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A strategic approach to direct vocabulary instruction.

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1 A strategic approach to direct vocabulary instruction

2  A research-based reason for incorporating vocabulary into instruction  Strategies to improve vocabulary instruction  Training materials that you can use with your teachers as necessary

3  Provides concrete strategies for implementing the Common Core.  An electronic version can be found on the wiki.  One chapter describes a vocabulary protocol called CODE.

4  Connect  Organize  Deep-Process  Exercise

5 Words are not just words… Common Core State Standards, Appendix A, p.32

6 1. Vocabulary is foundational for improved literacy 2. Academic vocabulary is at the core of the core  Tier 2 Words - commonly used in writing  Tier 3 Words - specific to discipline 3. Vocabulary Fuels Learning

7 Vocabulary Knowledge Rating Complete the “Pre-Assessment” posted in your agenda Use the following scale to rate your reaction to each word: 1.Never Heard Of It 2.Heard Of It 3.Know It 4.Know It and Can Explain It You have 2 minutes to complete all 18 words (about 6 seconds per word)

8 codepreassessment

9 Vocabulary Mapping Group the words

10 To 5 minutes

11 Three Way Tie Alike but Different Visualizing Vocabulary

12 VoiceThread  username=wcpss+employee id (no leading zeros)  Password= employee id (no leading zeros)


14  Games- Bingo, Jeopardy  Use It or Lose It- Students use vocab words in writing assignments  Peer Practice- One student is the coach and one is the player

15 Did you know they had games??? Click on “Space Race” or “Scatter”

16  Connect- provide activities that allow students to make connections with the words (word wall, decoding, pre-assessments, KWLs)  Organize-provide opportunities for the students to understand how the words connect with one another and the bigger picture (concept maps, word sorts)  Deep Process-have students use thinking strategies and various forms of representation to develop a deep understanding of the words (storytelling, metaphors and similes, Voice Thread)  Exercise- allow for opportunities to practice using the words (games, Quizlet)

17 codepostassessment

18 Click on “5 th Grade” Click on “EOG Prep Page”

19  Test Specifications


21  Test Specifications “1 pager” for parents (available in English and Spanish)

22 This document can be printed or distributed electronically to parents.

23  Test Specifications “1 pager” for parents Released items in power point format Released items in paper/pencil format


25  Test Specifications “1 pager” for parents Released items Vocabulary review games

26  Ecosystems- terrestrial vs. aquatic ecosystems, photosynthesis, single-celled producer (algae)  Weather- heat transfer (conduction, convection, radiation)  Human Body Systems- genetics, muscular system, nervous system, blood cells, digestive system

27 Item Analysis 5.E.1.3 Explain how global patterns such as the jet stream and water currents influence local weather in measurable terms such as temperature, wind direction and speed, and precipitation. 5.P.3.1 Explain the effects of the transfer of heat (either by direct contact or at a distance) that occurs between objects at different temperatures (conduction, convection, or radiation).

28 Item Analysis Lesson 4 – American Weather: proximity to water; water and soil heat and cool at different rates Lesson 6 – What Drives the Weather? Sun’s energy heats air, water, and land; convection chamber demodemo

29 Item Analysis

30 CMAPP Days 65-66: Heat Transfer Alignment Lesson: review convection, conduction, and radiation

31 Take a few minutes to jot down your ideas for presenting this back at your building  Who needs to hear this?  When will they be able to hear it?  How will I know they heard it?

32 Questions?

33  Please go to

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