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Planners’ Day on Capitol Hill 2014 Issue Briefing.

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1 Planners’ Day on Capitol Hill 2014 Issue Briefing

2 What is Planners’ Day on Capitol Hill?  Annual event to bring planners and planning issues to Congress  Linked to Policy Conference and leadership meetings  APA schedules constituent meetings and provides advocacy training

3 Why hold Planners’ Day on the Hill?  Raise profile of planning, APA and local initiatives  Build relationships between APA members and congressional offices  Grassroots advocacy for legislative priorities  Key part of advocacy training program

4 Schedule 7:30am – 9amBreakfast Training 9:30am – 3pmHill Meetings Noon – 1pmCapitol Hill Luncheon (106 Dirksen Senate Office Building) 4:30 – 5:30pmCelebration and De-briefing

5 Use the new AdvocacyDay App! Our new AdvocacyDay app provides an interactive experience which will allow you to get the most out of your congressional visits! The app is available in the App Store for iPhone or iPad and in the marketplace for Android. You can also access a web version of the app at If you are using an iPad, please press the tab at the top that says “iPhone apps only”. Please note that the app is called AdvocacyDay (all one word) by Constituent Voice.

6 AdvocacyDay App: Schedules View full meeting schedule Time, location, who meeting is with, other participants Push notifications for meeting changes We will also call you App schedule is enabled when you see us on-site You will receive a printed itinerary

7 AdvocacyDay App: Day-of Features Map to meetings GPS routing Take notes about meetings View talking points View leave-behinds Email directly to staff Feedback surveys Post to Twitter and Facebook Chat with other advocates

8 AdvocacyDay App: Preparation Features Research your legislators Bio Committee info Social media Website News Research your bills Summary Status Cosponsorship Votes You will receive your app login tomorrow so you can research your Members of Congress and bills in advance

9 Contact Info for App and Appointment Assistance Kaytee Lozier 203-770-6439 Kirsten Holland 202-349-1030

10 Providing Investment Promoting Innovation Preserving Tools Protecting Communities PDCH Messaging

11 PDCH Issues THUD Appropriations & Tax Extenders CDBG, Choice Neighborhoods TIGER New Markets Tax Credit Transportation Reauthorization Long-term, Sustainable Funding MAP-21 Reforms Partnership to Build America Act Resiliency & Hazard Mitigation Local Stories Digital Coast Act

12 PDCH “Asks” Fund THUD at Senate Levels Pass Multiyear, Sustainable Transportation Bill Cosponsor PBAA and Fix the Trust Fund Cosponsor Digital Coast Support TIGER & MAP-21 Reforms Extend NMTC

13 Fiscal Year 2015 Appropriations Murray / Ryan Agreement House: Approved THUD bill Senate: Pulled THUD bill from floor House bill: $52 billion, contains restrictive TIGER language Senate bill: $54.4 billion, does not contain restrictive TIGER language Current status: CR until December 11

14 THUD: House v. Senate Funding Levels $ Millions

15 HUD: CDBG Funding Levels 1975-2015 $ Billions

16 HUD: Community Development Block Grants $ Billions

17 Taking the Hit: Cuts in CDBG Funding (non-adjusted) -31.4% since 1995 -29.5% over the past decade -22.8% since FY2010

18 HUD: HOME Investment Partnerships

19 HUD: Choice Neighborhoods $ Millions

20 DOT: TIGER Grants Millions  House THUD bill contains language prohibiting funding from used used for “for non-essential purposes, such as street-scaping, or bike and pedestrian paths.”



23 The Ask Pass an FY15 omnibus spending bill that funds key THUD programs – CDBG, Choice Neighborhoods and TIGER – at Senate bill levels. Reject efforts to restrict TIGER grant eligibility.

24 Issue: Tax “Extenders” – A lame duck opportunity  55 tax credits and provisions expired on Jan 1, 2014  Larger debate on tax reform but …  Work expected in lame duck on extension  New Markets Tax Credit  Important local economic development tool  Separate legislation to make NMTC permanent  Other elements – transit commuter benefit parity

25 The Ask Include extension of the New Markets Tax Credits in any tax bill considered during the lame duck session. Legislation to make NMTC permanent HR 4365 (Reps. Gerlach & Neal) S 1133 (Sens. Rockefeller & Blunt)

26 Issue: Transportation Reauthorization  MAP-21 was a 2-year bill originally to expire on Sept 30  Summer 2014: Narrowly averted trust fund solvency crisis  Extended until May 2015  A “patch” not a fix

27 Extending Progress in MAP-21 Performance-based Planning Transportation Alternatives TOD Planning Pilots

28 Innovation in Surface Transportation Act (HR 4726, S 2819 ) Expands local control without expanding programs or funding Bipartisan Reps. Davis & Titus Sens. Booker, Wicker, Begich, Wicker & Casey Creates local set-aside in formula programs for state-level competition

29 Partnership to Build America Act Bipartisan approach (HR 2084, S 1957) $50b American Infrastructure Fund Capitalized from Bonds Funded through Repatriated Corporate Earnings 50 year fund; 15-1 leverage yields $750b in funding No appropriations required State and local projects; Independent board

30 The Ask Help local communities and economies by passing a multi-year bill with sustainable, stable funding Build on the reforms and innovations in MAP-21

31 Issue: Resiliency and Hazard Planning Digital Coast Act (HR 1382 / S 2890) Reps. Ruppersberger & Young Sen. Baldwin Builds on Existing Data, Partnership Expands geographic reach; Integrates add’l. data Authorizes NOAA’s program

32 The Ask Co-sponsor the Digital Coast Act, HR 1382, S 2890

33 Remember … Make Our Ask. Tell Your Story.

34 In advance …  Gather local materials related to PDCH issues  Get local stats  Check with colleagues  Prepare a story  Research your representatives  Check co-sponsorship  Coordinate with others in your delegation

35 Social Media  #plannersonthehill  Tweet about meeting using Representatives’ twitter handle  Post and tag on Facebook  Leverage chapter or division outlets  Photos  APA suggested issue posts  Engage people and groups back home

36 Your Materials Itinerary CDBG, Choice & TIGER Leave Behind Transportation One-Pager Resiliency / Hazard One-Pager Bill Fact Sheets Checklist Map of Capitol Hill Meeting Report Form Tips for Effective Meetings

37 Keep in Mind … Early election year recess means meetings with staff That’s NOT a bad thing Hill Logistics & Customs

38 After your meetings …  Social media  Meeting report form  Thank you email  Follow up  Stay engaged  Lame duck opportunities

39 Don’t Forget! Special Events Congressional Luncheon Dirksen 106 Senate Office Building Noon – 1:00pm Celebration & De-briefing The Dubliner 4:00pm

40 Getting Around Capitol Hill Staff in Longworth Cafeteria Luncheon in 106 Dirksen

41 Questions? Problems? Staff available in the Longworth Cafeteria until 2:30 pm (Basement of the Longworth House Office Building) Call 202-349-1030 Call / Text 202-607-3762 Email

42 Questions & More Information Jason Jordan, Abigail Zenner, APA Policy Blog Follow us on Twitter @APA_Planning @JasonLJordan

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