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Putting it all together… 13 Weeks of HJ/LJ/TJ Planning out a Championship Season.

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1 Putting it all together… 13 Weeks of HJ/LJ/TJ Planning out a Championship Season

2 Prelude/Disclaimer While this presentation is based on a thirteen week training program for the typical high school season, I will also address concepts/themes that can be done prior to the thirteen weeks to prepare the athlete and thereby enable success during the season. Anyone who thinks that the road to the award stand starts on the first day of practice is going to be watching someone else stand on it. In programs that are consistently successful nothing within their training happens by accident, but rather by design. Although a well conceived program effectively improves performance, those outcomes can not continue indefinitely. Eventually the physical adaptations will occur less frequently and in time cease causing the athlete to plateau or decrease, increase the risk of injury and other symptoms of over-training. To promote long-term training (increased training age) and progress, a systematic sequence should be in place including variations in specificity, intensity and volume. This should be organized into planned periods or cycles within an overall program. The following will attempt to provide an outline that can be one of many starting points for your own program. In the end it is your program. Make your own luck!

3 “Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible” -St. Francis of Assisi GENERAL THOUGHTS/PROGRAM GOALS: Over the years I have done many different things many different ways and while there has been some success you must be consistent while being willing to adapt and adjust. More importantly your kids have to buy into and truly believe in the system you have in place. It is common knowledge among my athletes that the road to the award stand comes from working hard and SMART! Use this information as ONE point of many references when setting up your own program. Have a Plan! Work Backwards! Insist on diligence and accountability – No Excuses If it looks right, it fly’s right. Before you can exert force you must first be able to absorb force. Involve Everyone. This years dud may be next years stud. Availability (practice hours) – There is a time for everyone’s schedule. No free rides. Record keeping (very important), Testing. Train for power/speed in all cycles, just change emphasis. Get as many athletes in a weight training class as possible. Don’t be afraid to give them the day off. Rest is crucial! Education!

4 Periodization Short Cuts Periodization Terminology: Unit Specific portion of a workout. Session Considered an individual “Workout”. Combination of 4-6 units to reach a specific objective for that session. Microcycle Grouping of Sessions working off each other. Usually 1-2 weeks in length. Understanding volume, intensity, and rest very important here. Mesocycle Group of Microcycles for a specific objective. Usually 3-6 weeks long. Very important. Changes in performance can be seen over specific Mesocycles. Phase Collection of Mesocycles for a specific objective. 5 basic phases General Preparation ¼ to ½ of Macrocycle Specific Preparation¼ to 1/3 of Macrocycle Pre-Competition1/6 to ¼ of Macrocycle Main Competition3-7 weeks Specific (Special) Competition2-3 weeks Period Phases grouped together for one objective. 3 typical periods in one Macrocycle Preparation Competition Transition (2-6 weeks) Macrocycle Longest part of the training year. Considered one year. Contains 3 periods

5 “Those who are enamored of training without science are like a pilot who goes to a ship without a rudder or compass and never has any certainty to where he is going.” -Leonardo Da Vinci TRACK – MACROCYCLE (weights only) PeriodPhase LengthWeeksEmphasis PreparationGeneral PrepJuly 6 – Oct. 3017 weeksAA/MxS/P PreparationSpecific PrepNov. 2 – Feb. 2617 weeksP/MxS/Con. P CompetitionPre-CompetitionMarch 1 – April 25 weeksMxS/Power CompetitionMain CompetitionApril 5 – April 304 weeksPower/Mxs CompetitionSpecial CompetitionMay 3 – May 294 weeksP. Maint./Ces. TransitionTransitionMay 31 – July 25 weeksRec./Active TRACK / IN-SEASON (weights only) PeriodPhaseLengthWeeksEmphasis PreparationGeneral PrepMarch 1 – April 25 weeksAA/MxS PreparationSpecific PrepApril 5 – April 17 2 weeksPower/MxS CompetitionMain CompetitionApril 19 – May 73 weeksPower CompetitionSpecial CompetitionMay 10 – May 293 weeksP. Maint./Ces.

6 Technique Training Competition Prep And Event Conditioning Lay out a progressive technique training plan that covers the entire length of your season before the start of the season. Don’t underestimate general prep and overestimate technique training. The training plan should be grounded in motor development and learning technical mastery of the basic skills of the event. Adjust training intensities daily, placing harder more intense workouts 48- 72 hours away from competition. Be realistic about training expectations, beginner vs. experienced (relative term) athletes and make practice adjustments for the different skill levels you are working with. (all athletes will respond with differing degrees of training adaptation.)

7 Typical General Prep Micro (week)


9 Typical Main Comp. Micro (week)

10 Closing Thoughts -Extra Handouts -Summary -Q&A Thank you for your time and patience. This is only a starting point. Best of luck in your upcoming season! Chris Mattingly 425-343-5835

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