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Kendall Kardashian has a secret: &feature=showob.

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1 Kendall Kardashian has a secret: &feature=showob

2 Is it normal for a character on a TV show or in a movie to talk directly to the audience? In this clip, we learn Kendall Kardashian has a secret … what’s the effect of her speaking to us, her audience? Is the secret really a secret? Why/why not? How does it make you feel as an audience member? Is it different when the Family Guy does it versus someone on a reality TV show? How?

3 The Fourth Wall Who knows what the Fourth Wall is?

4 The Fourth Wall The fourth wall is the imaginary "wall" at the front of the stage in a traditional three-walled box set. It takes away the boundaries normally set up between works of fiction and their audiences. Does a Fourth Wall exist in reality TV? What about memoir? Blogging?

5 The fourth wall is part of what allows audiences to suspend their disbelief, allowing them to enjoy the fiction as if they were observing real events.

6 The question we’re exploring the first four weeks of this class is: What is the reality genre? Part of this is, ‘How is reality depicted/portrayed in these texts?’ This is what we’re interested this week. After watching this next clip, I want you to name the ways in which this reality show tells us it is real versus fiction. rticle/0,28804,2063886_2063809_2063832,00.html

7 Would a scene like this appear in a TV sitcom? If so, how would it be different? Does the reality version connect more with the viewer than fiction? One more clip … on why reality TV is so popular: wxE

8 Money and wish-fulfillment … So is that it? Agree on the left/Disagree on the right

9 So If We Tell Stories … To inspire Raise awareness of issues Learn about the world/other cultures Explain things we don’t understand Teach moral lessons Reinforce or push back against cultural norms Help us heal Connect with others Explore our identities/who we are and who we want to be … Do ‘reality’ stories do these things?

10 What’s Good, What’s Problematic about Reality Stories? Every other week, you will pick one reality text to review. This text can be a reality TV show, a blog, a memoir, a social media Website (such as Facebook or Twitter), or another reality storytelling text. You must pick a different kind of text for each one-pager. If you watch a TV show one week, you must choose a blog or a memoir or social media for the next, and so on. I will provide a list of resources on our class Wiki, You will take notes using your Reality Log handout. Provide the text name, a short description, and notes on something that is either “good” about the text, or “problematic.” In your One-Pager, you will write your formal review and elaborate on why you believe what you observed/experienced is either good or problematic or both. You must turn in your Reality Logs with your One-Pagers.

11 Housekeeping Wiki: Blog projects: Surf the Web for blogs! Explore Technorati and Tumblr (or other places, such as Blogger) to find a blog format(s) and/or concept(s) that you like and could possibly use as a model(s) for your project. You’ll have time to do this tomorrow in class.Technorati Tumblr Wednesday: Will go over your responses to Who is Saying What to Whom, and you will analyze a new text.

12 Questions?

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