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Use of Information Technology in Planning of Watershed Projects.

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1 Use of Information Technology in Planning of Watershed Projects

2 Context Planning - crucial component of watershed development programme Technical and time consuming exercise Have to be precise and cost efficient Involves three stages: – Scientific Prioritization (SPSP) – Preliminary Project Report (PPR) – Detailed Project Report (DPR)

3 Incorporating historical development works in Watershed area ICT tools utilized by GSWMA Participatory Micro Planning Scientific Prioritization of Watersheds GIS maps Spatial & Non-spatial data Thematic Maps GPS

4 State Strategic and Perspective Plan (SPSP) DSS for Project Site Selection

5 PPR Preparation Priority Map is utilized to select tentative project villages Thirteen criteria to identify villages that mainly includes: Area not to be treated is already defined which is excluded from the villages: – IWMP Projects covered – Canal Command Area – Submergence – National Park and Sanctuary Finally villages are chosen and secondary data is utilized to prepare PPR On the basis of above mentioned criteria Ground truthing is done to validate the information Poverty index% of small and marginal farmersArea under rain-fed agriculture, % of SC/ ST populationGround water statusDrinking water Actual wagesMoisture index/ DPAP/ DDP Block Degraded land Productivity potential of the land Contiguity to another watershed Cluster approach

6 IWMP-1 Jetpurpavi

7 Use of Thematic Maps

8 Socio-economic surveyBio-physical survey Resource Mapping Focussed group discussion

9 Transect Walk Collection of historical data with GPS Coordinates


11 Participatory Net Planning (Use of GPS & GIS Maps) Finalization of Activities

12 DPR Preparation - Approval in Gram Sabha

13 GIS based Action Plan Map on Village Chouraha

14 System Modules SWaRSys Public Domain E-CitizenEmployee DetailContentsNews and Events MIS Project ModuleCreate New ProjectProject AdministrationEnter DPRAnnual Action PlanBaseline DetailHistoric DetailInstitution DetailFinancial ModuleMPR DetailExpenditure DetailMPR and Expenditure ReportWork phase ModuleTechnical SanctionAdmin. SanctionActivity Execution

15 System Modules contd… SWaRSysMISReportsProject Report Monitoring Report Work Status Report(Batch wise) E-Citizen Report Work Status reports Village wise Institutions Institutional Details GIS Project Selection Layers Infrastructure Layers Topographic Layers IWMP Layers

16 Way forward Capturing of every financial transactions to be integrated into system Recognition of vendor as a stakeholder in the programme and their integration into the system Third party inspection of every activities to be performed under IWMP Use of IT platform in the form of dedicated software application for implementation of the programme

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