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Daily Operations Briefing Sunday, June 1, 2014 8:30 a.m. EDT.

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1 Daily Operations Briefing Sunday, June 1, 2014 8:30 a.m. EDT

2 Significant Activity: May 31 – June 1 Significant Events: Tropical Activity – Eastern Pacific – Invest 93E (High 70%) Significant Weather: Flash flooding possible across much of the Upper/Middle Mississippi Valley & Central Plains Severe weather possible for the Central Plains Shower and thunderstorms activity will continue over the Gulf Coast states Elevated Fire Weather areas – AZ, NM, CO & NM Red Flag Warnings – UT & NM Space Weather: Past 24 hours – none observed; next 24 hours – none predicted FEMA Readiness: No significant changes Declaration Activity: None

3 Earthquake Activity – International M 5.9 – Pingyang, China Occurred at 9:20 pm EDT on May 29, 2014 17 miles N from Pingyang, China, on the border of Myanmar & China Depth of 6.2 miles USGS issued a yellow PAGER alert indicating: Some damage possible; however, impact should be relatively localized 18k residents exposed to Strong/Very Strong shaking (MMI VI-VII) Low likelihood of casualties Media reports of damage and 30 injuries

4 Tropical Outlook – Eastern Pacific

5 Eastern Pacific – Invest 93E As of 8:00 a.m. EDT A low pressure area located a few hundred miles SSW of Puerto Angel, Mexico, has become better defined Environmental conditions are expected to become conducive for development Tropical Cyclone formation next couple of days Locally heavy rains across portions of W Central America and SE Mexico Rain could cause life-threatening flash floods and mud slides in areas of mountainous terrain Chance of development into a tropical cyclone: Next 48 hours: High (70%) Next 5 days: High (90%)

6 Earthquake Activity – Bridgeport, CA M 4.0 – Bridgeport, CA Occurred at 3:48 am EDT on May 30, 2014 12 miles NW of Bridgeport, CA 49 miles SE of South Lake Tahoe, CA Depth of 4.8 miles USGS issued a Green PAGER alert indicating: Low likelihood of casualties & damage Approx. 8k residents exposed to weak shaking (MMI II-III) No reports of injuries or damage

7 NOAA’s 2014 Hurricane Outlook LocationNamed StormsHurricanesMajor Hurricanes Atlantic8-133-61-2 Eastern Pacific14-207-113-6 Central Pacific Near normal to above-normal Season 4-7 tropical cyclones Seasonal Averages LocationNamed StormsHurricanesMajor Hurricanes Atlantic1263 Eastern Pacific1584 Central Pacific4-5 tropical cyclones

8 Wildfire Summary Fire Name (County) FMAG # Acres burned % Contained Est. Containment date Evacuations (Residents) Structures Threatened Structures Destroyed Fatalities / Injuries Alaska Arizona California

9 FMAG Requests and Declarations Action (since last report)TotalFMAG No. and State Requests DENIED 0 Requests APPROVED 0 Approved FMAG Data YearCurrent YTDMTD Monthly Average Cumulative Acres Burned YTD Cumulative Denied FMAGs YTD 201454 47,0001 YearTotal Previous FY++ Yearly Average Total Acres Burned Previous Year Total Denied FMAGs Previous Year 20132964 374,4178 * Reflects the 3-year average for current month/ ** Reflects 3-year total average

10 Declaration Requests in Process Requests APPROVED (since last report) Requests DENIED (since last report) 2Date Requested00 NH – DR Severe Storms and FloodingMay 21, 2014 VT – DR FloodingMay 21, 2014 Disaster Requests & Declarations

11 Major Disaster Declaration Request – VT May 21, 2014 Governor requested Major Disaster Declaration For flooding that occurred April 15-18, 2014 Requesting: o Public Assistance for 7 counties o Hazard Mitigation statewide Requested PA counties Vermont

12 Disaster Amendments AmendmentEffective DateAction Amendment #1 to FEMA-4122-DR-AK May 23, 2014 Appointed Willie G. Nunn as the Federal Coordinating Officer Amendment #1 to FEMA-4162-DR-AK May 23, 2014 Appointed Willie G. Nunn as the Federal Coordinating Officer

13 Joint Preliminary Damage Assessments

14 Open JFOs Friday, May 30, 2014 Virtual JFOs: OR, IN, WV, MN, MD, TN, & GA

15 Open Field Offices as of June 1, 2014

16 National Weather Forecast Day 2 Day 3 Day 1

17 Active Watches/Warnings

18 Precipitation Forecast – 3 Day Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

19 River Forecast

20 Convective Outlook, Day 1 – 3 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

21 Critical Fire Weather Areas – Days 1 – 8 Day 1Day 2 Days 3-8

22 Hazard Outlook: June 2 – June 6

23 U.S. Drought Monitor – as of May 27 d

24 Space Weather Sunspot Activity HF Communication Impact

25 TotalDeployedDetailed Not Available AvailableCadre Status 39225111 OFDC Cadre Member Status Total AvailableType 1Type 2Type 3Type 4 14* 3614 As of: 5/30/2014 * All Type 1 FCOs are available unless deployed to a Level 1 event TotalDeployedAssignedAvailableStatus 10733 Federal Coordinating Officer Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator

26 MCOV Fleet / Deployment Status

27 IMAT Status National Teams TeamStatusTeamStatusTeamStatus Blue/White/ Red EastFLWest Regional Teams TeamStatusTeamStatusTeamStatus Region I ALRegion VRegion VIII Region II Region VI-1ARRegion IX-1 Region III Region VI-2OKRegion IX-2 Region IV-1 Region VII Region XWA Region IV-2 MS = Assigned/Deployed = Not Mission Capable = Available/Mission Capable = Available/Partially Mission Capable

28 RRCC / Regional Watch Center Status = Not Mission Capable = Available/Partially Mission Capable = Available/Mission Capable RegionRRCCRegional Watch Center INot ActivatedMaynard MOC (24/7) IINot Activated24/7 IIINot Activated24/7 IVNot Activated24/7 VNot Activated24/7 VINot ActivatedDenton MOC (24/7) VIINot Activated24/7 VIIINot ActivatedDenver MOC (24/7) IXNot Activated24/7 XNot ActivatedBothell MOC (24/7)

29 National Team Status Team/StatusCurrent LocationRemarks National Watch CenterWashington, DCWatch/Steady State (24/7) NRCCWashington, DCNot Activated HLTMiami, FLActivated DESTWashington, DCNot Activated Mission CapablePartially Mission CapableNot Mission Capable

30 FEMA Readiness – Deployable Teams/Assets Deployable Teams/Assets ResourceStatusTotalAvailable Partially Available Not Available Detailed Deployed Activated Comments Rating Criterion FCO391026%0128* OFDC Readiness: FCO Green Yellow Red Type 1 3+ 2 1 Type 2 4+ 3 2 Type 3 4 3 2 FDRC 3 2 1 FDRC 9667%003 US&R 282796%010 NM-TF1 (from Yellow to Red - May 30) WA-TF1 (from Yellow to Green - May 30) Green = Available/FMC Yellow = Available/PMC Red = Out-of-Service Blue = Assigned/Deployed National IMAT 3267%001 National-IMAT East deployed to FL Green: 3 avail Yellow: 1 avail Red: 0 avail (Individual N-IMAT red if 50% of Section Chiefs and/or Team Leader is unavailable for deployment.) Regional IMAT 13430%135 Region I deployed to AL Region II Partially Mission Capable (Team I) Region IV deployed to MS Region VI deployed to OK & AR Region X deployed to WA Not Mission Capable: Region V, VII, IX for Personnel shortages Green: 7 or more avail Yellow: 4 - 6 teams available Red: > 8 teams deployed/unavailable R-IMAT also red if TL Ops/Log Chief is unavailable and has no qualified replacement. MCOV 554785%044 1 deployed to 4174-AR 1 deployed to 4175-MS 2 deployed 4176-AL Green = 80 – 100% avail Yellow = 60 – 79% avail Red = 59% or below avail Readiness remains 95%

31 FEMA Readiness – National/Regional Teams National/Regional Teams ResourceStatusTotalAvailable Partially Available Not Available Deployed/ Activated CommentsRating Criterion NWC 55100%00 24/7 Green = FMC Yellow = PMC Red = NMC NRCC 235794%023Not Activated HLT 11100%00Activated Activated today, June 1, 2014 DEST Not Activated RRCCs 10 100%00Not Activated RWCs/MOCs 10 100%0024/7

32 As of May 19, 2014 FEMA Exercise Branch, 30-day forecast FEMA Exercise Branch, 30-Day Exercise Forecast DateExercise/MeetingEventFocus Target Audience/ FEMA Participation Location 5/22 FEMA Exercise and Evaluation Program (EEP) Exercise Coordination Group (ECG) Quarterly Meeting VariousFEMA EEP ECG members FEMA HQ 212A and virtual 5/28NUWAIX 14After Action MeetingNuclear Weapons AccidentInter-agencyGrand Junction, CO 5/28 Climate Change Adaptation Planning Workshop After Action Meeting Climate Change Preparedness Inter-agency White House Conference Center 5/28-5/30 Integrated Improvised Nuclear Device Exercise Series WorkshopImprovised Nuclear Device RV RRCC and R-IMAT, select members of N-IMAT RV RRCC, Chicago, IL 6/12 Food, Agriculture, and Veterinary Response Exercise (FAVRE) Series Federal Interagency Tabletop Exercise (TTX) Foot and Mouth DiseaseInter-agency George Mason University, Arlington, VA 6/24-6/26Marble Challenge Exercise Series Marble Challenge 14-02 Functional Exercise FBI-directed Inter-agency (Radiological/Nuclear Strategic Group) Various (Detroit, MI; Washington, DC)


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