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NovaStar 4X A slide show by David C. Leader. The Desktop.

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1 NovaStar 4X A slide show by David C. Leader

2 The Desktop

3 NovaStar 4X Features n X Windows GUI n Networks with Windows and Unix n Point and click user interface n Login/password security n Programmable windows n Active graphic screens n Customized menus for users

4 Menus n Xmenu pull-down menus launch display and setup programs n The xbutton menu does quick starts of programs used often.

5 Graphical Maps n Click on a readout to show the station name and select additional displays.

6 Dynamic Data Displays n Readouts update in real time. n Readout displays can be text, bars, circles or graphs.

7 River Plots n Time series plots (trend charts) can show several points on a river.

8 Station Plots n Stations plots show critical levels, short term trends and basin rainfall.

9 Rainfall Stations n Individual rain station plots show rainfall caught in time periods.

10 Data Display n Display station data for selected time periods. n Include rated discharge for level stations.

11 Reports n Display data in reports for current or historic periods.

12 Data Plots n Plot one or more sensors for the current or historic periods. n Click the plot to show the peak values.

13 Setup Programs n GUI screens let you setup the database. n Buttons display lists for easy selection.

14 Received Data Windows n Incoming data can be shown in a window. n Minimize the window to hide it then restore it as needed to check if receiving data.

15 Alarms n Incoming data is checked for alarm conditions and alarms are sounded on active user sessions.

16 Alarm Setup n Setup multiple alarm level checking. n Alarms will sound on the console, pager or other alarm devices.

17 System Scheduler n Schedule activities to happen at regular intervals. n Print reports n Do FTP transfers n Update databases

18 Login Security n Users that log into the system are assigned privilege levels to limit what they can see and change.

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