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Chapter Thirteen The Spectrum of Human Sexual Behavior.

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1 Chapter Thirteen The Spectrum of Human Sexual Behavior

2 Varying Degrees of Sexual Interest and Activity §Human diversity in sexual orientation & activity l Range from erotophilic to erotophobic l Diversity more common in males than in females §Hypersexuality l High interest and drive §Hyposexuality l Low interest and drive § Celibacy l Choice not to share sexual activity with others §Erotomania l Rare, compulsive behavior l Nymphomania in females l Satyriasis in males

3 Transgender Behaviors §Transvestism l Cross-dressing wearing clothes of opposite gender feeling driven to do so some sexual arousal l Not new phenomenon l May be fetishism l More common than generally believed §Transgender Lifestyle l Great diversity influenced by degree of dissatisfaction with regard to anatomy §Sex Reassignment l For transsexuals trapped in wrong body 10-15% failure rate

4 The Need to Enhance Sexual Arousal §Erotica and Pornography l Magazines, videotapes, Internet l Habituation §Sexual Devices and Toys l Vibrators, bondage or pressure devices, penis extenders l Sex shops, mail order, Internet §Group Sex l Threesomes, orgy

5 Fetishism §Sexual arousal triggered by objects or materials not considered sexual §Object often used in masturbation §Mostly harmless §Inordinate attachment considered abnormal

6 Sexual Fantasy §Significant part of most people’s sexual individuality l 19% women, 54% men, at least one per day l Begin, on average, between 11 and 13 §Not necessarily connected to sexual behavior §Gender differences l Male more active, impersonal, and visually oriented l Females more passive and romantic §Exploratory, Intimate, Impersonal, Sadomasochistic

7 Atypical and Potentially Problematic Sexual Connections §Sex Worker Industry l Female prostitutes streetwalkers call girls brothels massage parlors l Male prostitutes hustlers call boys l Telephone sex l Victimless? §Sex-Related Behavior with Unknown Victims l Obscene phone calls l Frotteurism, toucherism l Exhibitionism l Voyeurism §Bestiality §Sadomasochism §Necrophilia

8 Casual Sex and Pansexualism §Throughout the past century, overall attitudes toward sex have become more casual §Trends, however, like AIDS have tended to mitigate this casualness, with a gradual shift toward more conservative values §Pansexual means being open to a range of sexual activities

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