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Archive of Americana Discover America through Primary Source Historical Documents.

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1 Archive of Americana Discover America through Primary Source Historical Documents

2 Why Archive of Americana Makes history come alive Provides access to primary source documents Turns students into historians Fosters critical thinking skills Helps students understand and interpret life from 1639 forward

3 Archive of Americana Thousands of digitized and searchable images Readily accessible primary source documents save time Newly available to schools for use in U.S. history classes Provides college preparatory experience

4 Contents of Collection

5 Broadside: Announcing the creation of the Salisbury mfg. company Document example

6 Advertisement: Ebenezer Larkins bookstore in Boston Document example

7 Archive of Americana Includes –Early American Imprints Series I: Evans ( ) Series II: Shaw-Shoemaker ( ) –Early American Newspapers ( ) –American State Papers ( ) –U.S. Congressional Serial Set ( ) –American Broadsides & Ephemera ( )

8 Early American Imprints Contain nearly every still existing book, pamphlet and broadside published in America over 180 years. Essential resource for studying early American history, literature and culture. Includes –Series I: Evans ( ), based on Charles Evans historic American Bibliography. –Series II: Shaw-Shoemaker ( ) continues the American Bibliography.

9 Early American Newspapers Includes fully searchable, cover-to-cover reproductions of hundreds of newspapers and millions of issues. Captures the civic, political, social and cultural events of American life over the 18 th and 19 th centuries. Based on Brighams History and Bibliography of American Newspapers,

10 The American State Papers U.S. Congressional Serial Set Reports, documents and journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives Illustrations and maps – some in full color American State Papers –Legislative and executive documents of Congress 1789 to 1838 including documents covering the critical historical gap from 1789 to the printing of the Serial Set in 1817 –Accounts of Lewis & Clarks expedition are found here

11 American Broadsides and Ephemera Single-sheet documents printed before 1877 Issued locally in response to specific popular or newsworthy events Designed for short-lived purposes Many destroyed or put to other uses Provide unique perspectives on nearly every aspect of American history and culture Examples of Ephemera –Clipper Ship Announcements –Early trade cards –Menus –Invoices and Notices –Theater and music programs –Stock certificates –Civil War envelopes

12 Searching for Documents

13 Opening Search Screen Or, click on one of the products For Example, Evans or Shaw-Shoemaker Type in a search term

14 Select tab to browse topics

15 Browse in Subjects Select Category – For Example: History Click on Paris, Treaty of 1763

16 View Results List Select document to view Go directly to citation or document image

17 View Full Citation

18 View Document Image

19 Search the same way in these products *Select product *Select tab *Select category *View results

20 To Search in Early American Newspapers Select product from Opening Search Screen You can search by newspaper or years

21 Or, type in a search term and limit it to a particular type of article

22 Image retrieved by searching on corn in search box and limiting results to advertisements

23 An invaluable research aid that helps students understand history through a broad array of contemporaneous perspectives, ranging from regional to international. These perspectives allow students to develop and use the critical thinking skills necessary for understanding historical interpretation and context, as well as the conditions that create historical events. …Access to these sources allows students to become quite creative and imaginative in their research. In hip-hop parlance, the Archive of Americana provides samples to create new and exciting historical mixes. -Dean Eastman Massachusetts History Teacher of the Year (2004): Beverly High School

24 Primary Source Historical Documents -- Make your history classes come alive Archive of Americana

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