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The Thirteen Colonies.

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1 The Thirteen Colonies

2 Warm-up “Quiz” Everyone thinks they can name the 13 original colonies… but can you? Bets?

3 Gangnam Style

4 Table of Contents At the beginning of every unit, you will receive a blank table of contents sheet to be filled out as the unit progresses. All information for the table of contents will be kept on the whiteboard in the left side of the room. Table of contents will be checked at the end of the unit and counted as a grade (this is one of the assignments that will not be accepted late)

5 Essential Questions B & A
- At the start of every unit, the first paper added into your table of contents will be the essential questions for that unit. - The “before” portion of the essential questions test your prior knowledge of the topic. Respond to the questions the best you can. - The “after” portion of the essential questions are used to assess how much you have learned from the unit.

6 New England Colonies - New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island

7 New England Colonies Society built around religion Large families
Sabbath- no games, taverns, jokes, or drinking Sought religious freedom $$$- fishing, whaling, lumber, ship building

8 Middle Colonies New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware

9 Middle Colonies Nicknamed the Bread Basket Colonies
On average, people in these colonies ate a pound of bread a day Thriving economy for cash crops Wheat, barley and rye

10 Southern Colonies Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

11 Southern Colonies Strict social structure Plantations
Relied on slavery Made money for investors Farming Indigo Tobacco Rice

12 Silent Ball!

13 Quiz You will have a quiz on this material on September 17th or 18th
You will need to label each state, color the regions, and write a key piece of information for each region (ex: The middle colonies were nicknamed the Breadbasket colonies)

14 Interactive Vocabulary
Use this time to get started on your first interactive vocabulary assignment

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