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By Noelia And Stephane  A- acts B-British army C- Cornwallis D- Declaration of independence E- England F- French and Indian war G- Green mountain boys.

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2 By Noelia And Stephane

3  A- acts B-British army C- Cornwallis D- Declaration of independence E- England F- French and Indian war G- Green mountain boys H- henry I- Indian J- john Hancock k- king George III L- Loyalist M-Minute men

4 N- no taxation without representation O - Opiates P- patriots Q- Quebec R- Revolution S- second continental congress T-thirteen colonies U- united V- valley forge W- Washington X- Xavier cathedral Y - York town Z zeal

5 A IS FOR ACTS  After the British had victory against the French In the French and Indian war, they were in tons of debt! After the War they owned they land, so they taxed the people Who lived there. The British taxed on sugar, molasses, Pamphlets, paper, stamps, tea, cards, goods, newspaper, ink, and much more! This angered the colonist a lot.

6 B IS FOR BRITISH ARMY  The British army was full of well trained Professional paid soldiers (full time job), that Was the best military in the world. Their equipment Was top class and ready to go. Not just that but they Had thousands of troops! However, the British did Have disadvantages, like their bright red coats which Stood out battle. Also, they marched while they were in battle.

7 C IS FOR CORNWALLIS  C Marls Cornwallis was a British general. He was in charge of the Battle of Yorktown, Virginia. He was defeated by general George Washington partially because of of James Armistead a Fake American spy.

8 D IS FOR DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE  In the morning of July 4, 1776, the Declaration Of Independence was written on a parchment. It Was split into 3 parts the introduction, the preamble, Then the grievances. In all, it was an important document wanting Independence for Britain.

9  The country who was at war with the thirteen Colonies. It was ruled by selfish ruler, King George III. England was the place that most loyalist were Eager to live in out of all the thirteen colonies. The British uniforms were bight to red, easy to notice in battle. This country was over confident and proud.

10 F IS FOR FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR  The French and Indian war was long and cold Time Time when people fought. The war lasted 7 years, It was a war between The Weak British and the powerful French. The French was doing well until……. The British captured Quebec which made them win the war! The positive news for the British was that they gained tons of land, but the also were in a lot of debt. So I guess that the English had a positive and negative thing about the war.

11 G IS FOR GREEN MOUNTAIN BOYS  The green mountain boys were a militia organization First establish In the 1760’s. they were also known as new Hampshire giants (because they were located at new Hampshire). They served in the revolutionary war, they captured fort Ticonderoga (a British fort) on Champlain lake on may 10 th 1775. this was a big help during the war.

12 H IS FOR PATRICK HENRY  Patrick henry was an attorney, planter and Politian who had a strong feeling for independence. He is famos for a wonderful speech that included a quote “ give me liberty, or give me death!”. Out of all the people in the war, I think that Patrick Henry was the one that cared about independence, he stood up for what he believed in!

13 I IS FOR INDIANS  The Indians were a very big help for the Patriots during the revolutionary war. The Indians taught them that during the battle Instead of standing in the middle of nowhere Seen, you could hide behind objects. They Call it “Indian tactics”. “if there were no Indians, Who knows what would happen.

14 J IS FOR JOHN HANCOCK  John Hancock was a merchant, statesman, and prominent patriot during the revolutionary war. He served as president of second continental congress, as well as being governor of Massachusetts. He signed the Declaration of independence in fairly large and stylish letters. Before the war, Hancock was one of the wealthiest man in the 13 colonies. He was a man the world will never forget.

15 K IS FOR KING GEORGE III  In 1760, King George III took the throne of England. He became more and more powerful while owning the 13 colonies and Great Britain at the same time. Many of the colonists thought he was unfair and a cruel leader (partially because of the unaffordable acts). Soon enough, it led to war and Britain lost which gave the colonists independence.

16 L IS FOR LOYALIST  A Loyalist was a colonist who lived in the 13 colonies and opposed for independence and wanted the colonies to remain under British control. They were the people who agreed with King George III. Apparently, many of them were very wealthy.

17 M IS FOR MINUTE MEN  A patriot who volunteered to fight the British during the Revolutionary war. They were paid and trained to be ready in a minutes notice. Many of these people started out as poor farmers and only had hunting experience. These men were brave, and very risk taking.

18 N IS FOR NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION  “No taxation without representation” was a quote written by Thomas Pain in his pamphlet “common sense”. It was a slogan that was summarized a primary grievance of the British colonist in the Thirteen colonies, which was one of the major causes of the American revolution. In short, many in those colonies believed that as they were not directly represented in the distant British parliament, any laws it passed taxing the colonists (such as the Sugar act and the Stamp act) were illegal under the Bill right of 1689, and were a denial of their rights as English men

19 O IS FOR OPPOSITES  The British and the Colonist were very different. One way they were different is that they had different clothes and weapons. Another thing is hat the British were rich, and the colonist were not because they gave all their money to the British. In many ways the British and Colonist Had Opposites.

20 P IS FOR PATRIOT  Patriots where those who wanted to break away from Great Britain. They wanted independence, they did all these things to get independence from Great Britain, but by doing these things, they got punished or even killed! But in the end everyone was happy, so it was all worth the risk.

21 Q IS FOR QUEBEC  Quebec was a big part of the French and Indian war, it helped the British a lot. At first British lost many battles from the French but after a long while, in 1759 they captured the city of Quebec and won the war! Quebec was a big advantage for the British

22 R IS FOR REVOLUTION  A revolution is a fundamental change in power or organizational structure. But in this case it is a war of the colonist (fighting for independence) VS. British (fighting to still have control over the colonist). Otherwise, it is an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed

23  On may 10 th, 1775, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania soon after the revolutionary war begun the second continental congress was in business. It was a convention of delegates from the 13 colonies (except Georgia). John Hancock was president of the continental congress. This was a meeting that changed history of America. S IS FOR SECOND CONTINENTAL CONGRESS

24 T IS FOR THIRTEEN COLONIES  The thirteen colonies were in the British colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America. These colonies were discovered between 1607 and 1733. although in the year 1776 (year of the declared independence) the colonist declared independence from Britain to form the united states of America.

25 U IS FOR UNITED  After we won independence from the war, we became united, (united states of America) which means we because one. Now we are all together, now we all have the same thought, not no independence or independence, but now we are thinking of how being free is great. Now we are all tighter.

26 V IS FOR VALLEY FORGE  Valley Forge, Pennsylvania was a military camp for the American continental army over the viscous winter of 1777-1778 of course the American revolution. There was a hardcore battle held at that area as well.

27 W IS FOR WASHINGTON  General George Washington was the general of the continental army. He was born in1732 in Virginia. General Washington fought in battles such as new york city, valley forge, and Yorktown. During this he signed the declaration of independence. After he helped make united starts of America, he became the first president of the U.S.A. Sadly, he died in 1799 on mount venom, although he did live a good life.

28 X IS FOR XAVIER CATHEDRAL  Xavier Cathedral was a church establish by the Jesuits 1732. the present church was built in 1826. this church was very popular during the revolutionary war.

29 Y IS FOR YORKTOWN  In the year 1781, the last battle of the war was in action. The location was Yorktown, Virginia. What General Washington did was make siege to trap the British with the help of the finch fleet. After the victory of the battle, the colonist won the whole war.

30 Z IS FOR ZEAL  During the long, difficult, and hard war, the patriots had a feeling. They felt zeal. Zeal means the eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something. The patriots were zeal of winning the revolutionary war which would lead them to independence. They did!

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