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Scioto Properties Proposal “The SMART Choice” Presented to: The Mentor Network November 8, 2013.

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1 Scioto Properties Proposal “The SMART Choice” Presented to: The Mentor Network November 8, 2013

2 What you may not know about Scioto… We are a national provider of housing and real estate solutions for people with disabilities. Scioto partners with over 55 organizations in 33 states across the United States; managing over 700 homes; and providing housing to over 2400 people with disabilities. We pride ourselves in working collaboratively with providers, state agencies, consumers, advocates and housing agencies to find the right housing and real estate solutions for people with disabilities Founded in 1999 by senior executives with long-term experience in the I/DD industry, and staffed by employees with firsthand experience in the I/DD and real estate industries

3 How Scioto and Mentor currently partner together… Scioto provides more than 200 homes for Mentor in 20 states including all 17 states in the Mentor real estate portfolio.

4 Scioto and Mentor: A Valuable Partnership For the past thirteen years, Scioto has partnered with The Mentor Network on over 200 homes in 20 states; serving over 700 individuals with disabilities. Providing value-added services, including operations, repairs, maintenance, and overall project coordination so Mentor can focus on its core business. Reducing real estate debt on Mentor’s balance sheet. Assisting with replacement homes, which provides operational flexibility that is essential in this industry. Supporting Mentor with state downsizing, regulatory requirements and Olmstead compliance efforts. Providing special reporting and real estate analysis per requests.

5 Putting forth a variety of lease structures customized to meet Mentor and resident needs and specifications. Coordinating and paying for all due diligence associated with property acquisitions; no out of pocket due diligence costs. Saving additional provider capital as there are no up front fees or commissions paid to Scioto; the only payments made to Scioto are monthly rent payments Providing design/build choices tailored specifically to fit needs of Mentor and the residents they support. How Scioto Adds Value for Mentor

6 Examples of Our Partnership Valuations for acquisitions: Missouri, Minnesota, Indiana, California, Kentucky and South Carolina. Scioto has referred several successful acquisitions to Mentor over our thirteen year partnership. Construction project/oversight with no development fees. Coordination of repairs for modified leases in the areas of Mentor’s choosing, i.e. Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, insurance claim coordination for flooding, Ohio driveway repairs, etc. Work to contest taxes where needed, i.e. Indiana. Coordination of HOA, neighborhood relations, and other fair housing solutions with Mentor’s local operations and also corporate legal. Scioto currently pays HOA dues and bills them back, saving Mentor administrative time and cost. Scioto has provided $43,000,000 in capital to support Mentor’s growth goals. Flexibility on portfolio substitution and rent abatement in Florida, Maryland, Indiana, Oklahoma, NJ, etc. Analysis on construction and real estate market (Indiana) Examples of Our Partnership

7 The SMART Choice S Services that will further enhance our thirteen year partnership M Money at the appropriate finance levels A Alignment - our growth goals are similar to Mentor’s long-term goals R Relationships and partnership we have cultivated over the years T Team - a dedicated team of qualified resources serving the Mentor account Why We Know We Have The SMART Choice…Take a quick listen (length 1’:30”) Link to video clip

8 ServiceCAP Grow Institutional Investor Scioto $ CapacityXX Property Location ServicesXX Tax Escrow CapabilityX HOA CoordinationX Neighbor Relations/PR CoordinationX Insurance Claims ManagementX Portfolio Substitution FlexibilityX Direct Industry Knowledge & ExperienceX Team Readiness/CapabilitiesX Coordinate Large Acquisition Due DiligenceXX Proven History of Excellent Customer ServiceX Scioto is the SMARTER Choice

9 Providing ID/DD Housing and Real Estate Solutions Contact: Tim Vogel, CEO 614-889-5191 (Office) 5940 Wilcox Place Suite A Dublin, OH 43016 For questions and further information:

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