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Seeds of Revolution Carson, Kylie, Regan and Jathniel.

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1 Seeds of Revolution Carson, Kylie, Regan and Jathniel

2 Britain’s colonies The 13 colonies began to develop their own ideas and ways of thinking separate from Great Britain.

3 The French and Indian war Britain declared war on France in 1756 in the Ohio River Valley. Britain won the war and treaty of Paris saved the land.

4 Taxation without Representation In 1764,just a year after the treaty of Paris Britain’s parliament passed the Sugar Act which taxed Spanish and French molasses and sugar bought by colonists. Colonists’ fury led to cries of “No taxation without representation.” In October 1765, nine colonies out of thirteen sent representatives to New York to take part in the Stamp Act Congress.

5 Large numbers of British soldiers had lived fairly and peacefully in Boston after the French and Indian war Acts of Frustration & Retaliation

6 The war began In Boston general Thomas Gage, the commander of the British troops became alarmed when he heard reports of Colonists’ weapons stored at Concord, about 20 miles west of Boston. A patriot doctor, Samuel Prescott, found out about Gage’s plans and warned the militia that the British were coming. The Revolutionary war had begun.

7 The second Continental Congress Over 200 years ago America was a collection of thirteen colonies. On May 10,1775,the second Continental met at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Washington’s job as commander of the Continental Army wasn’t going to be easy.

8 The Patriots take Ticonderoga On the same day the second Continental Congress met, the Colonists’ soldiers scored a victory over the British at Fort to Ticonderoga. The congress asked the Green Mountain boys to capture the British fort on Lake Champlain in New York.

9 Bunker Hill and Breeds Hill After the battle of Lexington, in which the shot heard round the world started the British solder, led by Major John Pitcairm, had retreated to Boston Finally after the Americans ran out of gun powder in had to retreat, the British captured Breeds Hill and Bunker Hill. General George Washington’s troops held the British captive in Boston for nearly a year.

10 Declaring Independence Patriot Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet common sense, in witch he declared independence to be the only correct choice for the colonists. In June 1776 the Continental congress selected a committee to wright a statement about the colonists’ right to be self-governing once passed by of thirteen colonies the

11 The articles of Confederation In 1777, delegates appointed by each state to the Second Continental Congress agreed to send the new plan for government to the states for review. The Articles of Confederation gave the federal government of the US no authority and no freedom to act. It would take several years after its approved

12 Money Problems Once the Revolutionary War was over and the Treaty of Paris signed, there were terrible money troubles for the United States. The nation owed more than 76 million to foreign countries individual Americans, and state banks. In Massachusetts, money problems at home inspired a rebellion

13 Constitutional Convention To solve the many problems of the United states, fifty five men arrived in Philadelphia. The goal of the meeting was to change the articles Confederation to make the federal government stronger. Twelve of the thirteen states sent delegates.

14 Arguments of land Another problem faced the new country-what to do with the enormous lands the United States gained after winning the Revolutionary war. The land Ordinance and the northwest Ordinance set the stage for a huge movement of settlers westward in the early 1800s. The outlook for the new nation had turned from the grimness of the future.

15 The Louisiana Purchase With all this prosperity and expansion leaders of the United States making plans. Bonaparte had some major in a war in Europe, and he needed troops and money. The purchase added 800,000 square miles in 200,000 people to the United Sates.

16 Exploration and war In May 1804 President Thomas Jeff erson sent two army officers-Meri

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