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AMSCO Chapter 2: The Thirteen Colonies and the British Empire

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1 AMSCO Chapter 2: The Thirteen Colonies and the British Empire
Emily Stearns

2 Background When was the English Civil War?
Rule on colonies was stricter before English Civil War 1607: Jamestown settled as a royal colony 1629: Massachusetts Bay Colony also settled as a royal colony Focus was on new source of British income: the colonies

3 Argument As England focused more on their civil war, colonists became more accustomed to the new land and began to find their voice, resulting in the beginning stages of colonial independence from English rule.

4 Economic Independence
Overproduction of tobacco in Chesapeake colonies England did nothing to help colonists 1676: Bacon’s Rebellion- colonists resented the royal governor’s policies favoring large planters Beginning of colonial resistance to royal control

5 Social Independence Religious persecution in some royal colonies led to other colonies that encouraged religious freedom- different policies than in England 1636: RI founded with complete religious tolerance Halfway covenant: Puritans realized they were losing followers because of religious persecution

6 Social Independence 1643: New England Confederation unified to fight off Native American attacks England was too busy with their civil war to help First time colonists unified against a common force : NE Confederation fought King Philip’s War together

7 Political Independence
Fundamental Orders of CT: created representative government with popular vote Founder of NY, James II practiced taxation without representation and angered the people Frame of Government PA: established representative assemblies

8 Political Independence
Acts of Trade and Navigation ( ) Had some positive effects like prospering industries More negative effects: not paid much for crops, England raised price of their manufactured goods Highly resented by the colonists

9 Effects of English Civil War
Could not enforce laws as carefully Governors of colonies usually lived in England and practiced taxation without representation because they were more focused on the civil war



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