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Thirteen Colonies.

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1 Thirteen Colonies

2 New England Colonies 1. Massachusetts 1620 2. Connecticut 1635
3. Rhode Island 1636 4. New Hampshire 1638


4 Reasons settled 1. Religious freedom 2. Trade

5 Climate Bitter cold winters Short growing seasons

6 Soil Hard, rocky soil Subsistence Farming: farmers can barely grow enough crops to feed their families.

7 Major Products to make $
1.Industry 2. Shipbuilding 3. Fishing/Whaling

8 Famous People/Events Pilgrims William Bradford Thanksgiving
Puritans wanted to change from the Church of England


10 Details Mayflower Compact 1620-signed by Pilgrims- promised to follow laws and rules for good of the colony. Basis for our government. Salem Witch Trials 1692

11 Middle Colonies 1. New York 1620 2.Delaware 1628 3. New Jersey 1638
4. Pennsylvania 1682

12 Reasons settled 1. Business profit & trade 2. Religious reasons

13 Climate Cold winters Average growing seasons

14 Soil Rocky coastline but some rolling green hills

15 Major products Small farms Grain, cattle

16 Famous People/Events *William Penn (Pennsylvania) established the Quaker religion based on toleration and abolishing slavery

17 Details *William Penn established Pennsylvania as a “Holy Experiment”
He sais “any government is free to the people under it where the laws rule (and the people have decided on those laws!” New York was originally a Dutch colony until the British took it away. 1st diverse colony in New World


19 Southern Colonies 1. Virginia 1607 Jamestown 2. Maryland 1634
3/4. North/South Carolina 5. Georgia 1753

20 Reasons settled Mercantilism a country’s power depends on its wealth; profit from trade Georgia founded as a colony for debtors

21 Climate warm, damp, humid weather long growing season

22 Soil moist, rich soil

23 Major products Tobacco (1st cash crop) Lumber, rice
Agricultural Society (farming) slaves

24 Famous People James Oglethorpe established Georgia as a place for debtors and prisoners

25 Details Jamestown survived because of tobacco and the arrival of women. Originally all male colony searching for gold House of Burgesses 1st representative form of government in New World. Slaves 1st brought to America to work tobacco plantations in southern colonies. Triangular Trade Route


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