slaves religions : Catholiques Romains 25% ; Catholiques Orthodoxes et Protestants 15% ; aucune religion 60% personnages célèbres : Franz Kafka (écrivain), Vaclav Havel (homme politique), Antonin Dvorak (compositeur) sites :

20 UKRAINE population : - number : 46 200 000 residents - composition : Ukrainian, Russian - language : Ukrainian religions : Ukrainian Orthodox 50,4% Ukrainian Catholic 8% Protestant 2,2% Other 3,2% famous people : - Ivan Hryhorovych is a Ukrainian architect in the XVIII century. - Andriy Shevchenko is a Ukrainian footballer. - Andy Warhol is a Ukrainian artist. borders : Romania, Russian, Belorussia, Poland, Moldavia area 603 700 km2 geography : Black Sea, Carpathian mountains, Danube European union : no political system : democracy name of head : Viktor Yushchenko capital city : Kiev -main cities : Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa

21 The capital city is Riga. There is a president, His name is Valdis Zatlers. The main cities are Riga ( capital city ), Cesis and Daugavpils. The area is 64 000 km ². There are lots of lakes and beaches. The longest river in Lettonia is the Daugava. There are 2 245 423 million people, There are Russians and Latvians. They speak usually the Lettvian. People are Christians and muslims. It's a « Freedom Monument ». It's in Riga ( capital city ). Letonia The Flag of Lettonia. Lettonie is in the European Union, it joined it in 2004. Their currency is the last

22 Political system : federal republic Chancelor's name : Angela Merkel. Capital city : Berlin main cities : Hambourg, Munich, Francfort … Date of entry in the EU: 1951 1.Superficy : 347 046 km ² Population : 82 046 000 d ’ habitants landscape : Le Nord est occup é par une plaine aux paysages monotones, le centre par des montagnes d'altitudes peu é lev é es, le sud par un bassin et par le massif alpin. Le pays est bord é au Nord- ouest par la mer du Nord et au Nord-est par la mer Baltique. Langues : Allemand, Anglais, Su é dois, N é erlandais.mer du Nordmer Baltique 2.C é l é brit é s : Karl Lagerfield, Albert Einsten, Ayo, Micka ë l Shumacher Juliette Lucas. 4 è me F Germany Juliette L., 4ème F

23 The Czech Republic * political system : parliamentary republic *name of head : V á clav Klaus *capital city : Prague *main cities : Prague, Plzen, Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava *date of entry in European Union : 2004 *currency : Czech Crown *area : 78 864 km 2 *geography : mountains *number of inhabitants : 10 260 000 inhabitants (2008) *composition : Czechs 90,4% ; Moraves 3,7% ; Slovaques 1,9% ; Other 4% *languages : Czech and Slavs languages *religions : Romans Catholics 25% ; Orthodox Catholics and Protestants 15% ; no religion 60% *famous people : Franz Kafka (writer), Vaclav Havel (politician), Antonin Dvorak (composer) * syst è me politique : r é publique parlementaire *pr é sident : V á clav Klaus *capitale : Prague *villes importantes : Prague, Plzen, Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava *date d ’ entr é e dans l ’ UE : 2004 *monnaie : Couronne Tch è que *superficie : 78 864 km 2 *g é ographie : montagnes *nombre d ’ habitants : 10 260 000 habitants (2008) *composition : Tch è ques 90,4% ; Moraves 3,7% ; Slovaques 1,9% ; Autres 4% *langues : Tch è que et langues Slaves *religions : Catholiques Romains 25% ; Catholiques Orthodoxes et Protestants 15% ; aucune religion 60% *personnages c é l è bres : Franz Kafka ( é crivain), Vaclav Havel (homme politique), Antonin Dvorak (compositeur) sites : The Czech Republic

24 Montenegro In blue, they is the borders of Montenegro(map) The President is Filip Vujanović. The currency is the euro. The capital is Podgorica The surface of the country is of thirteen miles eight hundreds and twelve kilometers. The population (in 2008) with total is six hundred seventy-eight miles hundred seventy-seven people.There is forty-four people square kilometer. This country doesn't in European union. The spoken language in Montenegro is the alternative iékavienne the Serbie one. The freedom fighters Montenegrins insist to call it Montenegrin. There are not many big cities.There are three all the same city which is rather important:Kotor and Niksic and Cetinje.Montenegro is independent since June three of 2006. There are several kinds of people in Montenegro, there is lesmonténégrin, the Serb ones, Albanian, the Bosnians and Croatian. There is a wall of mountain,Montenegro has some natural cavities and there are plains. There are three religions important: there are orthodoxe Christians, the catholic Christians And Moslems. Montenegro is a parliamentary republic, where the First Minister is the President of the country. Here two famous people of Montenegro: there are Mirko Vucinic, football player and there is Michel of Montenegro, he announce the new Royaume of Montenegro. Here it is Mirko Vucinic

25 Political system : République parlementaire Name of head : Lech Kaczynski Capital city : Varsovie Main cities : Cracovie, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk. Currendy : Zloty Superficy : 312 685 km² Geographie (mountains, rivers ) : Plus de 10 000 lacs de plus d’un hectare. 21 montagnes de plus de 2000 mètres. Et 1 désert de 32 km². Population : 38,12 millions Language : Polonais Densité : 123,5 hab. par km² Religions : Christianisme Something or someone famous : Wojcioch Kilar, compositeur. Skolimowska Kamila, championne olympique du lancer de marteau. Agnieszka Rylik, championne de boxe. Poland European Union : Entry in E.U. in 2004

26 Political system : / Name of head :Jos é Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Capital city: Madrid. Main cities: Madrid, Barcelone, Valence, Seville, Malaga. European Union :1986 Currency : Euro Superficy : 505 997 Km ² Geography : Spain occupies the greater part of the Iberian peninsula it shares with Portugal. major mountain system is the mountain chain elongated and narrow; Several rivers across Spain,there are and there are many reliefs. Population : -45.85 millions hab -92.43 hab/km ² - Spanish Religions : 80% Catholic, 17% Atheists, 3% other religions. Justine Legrand Section Europ é enne 4D Spain

27 Romania

28 Switzerland

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