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How can you get here ? Why we use UC2 ? What ROI for UC2 ? How we do ourselves ? Agenda.

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2 How can you get here ?

3 Why we use UC2 ? What ROI for UC2 ? How we do ourselves ? Agenda

4 3G Wi Max High speed Broadband Web Conf VoIP Instant Messaging Creating opportunity for business innovation

5 Two communication systems were disjointed

6 U nified C ommunication and C ollaboration (UC2)

7 “Instant messaging can reduce long distance calls by 30%, reduce e-mail usage by 40% and lead to a 15% reduction in voicemail usage.” Have anyone heard statement about …

8 “The new collaboration capabilities enable the development team to be more responsive and proactive in a rapidly changing environment and increases the speed-to-production” Have anyone heard statement about …

9 1. Business Growth objectives:2. Expense Reduction: Improve customer service Reduce costs across the board Gain new market sharing Reduce travel expenses Trouble meeting for industry metrics Reduce sales and admin costs Why we use UC2 ?

10 We can decrease … Reduction travel$3,304 Avoid call waste$1,137 Eliminate delay$1,005 International call$246 Admin cost$43 Total$5,456 We can increase… Sales volume$115,909 Speed project$95,000 Speed process$12,880 Speed operation$11,875 Mobile users$7,813 Total$243,477 A Sample: Benefit per user per year Source: BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS REVIEW / JUNE 2007 By Permission of Marty Parker, Principal © Communication Perspectives 2007

11 1. Latency information 2. Business Traveler3. Remote workers 5.3 h/week delay $9000/year cost 11 day/year travel $3,400/person for team meeting $1,488/year lack communication 10% remote 7.8 h/mth lack communication Total 1,000 employees: Lost $13M/ year * Because people lost productivity and avoidable expense Siemens study - Key Findings:

12 Why we use UC2 ? What ROI for UC2 ?

13 1.Process optimization 2.People productivity 3.Communications 4.Competitive Advantage 5.Access to information 6.Travel UC2 ROI elements is:

14 Collaboration:Cost avoidance factors:ROI Instant Messaging Reduced phone usage Reduced e-mail usage Reduced pager usage Quick access to expertise Support mobile workers $1.3M/month Web Conference Reduced travel Support of mobile workers Productivity enhancements $8M/month IBM’s study ROI: Advance Collaboration

15 Celina Insurance Saved $650K in phone costs for 35,000 employees 50% reduction in internal phone calls Colgate-Palmolive $750K/year added to margins by reducing supply and order fulfillment disruptions Daimler Portal+Sametime gets new cars in market faster and saves costs 30% by centralizing information 10% reducing travel costs for design meetings.

16 How we do ourselves ? Unified Communication & Collaboration 100% ROI in less than a year? We'll show you how!


18 Step 1: Input Your Organization

19 Step 2: Input Travel Costs

20 Step 3: Input IT Costs

21 Save Travel Expense $300/week Increase productivity $120/week Total Benefit is $420/week/user

22 Did you get choice yet ? 1.Try your own 2.Contact IBM Sales people nearby you

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