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Multi-Cultural Literature. Search Terms Thailand - Fiction Japan - Fiction China - Fiction India - Fiction Mexico - Fiction France - History - Fiction.

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1 Multi-Cultural Literature

2 Search Terms Thailand - Fiction Japan - Fiction China - Fiction India - Fiction Mexico - Fiction France - History - Fiction South Africa - Biography Persian Gulf War -- Personal Narratives Folklore - Iran

3 The Master Puppeteer F Paterson A thirteen-year-old boy describes the poverty and discontent of eighteenth century Osaka and the world of puppeteers in which he lives.

4 Of Nightingales that Weep F Paterson The vain young daughter of a samurai finds her comfortable life ripped apart when opposing warrior clans begin a struggle for imperial control of Japan.

5 The Sign of the Chrysanthemum F Paterson Thirteen-year-old Muna searches for the father he has never seen in twelfth century feudal Japan.

6 The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn Hoobler While attempting to solve the mystery of a stolen jewel, Seikei, a merchant's son who longs to be a samurai, joins a group of kabuki actors in eighteenth- century Japan.

7 The Demon in the Teahouse Hoobler In eighteenth-century Japan, fourteen-year- old Seikei, a merchant's son in training to be a samurai, helps his patron investigate a series of murders and arson in the capital city of Edo, each of which is associated in some way with a popular geisha.

8 The Revenge of the Forty-Seven Samurai by Haugaard. A fourteen-year-old serving boy finds himself surrounded by suspicion and betrayal as his master gathers a group of samurai to avenge Lord Asano's death.

9 Spilled Water by Grindley After her father's death, Lu Si-Yan's uncle sells her to a rich family who expect her to work as their servant until she is old enough to marry their son, but when she runs away things only get worse.

10 The Girl-Son F Neuberger. Based on the life of Induk Pahk, a Korean educator, whose widowed mother disguised her as a boy at the age of eight in order for her to attend school, a choice forbidden to girls in the early twentieth century in that country

11 When My Name Was Keoko F Park With national pride and occasional fear, a brother and sister face the increasingly oppressive occupation of Korea by Japan during World War II, which threatens to suppress Korean culture entirely.

12 So Far from the Bamboo Grove F Watkins. A fictionalized autobiography in which eleven-year- old Yoko escapes from Korea to Japan with her mother and sister at the end of World War II.

13 Daughter of Venice F Napoli Frustrated with the restrictions her gender imposes on her life, fourteen-year-old Donata disguises herself as a boy and sneaks out of her noble family's house to roam the streets of late sixteenth-century Venice.

14 The Shadows of Ghadames F Stolz At the end of the nineteenth century in Libya, eleven-year-old Malika simultaneously enjoys and feels constricted by the narrow world of women, but an injured stranger enters her home and disrupts the traditional order of things.

15 One More River F Banks Fourteen-year-old Lesley is upset when her parents abandon their comfortable life in Canada for a kibbutz in Israel prior to the 1967 war.

16 Habibi F Nye When fourteen-year-old Liyanne Abboud, her younger brother, and her parents move from St. Louis to a new home between Jerusalem and the Palestinian village where her father was born, they face many changes and must deal with the tensions between Jews and Palestinians.

17 Samir and Yonatan F Carmi Samir, a Palestinian boy, is sent for surgery to an Israeli hospital where he has two otherworldly experiences, making friends with an Israeli boy, Yonatan, and traveling with him to Mars where Samir finds peace about his brother's death in the war.

18 Seven Daughters & Seven Sons 398.2 C662 A retelling of a traditional Arabic tale in which a young woman disguises herself as a man and opens up a shop in a distant city in order to help her impoverished family.

19 The Beduins' Gazelle F Temple. In 1302, two cousins of the nomadic Beni Khalid tribe who are betrothed become separated by political intrigue between warring tribes.

20 The Legend of the Wandering King F Gallego Garcia Motivated by jealousy and the desire to receive acclaim as a great poet, Walid ibn Huyr, a prince of ancient Arabia, commits acts which completely change the course of his life.

21 Lugalbanda 398.2 H38 An ancient Sumerian tale about the youngest and weakest of eight brothers who, caught up in an ill- advised war, uses his wits and courage and eventually becomes king.

22 The Breadwinner F Ellis Because the Taliban rulers of Kabul, Afghanistan, impose strict limitations on women's freedom and behavior, eleven-year- old Parvana must disguise herself as a boy so that her family can survive after her father's arrest.

23 If You Could Be My Friend 956.94 Sh1 Contains the correspondence between two girls, one an Israeli and the other a Palestinian, from August 1988 until their meeting in October 1991. Includes a brief history of their two peoples.

24 Three Wishes; Palestinian and Israeli Children Speak 956.9 EL5 The author interviews Israeli and Palestinian children regarding their thoughts about being caught in the middle of the violence taking place between the two peoples.

25 Teen Voices from the Holy Land; Who Am I To You? 305.8 W29 Thirty--four young Palestinians and Israelis describe their lives, their dreams for the future. and their common desire for peace and justice.

26 A Little Piece of Ground F Laird During the Israeli occupation of Ramallah in the West Bank of Palestine, twelve--year- old Karim and his friends create a secret place for themselves where they can momentarily forget the horrors of war.

27 The Mzungu Boy by Mwangi A twelve-year-old Kenyan boy is befriended by the white landowner's son, and they are both caught up in powerful forces as a rebellion arises in the area

28 Somehow Tenderness Survives SS Rochman A collection of ten stories about southern Africa - five by black southern Africans and five by white southern Africans - that portray what it feels like to grow up under apartheid.

29 A Girl Named Disaster F Farmer While fleeing from Mozambique to Zimbabwe to escape an unwanted marriage, Nhamo, an eleven-year- old Shona girl, struggles to escape drowning and starvation and in so doing comes close to the luminous world of the African spirits.

30 Refugee Boy F Zephaniah. Fourteen-year-old Alem Kelo adjusts to life as a foster child seeking asylum in London, while his Eritrean mother and Ethiopian father work for peace between their homelands in Africa.

31 Dream Freedom F Levitin Marcus and his classmates learn about the terrible problem of slavery in present-day Sudan and raise money to help buy the freedom of some of the slaves. Alternate chapters tell the stories of the slaves.

32 Finding Miracles F Alvarez. Fifteen-year-old Milly Kaufman is an average American teenager until Pablo, a new student at her school, inspires her to search for her birth family in his native country.

33 Little Soldier F Ashley. Taken from Africa to a foster home in London after his family is killed by an enemy tribe, Kaninda discovers the meaning of hate and the value of not hating.

34 Wandering Warrior by Da Chen Eleven-year-old Luka, destined to become the future emperor of China, is trained in the ways of the kung fu wandering warriors by the wise monk Atami.

35 The Divine Wind : a Love Story F Disher. On the eve of World War II, Hart, an Australian boy and Mitsy, a Japanese- Australian girl, fall in love but are driven apart.

36 Samurai Shortstop by Gratz, While obtaining a Western education at a prestigious Japanese boarding school in 1890, sixteen-year-old Toyo also receives traditional samurai training which has profound effects on both his baseball game and his relationship with his father.

37 Vero and Philippe F Hatton When Mother fires the housekeeper life becomes difficult for the entire Vo family, Vietnamese immigrants to France in 1964, but eight-year-old Vero and her twelve-year-old brother, Philippe, work together to try to convince Mother to rehire her.

38 Time's Memory F Lester. Ekundayo, a Dogon spirit brought to America from Africa, inhabits the body of a young African American slave on a Virginia plantation, where he experiences loss, sorrow, and reconciliation in the months preceding the Civil War.

39 Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society / Adeline Yen Mah. During the Japanese occupation of parts of China, twelve-year-old Ye Xian is thrown out of her father's and stepmother's home, joins a martial arts group, and tries to help her aunt and the Americans in their struggle against the Japanese invaders.

40 Figs and fate : Stories About Growing Up in the Arab World Today SS Marston. A collection of five stories portraying Arab life in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, and Iraq today.

41 The Eagle's Shadow F Martin In 1946, while her emotionally distant father is in occupied Japan, a twelve-year- old girl spends a year with her mother's relatives in a Tlingit Indian village in Alaska and begins to love and respect her heritage as she confronts the secret of her mother's disappearance.

42 Zazoo F Mosher. Amid old secrets revealed and rifts healed, a thirteen- year-old Vietnamese orphan raised in rural France by her aging "Grand- Pierre" learns about life, death, and love.

43 The Pull of the Ocean F Mourlevat Loosely based on Charles Perrault's "Tom Thumb," seven brothers in modern-day France flee their poor parents' farm, led by the youngest who, although mute and unusually small, is exceptionally wise.

44 Journey to Jo’burg F Naidoo Separated from their mother by the harsh social and economic conditions prevalent among blacks in South Africa, thirteen-year-old Naledi and her younger brother make a journey of over 300 kilometers to find her in Johannesburg.

45 No Turning Back F Naidoo When the abuse at home becomes too much for twelve- year-old Sipho, he runs away to the streets of Johannesburg and learns to survive in the post-apartheid world.

46 Out of Bounds SS Naidoo Seven stories, spanning the time period from 1948 to 2000, chronicle the experiences of young people from different races and ethnic groups as they try to cope with the restrictions placed on their lives by South Africa's apartheid laws.

47 A Single Shard F Park. Tree-ear, a thirteen- year-old orphan in medieval Korea, lives under a bridge in a potters' village, and longs to learn how to throw the delicate celadon ceramics himself.

48 Keeper F Peet. In an interview with a young journalist, World Cup hero, El Gato, describes his youth in the Brazilian rain forest and the events, experiences, and people that helped make him a great goalkeeper and renowned soccer star.

49 Jaguar F Smith. While accompanying his father on an expedition up the Amazon River to a jaguar preserve in Brazil, fourteen- year-old Jacob must contend with dangerous animals and fortune hunters.

50 Pacific Crossing F Soto. Fourteen-year-old Mexican American Lincoln Mendoza spends a summer with a host family in Japan, encountering new experiences and making new friends.

51 The Land I Lost B H98 A collection of personal reminiscences of the author's youth in a hamlet on the central highlands of Vietnam.

52 Chinese Cinderella : the True Story of an Unwanted Daughter 305.4 M272c A Chinese proverb says, "Falling leaves return to their roots". Adeline Yen Mah returns to her roots to tell the story of her painful childhood and her ultimate triumph and courage in the face of despair.

53 Facing the Lion:Growing Up Maasai on the African Savanna 916.7 L63 A member of the Masai people describes his life as he grew up in a northern Kenya village, traveled to America to attend college, and became an elementary school teacher in Virginia.

54 Thura’s Diary:My Life in Wartime Iraq by Thura Al-Windawi B AL9 Nineteen-year-old Thura al- Windawi kept a diary during the conflict in Iraq, saying that it was her way of controlling the chaos. The diary, which documents the days leading up to the bombings, the war itself, and the lawless aftermath, puts a personal face on life in Baghdad. Thura's Diary gives the perspective of a young woman caught in the midst of a turbulent time and puts a face, a name, and a voice to the word Iraqi.

55 Search Terms Thailand - Fiction Japan - Fiction China - Fiction India - Fiction Mexico - Fiction France - History - Fiction South Africa - Biography Persian Gulf War - Personal Narratives Folklore - Iran

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