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The Thirteen Colonies.

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1 The Thirteen Colonies

2 The New England Colonies
Massachusetts ( included Maine), Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire

3 New England’s Climate They had long cold winters and mild summers.
They had a short growing season.

4 Physical Features/ Natural Resources of New England
Thin rocky soil Rugged mountains Forests Atlantic Ocean

5 Why did the settlers come to the New England Colonies?
They wanted religious freedom.

6 New England’s Natural Resources THE LAND
They used land to farm for food (wheat, oats, and peas). The soil and climate was not good enough to grow large crops.

7 FORESTS They used forests to get lumber for building houses and ships.

8 THE ATLANTIC OCEAN New Englanders used the ocean to fish for cod and whale. It also made it easy to transport ships built in the colonies.

9 The Mid-Atlantic Colonies
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware

10 Climate of the Middle Colonies
Long growing season Sunny and rainy weather

11 Physical Features/ Natural Resources of the Middle Colonies
Fertile rich soil Wide rivers Forests

12 Where did settlers come from and why did they make the trip to the Middle Colonies?
Settlers were looking for freedom to live and worship the way they wanted. Settlers came from Germany, Holland ( in New York where Henry Hudson explored the Hudson River), and England.

13 Use of Natural Resources in the Middle Colonies THE LAND
They used the fertile soil for growing large crops. The Middle Colonies were known as the Bread Basket of the colonies.

14 THE RIVERS They used rivers for transporting crops and getting supplies.

15 THE FORESTS They used forests for hunting deer and small game.
They used forests to build homes.

16 THE SOUTHERN COLONIES Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia

17 The Climate of the Southern Colonies
The southern colonies had a 7-8 month growing season. Plenty of rain

18 Use of Natural Resources in the Southern Colonies THE LAND
Rich and fertile soil for growing cash crops like tobacco, rice, and indigo

19 Rivers, Bays, and Wetlands
Rivers used for transportation Wetlands used for growing rice

20 Pine Forests Used for building homes Hunted small game
Used trees to collect sap called pitch

21 Where did settlers come from and why did they come to the Southern Colonies?
English, Irish, and French came to the colonies for new opportunities Some Europeans came to escape debts. Africans were forced into slave labor.

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