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Music, Math, and Motion with Dr. Arun Chandra & Dr. E.J. Zita The Evergreen St. College Fall week 1 Tuesday 30 Sept. 2008.

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1 Music, Math, and Motion with Dr. Arun Chandra & Dr. E.J. Zita The Evergreen St. College Fall week 1 Tuesday 30 Sept. 2008

2 Introduction Faculty and program – brief introductions Registration and waitlist – this may take a while… Photos meanwhile – we’ll need them for Friday’s workshop Faculty and programs – a deeper look Read Brecht together! (today’s main activity) Thursday: meet in Computer Center





7 Reading Life of Galileo by Bertolt Brecht

8 Characters Galileo GalileiAttendant Monk Andrea Sarti (man)Andrea Sarti (boy) Ludovico MarsiliMrs. Sarti Pruili, the CuratorSagredo, Galileo’s friend Two SenatorsVirginia Galilei Matti, an iron founderElderly lady Philosopher (later, Rector)Young lady Federzoni, assistant to G.Mathematician Fat PrelateLord Chamberlain Two ScholarsGuiseppe Infuriated MonkChristopher Clavius Old CardinalTwo Monks Two SecretariesLittle Monk Cardinal BellarminCardinal Barberini Cardinal InquisitorYoung Girl + her friend Street SingerHis Wife Loud VoiceTown Crier InformerPeasant OfficialBoy Customs Officer Senators, officials, professors, ladies, guests, children (singing) Doge (wordless)Prince Cosimo de Medici (wordless) Pantomime crowd in scene nine (to be read by Narrator?)

9 Scene One In the year 1609 Science’s light began to shine At Padua city, in a modest house Galileo Galilei set out to prove The Sun is still, the Earth is on the move. Galileo’s scantily furnished study. Morning. Galileo is washing himself. A bare-footed boy, Andrea, son of his housekeeper, Mrs. Sarti, enters with a big astronomical model.

10 Armillary sphere

11 Galileo’s telescope

12 Doubting the celestial crystal spheres

13 Scene Two No one’s virtue is complete: Great Galileo liked to eat. You will not resent, we hope, The truth about his telescope. The great arsenal of Venice, overlooking the harbor full of ships. Senators and Officials on one side, Galileo, his daughter Virginia and his friend Sagredo, on the other side. They are dressedin formal, festive clothes. Virginia is 14 and charming. She carries a velvet cushion on which lies a brand new telescope. Behind Galileo are some Artisans from the arsenal. There are onlookers, Ludovico amongst them.

14 The Moon is an Earth with mountains and valleys… (p.206)

15 nebulae of the Milky Way… made up of … countless stars (p.207-8)

16 Four lesser stars near Jupiter … moved (p.208) _weblog/images/2007/05/22/jupitermoons.jpg

17 Jupiter’s moons →“Medicean stars” By setting the name of Medici in the sky, I am bestowing immortality upon the stars. I commend myself to you as your most faithful and devoted servant, whose sole desire is to reside in Your Highness’ presence, the rising Sun of our great age. -- Galileo Galilei

18 Scene Three January ten, 1610: Galileo Galilei abolishes heaven. Galileo’s study at Padua. Galileo and Sagredo at a telescope

19 Scene Four Galileo’s house at Florence. Well-appointed. Galileo is demonstrating his telescope to Prince Cosimo de Medici, a boy of nine, accompanied by his Lord Chamberlain, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court, and an assortment of university Professors. With Galileo are Andrea and Federzoni, the new assistant (an old man). Mrs. Sarti stands by. Before the scene opens the voice of the Philosopher can be heard.

20 Scene Five Things take indeed a wondrous turn When learned men do stoop to learn. Calvius, we are pleased to say, Upheld Galileo Galilei. A burst of laughter is heard and the curtains reveal a ball in the Collegium Romanum. High Churchmen, monks, and Scholars standing about talking and laughng. Galileo by himself in a corner.

21 Observe moons of Jupiter → tell time → determine longitude (p.217) … As these new astronomical charts enable us to determine longitudes at sea and so make it possible to reach the new continents by the shortest routes, we would beseech Your Excellency to aid us in reaching Mr. Galilei, mathematician to the Court of Florence, who is now in Rome… --- From a letter written by a member of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce and Navigation to the Papal Legation.

22 Moons of Jupiter → time → longitude

23 Scene Six Galileo, feeling grim, A young monk came to visit him. The monk was born of common folk It was of science that they spoke. Garden of the Florentine Ambassador in Rome. Distant hum of a great city. Galileo and the Little Monk of Scene Five are talking.

24 Scene Seven When Galileo was in Rome A Cardinal asked him to his home He wined and dined him as his guest And only made one small request. Cardinal Bellarmin’s house in Rome. Music is heard and the chatter of many guests. Two Secretaries are at the rear of the state at a dest. Galileo, his daughter Virginia, now 21, and Ludovico Marsili, who has become her fiance, are just arriving. A few Guests, standing near the entrance with masks in their hands, nudge each other and are suddenly silent. Galileo looks at them. They applaud him politely and bow.

25 Scene Eight Eight long years with tongue in cheek Of what he knew he did not speak Then temptation grew too great And Galileo challenged fate. Galileo’s house in Florence again. Galileo is supervising his Assistants Andrea, Federzoni, and the Little Monk, who are about to prepare an experiment. Mrs. Sarti and Virginia are at a long table sewing bridal linen. There is a new telescope, larger than the old one. At the moment, it is covered with a cloth.

26 Sunspots

27 1632: Dialogo

28 Scene Nine (skip) On April Fool’s day, 1632, Of science there was much ado. People had learned from Galilei: They used his teaching in their way. Around the corner from the market place a Street Singer and his Wife, who is costumed to represent the Earth in a skeleton globe made of thin hands of brass, are holding the attention of a sprinkling of representative citizens, some in masquerade who were on their way to see the carnival procession. From the marketplace, the noise of an impatient crowd.

29 Scene Ten The depths are hot, the heights are chill The streets are loud, the court is still. Ante-chamber and staircase in the Medicean palace in Florence. Galileo, with a book under his arm, waits with his Daughter to be admitted to the presence of the Prince.

30 Scene Eleven The Pope A chamber in the Vatican (Rome). The Pope, Urban VIII – formerly Cardinal Barberini – is giving audience to the Cardinal Inquisitor. The trampling and shuffling of many feet is heard throughout the scene from the adjoining corridors. During the scene the Pope is being robed for the conclave he is about to attend: at the beginning of the scene he is plainly Barberini, but as the scene progresses he is more and more obscured by grandiose vestments.

31 Scene Twelve June twenty second, 1633, A momentous date for you and me. Of all the days that was the one An age of reason could have begun. Again the garden of the Florentine Ambassador at Rome, where Galileo’s assistants await the news of the trial. The Little Monk and Federzoni are attempting to concentrate on a game of chess. Virginia kneels in a corner, praying and counting her beads.

32 “You may show him the instruments…”

33 Scene Thirteen 1633-1642. Galileo Galilei remains a prisoner of the Inquisition until his death. A country house near Florence. A large room simply furnished. There is a huge table, a leather chair, a globe of the world on a stand, and a narrow bed. A portion of the adjoining anteroom is visible, and the front door which opens into it. An Official of the Inquisition sits on guard in the anteroom. In the large room, Galileo is quietly experimenting with a bent wooden rail and a small ball of wood. He is still vigorous but almost blind. After a while, there is a knocking at the outside door. The Official opens it to a peasant who brings a plucked goose. Virginia comes from the kitchen. She is past forty.


35 Scene Fourteen The great book o’er the border went And, good folk, that was the end. But we hope you’ll keep in mind You and I were left behind. Before a little Italian customs house early in the morning. Andrea sits upon one of his traveling trunks at the barrier and reads Galileo’s book. The window of a small house is still lit, and a big grotesque shadow, like an old witch and her cauldron, falls upon the house wall beyond. Barefoot children in rags see it and point to the little house.

36 1638: Discorsi re/modernity/galileo.html

37 Other telescope designs

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