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Beckie Coleman and Megan Reeves.  Crime  Gritty Drama  Emotional/romance  Thriller.

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1 Beckie Coleman and Megan Reeves

2  Crime  Gritty Drama  Emotional/romance  Thriller

3 PLOT SUMMARY The premise of the film is a guy called Lee who is the leader of one of Chelmsford’s biggest underground drug gangs. Lee buys drugs off of a rival gang but says he will not pay them until he makes a profit from selling them to his gang. After storing them away in his house his father discovers them and flushes them away and subsequently beating Lee up as a punishment. The rival gang reminds them that he has a debt to pay (£13,000) to come up within 13 days. As an incentive to get the money the rival gang kidnap Lee’s girlfriend and threatens to kill her if he doesn’t pay up, leading him to become embroiled in a world of seedy dealings and resulting to desperate measures in order to get his girlfriend back…

4 Adulthood Kidulthood Top Boy

5  Our target audience is the younger generation roughly around 16-25. This is because they can relate to the characters feelings and may have had similar experiences in their town.

6 £2,000,000



9  Lee – Jack O’Connell, The main character Lee is played by Jack O’Connell who is commonly known for his leading role as ‘Cook’ in the successful E4 series ‘Skins’. Lee is the central character in Thirteen and gets caught up with the wrong people resulting in his beloved girlfriend being dragged into his dirty dealings. We chose him to be the lead character as he is a typical ‘lad’ and represents the youth of today well. His swagger and charm appeals to the younger teenage audiences which we are hoping to attract with the film as they can relate to him.

10  Katie – Katie is the loyal girlfriend of Lee. She has stuck by him and gets dragged into Lee’s new culture which has disastrous consequences. Perhaps she has bitten off more than she can chew this time with Lee.

11  Tyrone – Tyrone is the intimidating leader of a rival drug gang, his mind becomes more unstable further into the film. Tyrone holds grudges which become apparent during the film, but how far will he go in order to be the top dog?

12  We have decided to make the film national.

13  We are going to film real life situations such as the traffic in chelmsford and the hustle around town to give the feeling of the setting. Other locations include Oaklands Park and the forest settings to create tension and eeriness.  Costumes and the clothes we are thinking of putting on are hoodies, tracksuit bottoms, snap back hat and stereotypical gang type clothing. This is to show that it is real and it is actually happening.  The idea was that we do not want the film to look as if it has a big budget and fancy. The gritty realism is what we are aiming for and we shall try and create this through the use of lighting, props, mise-en-scene, sound and editing.

14  Starting off with close ups of the two characters hands exchanging goods, shadowing close ups of hooded figures, like someone is being watched. Shots as if someone is being stalked e.g. behind trees, dark lighting and setting, mist etc. We would then cut to different locations in Chelmsford to set the scene for example, the town sign, traffic, subway with graffiti etc. We would have diagetic sound of the traffic and cars going past and will contrast with silence which will be used when there are shots of the main character being stalked.

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