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Presented by: Conyers Nelson Computer Science Ysidro Alfaro Electrical Engineering MESA Program, San Diego City College November 2012 MIXING and FLOW CONTROL.

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1 Presented by: Conyers Nelson Computer Science Ysidro Alfaro Electrical Engineering MESA Program, San Diego City College November 2012 MIXING and FLOW CONTROL in HIGH-SPEED COMBUSTORS

2  1 week “train-the-trainer” academy for understanding “what is research?”  Hosted at San Diego State University – July 2012  Led by 3 graduate research students  20 MESA student participants (10 each from City College and Southwestern College)  Trained on research process  Learned about available research opportunities  Conducted 3-day “investigative shadow” in teams  Funded by California Space Grant Consortium BACKGROUND


4 Research is an investigation of an idea using a scientific, engineering, or research method. RESEARCH ACTUALLY IS …

5 Scientific MethodEngineering MethodResearch Method State your questionDefine the problemIdentify and develop your topic Do background research Literature Survey Formulate your hypothesisSpecify requirementsSet goals Design experiment, establish procedure Create multiple solutions and choose the best one Theoretical Methods Test your hypothesisBuild prototypeExperimental Methods Analyze your results and draw conclusions Test and redesign as neededData analysis and interpretation Communicate results

6 Mix Flow Control in High Speed Combustors 1 - IDENTIFY AND DEVELOP YOUR TOPIC

7 Finding definition of concepts  Mach and Froude numbers Mach number is the speed of velocity/speed of sound Froude number is the velocity of water/speed of the gravity of the wave  Shallow water Theory: Analogy between shallow water and compressible gas  Hydraulic jump Supercritical and Subcritical (Fast moving) (slow moving) 2 - LITERATURE SURVEY

8 Supercritical and Subcritical HYDRAULIC JUMP

9  Discover how objects act in shallow water  Find the correlation between Froude number and Mach number  Help engineers who test wings Fuel efficiency of an aircraft The wing expansion The shape of the noise of the plane 3 - SET GOALS

10 Shallow water theory analogy: This is the analogy between shallow water and compressible gasses. Note: The water is an substitute for compressible gas By using water it saves time. Conducting this same experiment using a wind tunnel it would take ½ of a day. Water is cost efficient and take only 10 minutes. 4 - THEORETICAL METHOD




14  Design Was created by Daniel Nelson, a graduate student at SDSU, studying fluid mechanics  Get the pieces The projected was awarded a $1,200 grant to purchase materials.  Build MANUFACTURING

15 Engineering Computer Program SOLIDWORKS




19 Scholarships for Undergraduate Student Participation in Computational Science and Engineering Research Program Available to assist academically talented, financially needy students to explore opportunities for computational modeling and simulation research in science and engineering disciplines. Funded by National Science Foundation. SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY (SDSU)

20 Minority Access to Research CareersMinority Access to Research Careers (MARC) The Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Honors Undergraduate Research Training Program was recently awarded to San Diego State University from the National Institutes of Health. Students who are selected as trainees can receive three-quarter tuition and a monthly stipend of $913 Contact: Thelma ChavezThelma Chavez SDSU (CONTINUED)

21 Minority Biomedical Research SupportMinority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) Is an intensive undergraduate research training program which prepares students for direct entry into STEM  Year-round financial assistance for your research development. Undergraduates are paid 15 hours/week during the academic semesters, and up to 30-40 hours/week over the summer (depending on the budget)  Year round research and academic mentoring  Connection to graduate program and other research opportunities Contact: Michelle LopezMichelle Lopez SDSU (CONTINUED)

22 McNair Scholars Program  In 1976, at the age of 26, he earned his Ph.D. in laser physics  Ronald E. McNair was the second African American to fly in space.  He was killed instantly when the Challenger exploded one minute, thirteen seconds after it was launched.  Program is an innovative program that prepares talented students in the pursuit of doctoral study and careers in higher education. Contact: Veronica BejarVeronica Bejar SDSU (CONTINUED)

23  AMGEN Scholars Program The program supports summer research for thirty undergraduates majoring in fields related to biotechnology, including: microbiology, bioengineering, biochemistry, neuroscience, and molecular genetics. AMGEN Scholars Program  Faculty Mentor Program The Faculty Mentor Program offers research experience to all junior or seniors who have the desire to prepare for graduate or professional school. Faculty Mentor Program UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO (UCSD)

24  CAMP Science Program The UCSD California Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP) in Science, Engineering and Mathematics program provides support and advancement opportunities to ethnically underrepresented (African American, Mexican American, Latino, American Indian, Alaskan Native, or Native Pacific Islander) students who are seeking bachelor's degrees in chemistry, physics, cognitive science, biology, other sciences, mathematics, engineering and technology. CAMP Science Program  Health & Medical Professions Preparation Program The UCSD Health and Medical Professions Preparation Program (HMP3) provides undergraduates with enriching experiences that will enhance their preparation for admission into professional school in the medical and other health professions. Health & Medical Professions Preparation Program  McNair Program The McNair Program provides low-income, first-generation college students, and students from groups underrepresented in graduate education, with effective preparation for doctoral study. McNair Program UCSD (CONTINUED)

25  MARC Scholars Program The Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program is designed to train and prepare highly qualified underrepresented minority undergraduate students in the biosciences for entry into graduate school. MARC Scholars Program  Summer Research Program The UCSD Summer Research Program is an eight-week, full- time research experience for undergraduates. Summer Research Program  UCSD Undergraduate Research Conference Held each May, the UCSD Annual Undergraduate Research Conference recognizes outstanding scholarly work produced by UCSD undergraduates. UCSD Undergraduate Research Conference  UCSD Undergraduate Research Scholarship All UCSD undergraduates in any major are eligible to apply. UCSD Undergraduate Research Scholarship UCSD (CONTINUED)

26  Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) provides funds to USD undergraduates to conduct summer research with a USD faculty mentor. Summer Undergraduate Research Experience  Pre-Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE) offers summer research opportunities to San Diego high school students who will begin classes at USD in the fall and who may be the first in their families to pursue a college education. Pre-Undergraduate Research Experience  Honors Program offers a four-year interdisciplinary curriculum integrated with a student's major and engages the students in sustained independent work through original research projects as a focus of a senior independent study project. Honors Program UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO (USD)

27  Community Service-Learning offers course-based service-learning courses that incorporate community partnerships which can also include research and internship opportunities. Community Service-Learning  McNair Scholars are partnered with faculty mentors in their discipline, formulate a research plan, and receive stipends to support their research projects. McNair Scholars  Hayes Scholarship/Fellowship provides funding to support research in the sciences. Hayes Scholarship/Fellowship  Independent study allows students to conduct research on a topic of interest by enrolling in an independent study course. In addition, research can be conducted as part of an international study course Independent study USD (CONTINUED)


29  Research Process (PowerPoint) Research Process  The Craft of Research (Text) The Craft of Research  How to Give a Research Presentation (PowerPoint) How to Give a Research Presentation  Training Handout (PDF) Training Handout  Error Analysis (PDF) Error Analysis  Tips for Charts and Graphs (PDF) Tips for Charts and Graphs  Presentation Rubric (PDF) Presentation Rubric  Did you ask a good question today?" (PDF) Did you ask a good question today For more information, visit MESA Program website: (see “Announcements”) AVAILABLE RESEARCH ACADEMY TRAINING MATERIALS



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