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Innovative Cheating Practices and How to Combat Them! Dr. Mark Smith.

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1 Innovative Cheating Practices and How to Combat Them! Dr. Mark Smith

2 How many of you ever wondered if cheating occurs in your classes?

3 8 Astonishing Stats on Academic Cheating % of polled college students admitted to cheating 0 The same poll revealed that 16.5% of them didn't regret it 0 Cheaters have higher GPAs – 3.41 vs The public is more concerned with cheating than college officials – 41% vs. 34%

4 8 Astonishing Stats on Academic Cheating 0 Cheating college students likely start in high school – 75% - 98% admit to cheating 0 85% of them think cheating is essential 0 95% of cheaters don't get caught 0 Top-tier paper mill website average about 8,000 hits a day Online Education Database, Published on Sunday 19th 2010f December, 2010

5 Recent Cheating Scenarios at Temple College 0 Online Biology Exams – India 0 Taking online tests together (Group Testing) or for multiple learners 0 Using cell phone 0 View pictures of definitions, or 0 Take pictures of exams 0 Accessing notes area of graphing calculator 0 Learners buying online faculty test booklets for the standard end of program tests

6 Recent Cheating Scenarios 0 Notes on inside of water/soda bottle 0 Typed very small font notes in the format of nutrition facts and ingredients and taped them to that area on a beverage bottle - test-with-soda-bottle / test-with-soda-bottle / 0 Plagiarism - Coping and Pasting from Internet 0 Fake ID to take exam for another learner 0 Fake Proctor 0 Other examples?

7 Tallahassee CC Cheating Prevention Website 0 /division_of_library_services/faculty_library_resou rces/cheating_prevention_in_college_classrooms /division_of_library_services/faculty_library_resou rces/cheating_prevention_in_college_classrooms 0 EXAMPLES: 0 Cell phones 0 Water Bottles 0 Writing on Body 0 Changing Answers on Graded Exam 0 Impersonation 0 Hats

8 For Pay Cheating Companies 0 Will pay for help with online tests Someone to take my online algebra test 0 es_ /proud_tried_sites_www_ es_ /proud_tried_sites_www_

9 Prevention Techniques 0 Respondus 0 Test Development Tips 0 Randomized Test Questions 0 Randomized Test Answers 0 A/B versions 0 Proctored Test 0 Designing Online Courses to Prevent Cheating 0 pdf pdf

10 How To Catch Them! 0 D2L System Login History – IP Addresses used 0 D2L Pager 0 D2L Quizzes 0 Grade Quiz Data – Date/Time Completed 0 Quiz Event Log 0 Writing Assignments 0 Word  Properties 0 Word  Show/Hide 0 0 Certain words/sentences are not reflective of learner’s work 0 Learners leaving assisting company’s name/logo in the header/footer area

11 TurnItIn 0 Overview 0 Your account ID: Your account join password: temple99 0 Training Webinars

12 Reporting 0 Student Handbook – AIC Policy 0 Syllabus 0 Retention Alert 0 Single source for reporting incidents 0 Provides easier way to track repeat cheaters 0 Provides easy way to track learners cheating in multiple courses

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