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Northamptonshire Community Resilience Pathfinder Project September 2014 Josie Bateman – Flood and Water Manager.

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1 Northamptonshire Community Resilience Pathfinder Project September 2014 Josie Bateman – Flood and Water Manager

2 Northamptonshire Context Two-tier County Ten neighbouring LLFAs Seven District Authorities Three water companies Four RFCC One IDB

3 Nature of Flood Risk in Northamptonshire Extremely varied and widespread risk Significantly affected in the Easter 1998 floods Sources of recent flooding: -Surface Water -Agricultural Runoff -Ordinary Watercourses -Groundwater -Main River

4 Data captured since January 2011 Collated from a wide variety of sources Updated instantly The Widespread Risk.........

5 Northamptonshire Pathfinder Project One of only thirteen local authorities to secure Defra funding To establish Pathfinder Projects aimed at supporting communities “to help themselves” in tackling the risk of flooding The County Council secured £300,000. This two year project ends in April 2015 Evaluation is an essential part of the project Legacy is the key requirement

6 Pathfinder Vision and Objectives Vision For Communities in Northamptonshire to actively improve their flood resilience. Objectives To identify important information, activities and tools that will assist communities in achieving flood resilience – ‘helping them to help themselves’.

7 Pathfinder Aims To create, pilot, evaluate and promote an online toolkit which facilitates community-led improvements in resilience and preparedness. To encourage and provide 15 pilot communities at risk of flooding with the tools to ‘help themselves’.

8 Selection of 15 Communities

9 What tools are available? Community Flood Risk Reports Community Flood Risk and Mitigation Investigations Community Rain Gauge Warning Systems School Education Resources Community Flood Stores Property Level Protection Surveys Community Emergency Plans Community Flood Forums/Wardens

10 Community Flood Risk Reports

11 Community Flood Risk and Mitigation Investigations

12 Understanding Roles and Responsibilities

13 Community Rain Gauge Warning Systems Compact package Telemetry intelligence Located in schools Records rainfall Raises alerts/warnings Allows for action before a flood

14 Community Flood Events

15 School Education Resources Provides educational materials and activities for primary aged children - targets year 6 Explores extreme weather and flooding - how to respond in an emergency and how to help reduce flooding Links to the curriculum Available to all on the online toolkit Promotes schools to undertake their own flood resilience measures: saving rain water, rain gardens, tree planting etc. Legacy – through Anglian Water/Environment Agency

16 Community Flood Stores Purchase equipment - £3k Used by communities during heavy rainfall/ potential flood events To mitigate and reduce impacts To clean up after a flood Empowering a community response Store contents will be made available through the online-toolkit

17 Property Level Protection Surveys

18 Community Emergency Plans Support communities in their desire to write a community emergency plan Ownership/responsibilities Vulnerable areas/people Communities encouraged to record their learning – what works well and what doesn't

19 Community Flood Forums/Wardens

20 Funding Mechanisms Tool AudienceMeasures Funding Opportunities Individuals Communities Businesses Property Level Protection Flood Investigations Maintenance Infrastructure £££ Case Studies

21 Online Toolkit

22 Lessons Learnt Each community is different – not interested unless directly affected by flooding Advertise awareness events far and wide General lack of understanding of the different types of flood risk Key questions that need answering: –Who’s responsible for maintenance ?, Who’s responsible for flooding ?, How do I report flooding? How is this development going to affect my flood risk? Single point of contact for each community On-the-ground survey timings PLP surveys not popular – what are the catches? Educating children ensures the next generation are flood aware - the messages do get taken home

23 Question and Answer Session

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